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Category: Review Essays

The Night by Elie Wiesel

The Night by Elie Wiesel Free Essay The Second World War was probably the cruelest period of all time. The author of this novel was Jewish and managed to survive, which was a real miracle. He witnessed suffering, pain, and death, and decided to share this experience with the whole world for everybody to remember and to understand what a nightmare it was.

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Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Free Review Essay

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Free Essay From the opening bars of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, the listener can instantaneously recognize its memorable melody. The formal name of this iconic music piece is Serenade No.

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Jazz CD Reviews Free Essay Sample

Jazz CD Reviews

Jazz CD Reviews Free Essay Jazz came into existence as a music style at the beginning of the twentieth century and nowadays it is successfully developing. Many jazz sub-styles are appearing; moreover, this kind of music has its classical background of talented performers.

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Gilgamesh's Journey Free Essay Sample

Gilgamesh’s Journey

Gilgamesh's Journey Free Essay Gilgamesh, the main character of the book Gilgamesh, is the king of Uruk, who is a one-third man and two-thirds god. The protagonist is handsome, wise, and strong. Despite having a godly body and mind, Gilgamesh starts his kingship as a cruel dictator.

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