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Anatomical Evolution and the Aesthetic response to Figurative Art

Anatomical Evolution and the Aesthetical Response to Figurative Art [miniorder] From the very occurrence of the humans ability to create pieces of art in order to represent the worldview and the perception of surroundings, it became clear that the way a man started to create something would influence the relationship between the anatomical evolution and a message an artist wanted to put in his/her work.

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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Abstract [miniorder] Ovarian cancer is a significant health concern for healthcare providers and scientific medical world. Severe mutations in the genes, cellular impairments, and hormonal imbalance are associated with active and abnormal proliferation of malignant cells in the ovaries specific to ovarian cancer.

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Global Village

Global Village Analysis of an Event The Global Village is one of the most large-scale events that take place on the territory of Dubai as well as globally. The uniqueness of this event lies in the fact that the organizers involve a lot of large countries in order to make the experience of visitors unusual.

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Liar Liar

Analysis of Liar Liar Movie [miniorder] Introduction According to the recent study outlined in the Journal of Applied and Basic Psychology, it was concluded that 60% of people had lied on more than one occasion during their ten conversations with strangers.

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Media Database

Media Database  Introduction [miniorder] In his article Database as a Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich seeks to expand on different modern systems of art expression that have been enabled by the use of computers.

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