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Category: Analysis Essays


Chinatown [miniorder] Chinatown in San Francisco in the State of California is a community that is majorly made up of people with Chinese origin, commonly known as the Han community. This community is an establishment of Asian ethnic group that has been part of California since 1848.

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design and art

Argumentative Essay [miniorder] The modern world is an incredibly diverse place. The advancements in of science and technology are continuously changing the life of each person and the society in general.

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Ralph Waldo Emersons Nature

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature Concept

Introduction The Earth is the most beautiful planet. It has nature, a physical phenomenon, that is attractive and very appealing. It has given the human species the natural environment to live in. In the American frontier literature, it is depicted as a source of spiritual inspiration and also wisdom, which are expressed through devoted connection with the natural landscape.

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Character Analysis in the Parable of Sower

Character Analysis in The Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

Humankind seeks for security, desires stability and longs for predictable future for itself and its descendants. Unfortunately, for many people these desires and hopes are unlikely to ever be fulfilled.

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Theory of Motivation Free Essay

Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

Introduction Abraham Maslow introduced an opinion that every person is motivated by the set of needs. Scholars before Maslow generally focused on the separate aspects of the human behaviors, such as biological necessities, personal achievements, or pursue of power.

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