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Comparison between Porsche and Ferrari

Innovation Leadership and Comparison between Porsche and Ferrari Introduction Innovation leadership is an approach that uses varying leadership styles to influence employee performance (Ayman & Korabik, 2010). The key aspect of innovation leadership is the person. The method can be used as an approach to organizational development. The technique supports the achievement of a company’s […]

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Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

Introduction Abraham Maslow introduced an opinion that every person is motivated by the set of needs. Scholars before Maslow generally focused on the separate aspects of the human behaviors, such as biological necessities, personal achievements, or pursue of power. However, Maslow integrated the complex of human needs and came to a conclusion that each individual […]

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Gangland: Hells Angels The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is known to be an international motorcycle group where all their members are seen riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This team can be taken as an organized crime gang by the Department of Justice in U.S. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Organization is known as the Hells Angels. Other common […]

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Cooperation or Hegemony

There is a close relationship between economics and politics. Their policies and practices affect each other in the global business perspectives. The study of International Political Economy (IPE) helps understand the issues, forces, and challenges facing the international businesses. For example, IPE helps understand why some governments are using tariffs to protect their domestic markets. […]

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Market Structure and Financial Stability

Introduction Market structure and financial sustainability are concepts under international banking. International banking is a complex term that refers to the inclusivity of financial flows within and amongst countries. Thus, international banking is the totality of operations and services that enables the continuity of international business (Čihák 2006, p. 14). Cash flows in international banking […]

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