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Category: Research Paper

Anatomical Evolution and the Aesthetic response to Figurative Art

Anatomical Evolution and the Aesthetical Response to Figurative Art [miniorder] From the very occurrence of the humans ability to create pieces of art in order to represent the worldview and the perception of surroundings, it became clear that the way a man started to create something would influence the relationship between the anatomical evolution and a message an artist wanted to put in his/her work.

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Media Database

Media Database  Introduction [miniorder] In his article Database as a Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich seeks to expand on different modern systems of art expression that have been enabled by the use of computers.

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Change of the stock market

Change of the Stock Market Introduction [miniorder] The stock market of any country is a dynamic system that reacts to a wide array of factors of both internal and external nature and changes on a constant basis.

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Tutankhamun [miniorder] Tutankhamun was the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egyptian rulers, who became famous due to his tomb. Many stories and mystical facts are associated with his death. Owing to the scientific research conducted using the latest equipment and facilities, more and more thrilling details from the life of the pharaoh, his family, and way of life of the ancient civilization became known.

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Homelessness in the US and India [miniorder] For many centuries, people have experienced numerous social issues, which they have been continuously struggling against. Poverty, crime, violence, suicide, climate change, homelessness, terrorism are supposed to be the most common societal problems worldwide.

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