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Category: Research Paper

Green Logistics

Abstract This paper explores the concept of green logistics development as an alternative means to traditional supply chains that have had a significant influence on the environment and climate. Product distribution through roads contributes to the massive emission of greenhouse gasses.

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Cloud Storage: Privacy Enhancement Challenges Free Essay

Cloud Storage: Privacy Enhancement Challenges

Recent tendencies in digital technology are associated with the outsourcing of data and granting storage and processing to remote systems. Experts in the IT industry and various businesses recognize that this method opens wide perspectives for any operations that involve data processing and storage.

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The Phenomenon of the Street Fashion Free Essay

Street Fashion

Abstract Street fashion is the post-fashion direction created in the cultural context at the beginning of the 21st century. This direction democratized the process of the emergence of the new fashionable trends and allowed the fashion non-professionals to create and show original images.

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Electronic Cigarettes Free Essay

Electronic Cigarettes

Introduction Today, everybody knows everything about the harm caused by cigarettes. According to the statistical data, every second smoker at least once in his/her life tried to quit smoking (Hajek et al.

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Effects of Pornography Free Essay

Effects of Pornography

Effects of Pornography Introduction Pornography is pictures and images or visual materials that contain graphic display or description of sexual activity and sex organs that are meant for the sole purpose of stimulating erotic feelings.

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