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The Land of Ice and Fire

The article on, Geothermal Energy in Iceland by Ping Zhou demonstrates how this country utilizes its natural resources and basins to generate electricity, heating and make various tourist attractions.

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Risks to a National City

Abstract The modern world is turning insecure for human and animal population as well as the ecosystem due to the natural hazards, human-made calamities and other issues like terrorism that people face in their day to day life.

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Nowadays, understanding the principles how the components of complicated mechanisms work is necessary to obtain general visions of the work of these mechanisms. The current work will provide the description of pressurizers of nuclear power stations.

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Food Safety Management

Introduction Food safety is a scientific process of handling, preparing, preserving and storing food in a proper manner to prevent food spoilage. Food safety is determined by providing safety and protection to consumers.

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NATO-Russian Relations after the Cold War

The relationship between NATO and Russia has continued to grow closer over the last two decades. As a result, the two are narrowing the gap between them and setting aside their differences to establish a common interest.

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