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Category: Sociology Essays

Free Will in Dante's Purgatory Free Essay

Free Will in Dante’s Purgatory

Introduction People are used to think that a person is responsible for his/her actions due to the fact that he/she has free will. Imannuel Kant wonders whether the poor and unfortunate ability to commit a sin is the feature of some intermediate state between wisdom and folly.

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Philosophy: Good and Evil in Teachings of Buddha and Socrates Free Essay

Philosophy: Good and Evil in Teachings of Buddha and Socrates

There is probably no man on earth, who would not try to understand the difference between good and evil. There is no philosopher in the history of human thought who would not comment on good and evil in his writings.

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Should Parents Discipline Their Children by Spanking Them?

Should Parents Discipline Their Children by Spanking Them?

The issue of disciplining children has depended on multiple economic and social factors for centuries. The disciplining methods of the past used to rely on strictness, obedience, and punishment for the breach of social norms.

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What is Enlightenment Free Essay

What Is Enlightenment

Immanuel Kant managed to provide his account of numerous philosophic issues, but his vision of a concept of enlightenment is often paid a minor attention. As a matter of fact, his work "An Answer to The Question 'What is Enlightenment'" reveals the most fundamental aspects of this idea.

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Continually Deployed Service-Members Free Essay

Continually Deployed Service-Members Effect on Family Structure

The choice of a military profession comes with numerous challenges. Those who are tasked with protecting the boundaries of their country or ensuring peace in the world must deal with physical overload, psychological stress, lack of everyday commodities, and very often face the need to part with their loved ones for extended periods of time.

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