Category: Sociology Essays

American Gun Culture

Today, American citizens seek the expansion of the law on concealed carry weapons so that citizens can carry guns everywhere. In addition, they try to limit powers of the authorities relating to suspension of permits for concealed carry weapons during the officially declared state of emergency. This lawsuit is related to an incident that occurred […]

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Cyber Crime: Identity Theft and Child Pornography

The vast growth of the Internet technology has made various resources in the Web instantly accessible to the users. For instance, the enormous growth of the Internet technology has led to the development of online selling of goods and services where one can purchase goods and services from the comfort of their homes. Also, the […]

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Early Christianity

Christianity is one of the oldest religions of the world with more than 2 billion people professing it (Dohrmann & Reed, 2013). It is about 33% of the world population, which is the record number of believers even among the major religions of the world (Dohrmann & Reed, 2013). Christian faith originated more than two […]

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Introduction In the contemporary world, the issue of relationships remains paramount to everyone. At one point or another, every individual is in a relationship with one or two, or more individuals. The issues related to relationships are numerous and they come in different contexts. A relationship, depending on the stage, can be complex or simple. […]

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Harlem Renaissance Poets

Introduction The First World War created a shortage of employment in American industries. For African-Americans leaving the south, rural-urban migration to Northern cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and New York provided new opportunities, both, artistic and economic. New York City, with Harlem, in particular, became the epicenter of the artistic explosion. Harlem Renaissance (1920s – […]

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