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APA Editing Service

APA is the style commonly applied to academic papers written in social sciences. Moreover, formatting pieces of writing in the APA style is the requirement set by a substantial number of scholarly journals.

To be aware of the peculiarities of formatting papers in this style, one may consult a manual on it which has been created by the American Psychological Association. This manual is officially called the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association.

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However, everyone knows it as an APA guide. Some users call it simply “APA.” Its sixth edition was republished in 2010. If you find this style very complicated to deal with, you can always avail yourself of professional APA editing services.

Writing issues. The manual on the APA style provides clear guidelines on how to organize papers written on different topics. It gives detailed information on the items that should be capitalized or italicized. Also, it states how to use punctuation marks appropriately, i.e. commas, brackets, hyphens, etc. When using the manual, writers will find good examples of formatting figures, tables, and other items in APA.

Formatting papers: This section provides instructions on how to format a piece of writing in the APA style. If to be precise, it states what font size and style should be used, i.e. Times New Roman, 12 points. It also provides information about spacing (text should be double spaced), and indentation applied to paragraphs (first line, one-half inch). Additionally, it talks about page numbers. They have to be placed in the upper-right corner with a page header.

References and citations. In APA, the sources mentioned in the text and presented on the bibliography page have to be arranged in the parenthetical author-date format. When using the guide, one will find examples of citing different types of sources ranging from journal entries and books to online videos.

The discussed manual on applying an APA style can be found in any bookstore. Additionally, one can order it from the Internet. Though there is no online version of this guide, you can find an online blog created by APA specialists. They reply to all queries from students and writers.

Why Use Professional APA Editing Services?

The APA guide was created specifically for the writers creating journal entries. The manual does not provide instructions for those writing lengthy papers, i.e. dissertations and theses. It means that each educational establishment should provide students with detailed guidelines on formatting the mentioned papers in the APA style.

Note that the directions established by your school may differ from those offered by the manual. If you want to be sure, your academic work is organized appropriately, it is better to use reliable APA-style editing services.

Below, some points are stating the difference between the APA style and that followed by educational institutions:

  • According to the APA instructions, the page numbers should be placed in the upper-right corner throughout the text. Nonetheless, many schools demand to put page numbers in the center of the page, namely at its bottom. This rule should be applied to acknowledgments, tables of contents, abstracts, etc. The page numbers of the rest of the document should be placed in the upper right corner. Some schools demand page numbers be put at the bottom center throughout the piece of writing.
  • One-inch margins should be set on all sides of the document. Nevertheless, many establishments raise the left margin width to let do binding properly.
  • In APA, the document should be double-spaced including table titles, reference page, footnotes, and figure captions. Single spacing can be applied to tables and figures to make the work easy to read. However, many schools prefer to single-space table titles, footnotes, reference pages, and figure captions. The items on the reference page are usually single-spaced containing a blank line between them.
  • Though block quotes are double-spaced, a lot of schools demand to apply single spacing and set a blank line above and below the block.
  • In APA, there may be five heading levels. Some schools state that the chapter titles of dissertations should be Level 1 headings, while others demand to organize chapter titles as Level 0 headings.

There are several reasons for which the instructions provided by different establishments may differ from those given in the APA manual. One of the reasons is readability: single-spaced bock quotes are easier to read. Double-spaced bibliographies take more place than single-spaced ones. As to page numbers, some schools claim that the whole text should be put inside the margins to satisfy publishing and printing demands. Some differences refer to the formatting of headings and title pages.

Note that the guidelines provided by your institution are more important than those given by the manual. Consult the dissertation guide offered by your establishment to find out the difference between the establishment style and that described by the official manual. Usually, one should follow the directions of the institution that will approve your piece of writing.

One should buy a copy of the APA guide and examine it thoroughly. In the majority of cases, your institution has the final word on the style. Nevertheless, not all reviewers are fully aware of the main features of the APA style. Thus, you may be required to cite the number of pages to explain why a specific format and style have been applied.

Benefits of the APA Editing Services

Qualified editors should both edit and proofread papers. You need to understand the difference between the two processes and address the editor who can undergo both of them.

A professional editor can not only check a document for grammar, spelling, etc. but also:

  1. Check whether your paper is written according to the instructions provided by your establishment.
  2. Arrange your Word file by establishing proper heading levels which will let make a Table of Contents correctly.
  3. Add the numbered figure captions and table titles and make lists of figures and tables properly.
  4. Make breaks between paper sections (if required) to distinguish between the front items and body paragraphs.
  5. Make section breaks to set landscape orientation pages apart from the portrait orientation ones.
  6. Make sure the page numbers are formatted and placed correctly.
  7. Establish proper paragraph indents and line spacing.
  8. Delete extra tabs and spaces.
  9. Organize block quotations accordingly by following the customized Word style.
  10. Arrange tables and figures according to the APA paper format.
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Is it better to hire a professional editor or format a paper on your own?

The decision on whether to use the services of an editor or not depends on your resources, working methods, and comments on your paper provided by the professor.

To decide whether it is worth hiring an expert, try to answer the following questions:

  • How can your working style be characterized?
  • What about your mentality?
  • Are you a practical person?
  • Do you always go into details?
  • Do like working out strategies?

While some people like following the set rules to know how to move on, others prefer to have freedom of choice leaving details behind. Identify what group you belong to and whether you want to learn the specifics of the APA style.

What about the time frame?

  • Do you have enough time to study the instructions on this style?
  • Do you want to find out about the peculiarities of APA?
  • What do you do more effectively: write your paper or research the subject?

If you are not pressed for time, read the APA manual attentively to know what an APA style is. It will help you even if you have no desire to study this material. In case you are out of time, it is better to hire a competent editor.

What does the professor/committee say about your work?

  • Does the board state that your paper style and format are done properly?
  • Does your instructor suggest addressing a professional editor to fix formatting?
  • Do the comments provided by the committee refer mostly to the content or grammar, style, punctuation, and format?

Some academicians do not possess great writing skills. Others are not well aware of how to conduct research properly. Even the best writers will gain considerable advantages from cooperation with a qualified editor. If the board recommends you turn for assistance to an editor, you should take their advice. You should not let grammar or formatting issues stand in your way of achieving success.

If you turn to us, we will help you not only make a proper APA style format but also deal with several issues you may encounter difficulties with. guarantees that your paper will be perfect in terms of structure, grammar, writing, etc.

Below, there is a list of items we deal with while editing customers’ works:


  • Punctuation
  • Sequence of tenses
  • Spelling
  • Subject/verb agreement

Stylistic issues

  • Redundancy
  • Active/passive voice
  • Removing the elements that make sentences sound awkward

Tone of writing

  • We make sure the terms relating to politics and culture are used appropriately
  • Our experts check whether the subject is covered fully



  • The proper sequence of paragraphs
  • Sentence structure
  • Logical presentation of information
  • List of Figures/Charts/Tables, Table of Contents, Abstract


  • Check whether quotations are cited properly

British or American English (we can edit papers written in both variants)

The general layout of information and paper readability

Why does a dissertation need editing?

The majority of students find writing a dissertation very complicated. It takes a lot of time and the whole process seems endless. Finally, your dissertation is completed and you are going to defend it. It is great to feel that your project is done and you can move on. However, do not be in a hurry! Have you revised your dissertation? Have you checked the format?

Why Do Students Need APA Editing Services?

As has been mentioned producing a dissertation is a lengthy process. Alongside writing your paper, you may still need to pass some exams, do an internship, go to work, and fulfill family duties. Taking into account the overload of doctoral candidates, they are not able to complete their dissertations in a flash. Besides, numerous factors influence the writing process.

One has to put writing aside when it is necessary to do research, analyze the gathered material, wait for feedback from your professor, etc. It also happens that you cannot continue to prepare your paper because you just lack inspiration. Due to the complexity of instructions and the peculiarities of the writing process, the final copy often contains a lot of formatting mistakes. When you started preparing your dissertation, you strictly followed your APA paper rules. However, in the end, you have forgotten some of them.

Thus, some authors’ names may be misspelled, extra spaces between the words or paragraphs may appear, etc. Besides, your educational establishment demands that you follow their specific guidelines. When you encounter all these difficulties, the only desire is to graduate. You do not want to spend a substantial amount of time dealing with these formatting issues.

Do not worry! Our professionals at know everything about the APA style. Thus, they will assist you in bringing your paper to perfection.

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Why Address an Experienced Editor?

It is necessary to say that there is hardly a doctoral program that teaches students to apply the rules of the APA style. As a result, students need to find out how to do everything properly on their own. Writing a dissertation in APA may be the first time they deal with this style. Moreover, a lot of students do not know that some institutions provide specific guides for formatting papers until the moment they have to defend their work.

That is why it is useful to ask a professional editor for help. In this case, you will not need to worry about improperly organized paragraphs, incorrectly placed page numbers, and inappropriately formatted citations.

Furthermore, you should know that the editors at work efficiently. They neither waste time nor miss any inconsistencies. Our experts understand that meeting deadline is of immense importance, especially when it goes to a dissertation. If you do editing on your own, it may take months. However, with the help of our editors, your dissertation will be edited in several days. Thus, you will not need to wait for another semester to defend your dissertation. You will do everything on time.

Understandably, proofreading one’s paper is very complicated. The point is that we know every word and comma of our work. That is why it is very easy to miss some mistakes. When reading the piece of writing, our eyes may see the words that are not written on the sheet of paper but exist in our minds only.

Also, we may read the same paragraph or sentence a few times and we will not notice any typos or logical inconsistencies. We need someone to look at our work with new eyes. An editor whom you are going to address will read your paper for the first time. Therefore, all your mistakes will be corrected.

One more reason for which you should hire an editor is your money. When using the services of editors, you will spend less money than you would do while reviewing your format (note that some universities introduce charges if you need your paper to be reviewed several times). Besides, do not forget about the costs spent on your matriculation for one more semester. Therefore, if you want to remove your worries and get a perfectly formatted paper, think about using the services of qualified editors of

Edit My APA Paper: Use Quality Services deals with each APA paper order professionally. Second, some companies provide such some services that they cannot deal properly with certain aspects of a paper.

Specificity versus Generalization

Why is it important to be specific when writing a paper? This is a question that requires a proper answer. Imagine that your diagnosis is Type II diabetes. You may go to a general practitioner to get treatment. By the way, the majority of patients follow this way. However, you may also consider going to a specialist such as an endocrinologist. The services of a specialized doctor may be expensive. However, you will be provided with effective treatment, as qualified doctors are well aware of modern methods used for treating this specific illness. You do want to be treated for your illness well, don’t you?

The same is with your academic paper no matter whether it is a dissertation, custom thesis, or any other piece of writing. You do desire it to be reviewed by a professional, don’t you? Contact our agency as we are focused on providing the most efficient editing services on the Internet.

Benefits of Using Our Online APA Editing Services

Pay attention to the points provided below to find out what advantages you will get from using our great APA editing services:

APA Is not Only a Format but Also a Writing Style

  • APA is an academic writing style that is applied to papers produced in such subjects as sociology, history, business, and others.

Our Editors Are Experienced

  • To write a paper in APA, one should know how to undertake research. Our editors are well aware of different research techniques. All of them know what qualitative and quantitative research methods are.

Our Specialist Have Read the Manual on the APA Style

  • Have you ever read the Manual published by the American Psychological Association? Our professional editors know all the rules presented in this manual. The 7th edition is considered rather confusing as it contains a lot of new rules concerning the reference page, in-text citations, use of numbers, heading levels, etc. However, our editors will work hard on your order of APA paper so that you can receive an excellent paper containing no mistakes.

We Are True Professionals

  • We make every effort to provide customers with a first-class APA editing service. Certainly, many companies are stating that their editors are experts. However, only a few of them are good at editing APA papers. As to our editors, they are indeed qualified specialists. Our claims are not empty words. Our editors undergo professional training regularly.
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