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Essay Writing Affiliate Program: What Bonuses Can We Give?

Refer n Earn: Essay Writing Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program at Custom-Writing-Expert: What Bonuses Can You Derive?

If you are interested to know whether our Custom Writing Expert company provides some special offers to its loyal customers, you should definitely read more information about the affiliate program at Custom-Writing-Expert. What is the affiliate program about? If you are interested in becoming a member of our affiliate program, you will be expected to advertise our company to your friends, after which you will be granted a 10% discount for your own orders or any other purchases.

When you become a member of the affiliate program at Custom-Writing-Expert, you have a brilliant opportunity to get appealing bonuses. One of the regular bonuses is 10% for all of your purchases after you introduce our company to your friends or group mates. Each person referring to our company after your recommendation also receives a discount for the first order. If you want to receive regular bonuses on our website, you are required to create your personal profile and then place your own orders. You can be considered a fully-fledged member of our loyal program when you have your own account on our website.

How is the referral program working? When you cooperate with our affiliate program, you are given a unique promotional code that you actually have to send to people who are potentially interested in custom writing help. The code can be sent via email, chats, social media networks, messengers, etc. The more people click the link and place an order from us, the more bonuses you will get. Since the number of students who need custom writing help is growing, remember that you have perfect chances of earning good money. When the person who receives a message from you clicks the link, our system notices it and gives you a 10% bonus.

Affiliate Program Advantages
When a member of our essay affiliate program manages to attract a hundred new customers, he/ she is offered special collaboration offers:
  • The average price for the custom-written paper is $110.
  • An average commission payment is $11 per order.
  • An average payout can be approximately $420.
  • Payouts can be requested on-demand.
  • Members of the affiliate programs can earn money with the referral program and thus spend less of their own money on custom-written papers.
  • Round-the-clock customer support is guaranteed.

It is really easy and convenient for one to join our affiliate program at Custom-Writing-Expert. No specific knowledge or preparation is needed: all you have to do is to send the link to our service together with the text that we send out to all members of our loyalty program. As soon as they start placing orders with us, you will get money on your personal account.

How We Work

  1. Log in to the website and open your personal cabinet. Afterward, click the «Affiliate Program» link.
  2. The system automatically generates a unique promo code that you will have to send to your friends or classmates, who are potentially interested in the services provided.
  3. Copy the link generated by the system and send it.
  4. As soon as the person who receives a message from you uses the link to place an order, our system will track it. Thus, we will send the bonus money to your account for drawing new customers to our service.
Affiliate Program How It Works

There is a «My friends’ emails» section on the company’s website, so make sure you provide email addresses from as a big number of friends and acquaintances as possible. When you use this section, the links will be sent automatically so that you will not have to insert each email address manually. When the recipients receive this link, they will also receive a brief description of the company alongside that.

How Can the Bonuses at Our Affiliate Program Essay Service Be Used?

If you have been working on our affiliate program for some time and you have managed to gain a lot of bonuses, you can use them as a means of payment for your own custom-written papers or you can withdraw them from your account. If you choose the latter option, keep in mind that 1 bonus point=$1.

If you have not gathered a sufficient number of bonuses to cover the whole order, you can pay for it partially: a part of the order can be covered by money and the other part by the bonuses you have earned. In any case, when you use your bonuses to pay for the order, you can indicate how many bonuses you want to spend.

When you write your friends or classmates and send them a link, you will get appealing bonuses by spending less than 5 minutes per day.

Not a bad idea for some passive income, right?
  • It’s good for a side earning project, but I suppose you can’t turn it as your main job. Still it’s very good!

    Female icon
    Loretta R., England
  • Trustworthy in terms of payments!

    Female icon
    Waft, England
  • I’m new to this, but the rate of earnings and support team have been amazing so far.

    Male icon
    Matthew, England
  • It was a quick process to get some money from it cause the referral program is simple and it works really well.

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    Jason K., England
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