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Category: Review Essays

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Abstract [miniorder] Ovarian cancer is a significant health concern for healthcare providers and scientific medical world. Severe mutations in the genes, cellular impairments, and hormonal imbalance are associated with active and abnormal proliferation of malignant cells in the ovaries specific to ovarian cancer.

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The Existence of God

The Existence of God Religion is a topic that has been always mentioned during the history of the humankind. The way this world was created always have worried a lot of people, including a huge amount of scholars, philosophers, and famous people.

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Globalization And Acculturation

Negative Consequences of Globalization and Acculturation [miniorder] Globalization is certainly one of the most progressing and inevitable processes in the modern world that gradually affects all the aspects of human life.

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Chinese Women

Chinese Cinema [miniorder] Modern Nationalism (Benedict Anderson) Andersons work primarily revolves around the advent and spread of nationalism. The author contends that nationalism is more of an imagined than a realistic phenomenon.

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Spanish History

Spanish History [miniorder] Due to the presence of different cultures and religions, Spanish culture is mixed and is rich in terms of people, ethnicities, and religious views. The concept of otherness and the political environment in Spain have always been different from the European mode.

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