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The Summoning of Everyman

Thesis Statement All people have a duty to take responsibility for their lives. All Christians will be held accountable for their decisions and actions when Death summons them to appear before God. This paper reveals the author’s understanding of the play Everyman Discuss the Author’s Perception of Death and the Treatment of Death in Everyman. […]

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Piano Sonata No. 7, K 309

Piano Sonata No. 7, K 309 was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The piece is comprised of three movements, meaning that it contains three parts. The first movement is Allegro con spirito; the second one is Andante un poco adagio; and sonata’s finale is Rondo (allegretto grazioso). The piece dates back to the late eighteenth […]

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The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Abstract The present work investigates the idea of self from the sociological perspective. To this end, the paper reviews introduction to E. Goffman’s book “Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.” In this book, the author explores social behavior of people when they meet face to face, and represents “dramatic” approach to the sociology. The essay […]

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Movie Review “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell”

A documentary “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” (1992) tells a life story of Rastafarian prophet, Robert Marley and became the first powerful message from Jamaica. The charismatic musician introduced reggae outside his native country. Moreover, he managed to explain his thoughts and feelings to the others, including representatives of different cultures and traditions. Bob Marley’s […]

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The Day after Tomorrow Movie Review

Introduction Global warming is the progressive increase in the mean temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The change, according to Ahrens & Jackson (30) is irreversible. The increase in the temperatures is likely to cause a permanent shift in the temperature on the surface of the earth. Implausible Weather Events The shutdown of the Gulf Stream […]

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