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Category: Review Essays

The Godfather Analysis

The Godfather: Cinema Analysis

The movie The Godfather was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1972. Most experts have recognized this film as the classics of the world cinema. This paper discusses the scenes, in which the director reveals the issue of the connection between the past and the present in the mafia world.

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Ralph Waldo Emersons Nature

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature Concept

Introduction The Earth is the most beautiful planet. It has nature, a physical phenomenon, that is attractive and very appealing. It has given the human species the natural environment to live in. In the American frontier literature, it is depicted as a source of spiritual inspiration and also wisdom, which are expressed through devoted connection with the natural landscape.

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Forrest Gump, the Story of Man Who Knew What Love Is Free Essay

Forrest Gump, the Story of Man Who Knew What Love Is

It probably goes without saying that art plays an unprecedentedly important role in human life. Throughout human history, it has served the purpose of explaining things people were afraid of or unable to understand.

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Free Will in Dante's Purgatory Free Essay

Free Will in Dante’s Purgatory

Introduction People are used to think that a person is responsible for his/her actions due to the fact that he/she has free will. Imannuel Kant wonders whether the poor and unfortunate ability to commit a sin is the feature of some intermediate state between wisdom and folly.

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World War Z Free Review

World War Z

World War Z by Max Brooks The book titled World War Z by Max Brooks is a story about the war against zombies, which is told through a series of interviews with people all over the world. The zombie wave, just like all other kinds of plague, started in a slow and steady manner in China and spread to the rest of the world through a number of routes.

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