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Create a Dog

Create a Dog is a forthcoming business that allows customers to create their hotdogs within its premises. The customers would choose their preferred type of bun, hotdog type, and their toppings. The target market entails the residents of New York City, primarily the working class and students. In the present society, globalization trends and technological […]

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Starting New Business

Casey, E. (2012, November 9). Why you should start your own business today. Success. The article gives insights on the benefits of starting one’s own business. The writer compares entrepreneurship with corporate employment and mentions six benefits that starting a business will guarantee. According to the article, the benefits of establishing a personal business include […]

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Internal and External Factors of Business

Internal and external factors play an instrumental role in the performance of any business. The focus of this assessment is the effect of internal and external factors on businesses in the retail industry. In tandem with the environmental scan, the common internal factors that affect the business in the retail industry include employees, the company […]

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Business and Societies

Introduction The relationship between business and society has triggered various social, economical, environmental, and ethical issues over the decades. Even though businesses have played a crucial role in the development of society, they have often provoked criticism in recent years. It might be an archetype of basic tendency to ignore the positive aspects of relationship […]

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Business Law

A shareholder is the one who owns shares of a corporation. Each share gives the shareholder one vote. So, the more shares one has, the more votes he/she can use. The rights provided by different categories of shares are described in the Articles of Incorporation. One becomes a shareholder, when he/she buys shares. One can […]

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