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Category: Business Essays

Transition from Hunting and Gathering to Sedentism Free Essay

Transition from Hunting and Gathering to Sedentism

According to the universally accepted opinion, hunting and gathering were the most ancient evolutional stage of economy. However, some communities of hunters and gatherers have successfully survived until our time.

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Market Segmentation Free Essay

Market Segmentation

Introduction Market segmentation is an indispensable element of all successful marketing activities. Businesses cannot produce and/or sell products without identifying customer requirements and satisfy the diversity of their needs.

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Impact of strategic Planning and Thinking

Impact of Strategic Planning and Thinking

The process of strategic planning requires coherent and detailed research of organizational resources and social needs. In fact, a person who wants to establish a new strategy should have good analytical skills.

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California Campaign Finance Reform Free Essay

California Campaign Finance Reform

Abstract The paper analyzes California Campaign Finance Reform. The main aim of the article is to show the evolution of reforms in fundraising political campaigns from 2000 until 2016. The paper includes seven sections: Introduction, The Origin of California Campaign Finance Reform (how the idea of reforming the system appeared), and Reasons for Reforms (why they should be changed), A Loophole in the Law (how politicians avoid laws), Offered Reforms (available reforms), Ways to Reform the System (different offers from experts), and Conclusion.

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Need for Change Memo Sample

Need for Change on Three Key HR Issues MEMO

TO: Managing Director and Principal Shareholder FROM: Head of HR SUBJECT: Need for change on three key HR issues Based on the analysis of the present day employment conditions in the Huntsman hotels and the recent expansion plans into France, I would like to share my thoughts and suggestions on a need for a comprehensive organisational change in light of 3 key HR issues.

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