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The Effect of Young People Studying

The Effect of Young People Studying Abroad and afterwards Coming Home to Work The contemporary world is the world of fast changes and globalization that is instantly expanding. More and more people, as well as whole countries and nations, tend to becoming more open to different cultures and countries, which, definitely, is a positive thing. […]

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Biomedical Ethics Case Study

Introduction Mental illness remains one of the most contentious ethical issues with respect to medication because the patient is considered incapable of making sound decisions. In the case of Mr. Scott Starson, the patient is erratic and threatens to kill his neighbors. He is diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia that is characterized by psychotic […]

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Ethical Case Analysis

Decisions made by a counselor are life changing. It is, therefore, very important for a counselor to make ethical decisions that would make building the ‘in solution search’ for a client. Ethical laws are not like science laws, and, even though, there are guidelines for making ethical decisions, a counselor can only take the guidelines […]

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DSM-5 Case Study

Introduction The DSM is a comprehensive classification of all conditions defined as mental disorders. It establishes a unified standard in the identification of hallmark symptoms related to DSM criteria and their assessment, provides a diagnosis and proposes certain objectives in treatment. The usage of DSM allows psychology practitioners efficiently interacting with clients and colleagues while […]

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Marketing Case Study

Statement of the Problem The issue of the case study lies in the threat of failing to retain old customers due to poor personal relationships established by the company’s sales personnel. Having been ranked poorly when it came to customer retention, Mr. Buddy saw that the company would go out of business in the next […]

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