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Category: Case Study

Liar Liar

Analysis of Liar Liar Movie [miniorder] Introduction According to the recent study outlined in the Journal of Applied and Basic Psychology, it was concluded that 60% of people had lied on more than one occasion during their ten conversations with strangers.

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Strategic Planning

Making Sense out of Strategy [miniorder] Introduction Strategic planning has been one of the best practices in the corporate world, with the management reassessing the current and previous environments and using them to develop the best strategies to lead the company in the selected direction.

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Extreme Events Report

Extreme Events Report [miniorder] Introduction Extreme events such as mudslides, earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions have significant effects on the environment. Moreover, they have an impact on human beings as they leave some people injured, dead or may affect them indirectly by altering the economy (Wong, 2014).

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Steroids and Drugs Should Be Legalized

Steroids and Drugs Should Be Legalized in Some Sports [miniorder] Synthetic physical enhancers effectively influenced the body development of the athletes for years before the restriction and proved to be extremely effective.

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Chinese Government

The Chinese Government and Popular Nationalism in the Post-Tiananmen Era [miniorder] The democratic protests that took place in 1989 at Tiananmen Square demonstrated the Chinese Communist Party that the governmental approach to the people should be adapted to the new conditions of the Chinese free-market economy.

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