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Why would you need professional proofreading services? Before any essay or paper is submitted, you are advised to ensure it does not contain any formatting or grammar mistakes so that you do not lose marks. Should you find you cannot do this task by yourself, feel free to contact and ask for proofreading assistance. Our company will be delighted to provide you with the finest quality service.

The Benefits of Using our Professional Proofreading Services

Even in cases where a student feels they have addressed all their professor’s requirements and instructions, they should not be overly confident about the grammar aspects and the general mechanics of writing. A lot of students find it impossible to identify their mistakes, often because they are not fully conversant with all the rules and regulations pertaining to grammar.

That is why our professional proofreading service is here – to ensure your written work is free of error. Every writer and editor employed by our company is well-educated and highly-qualified and can help you achieve peak performance in your academic career. A lot of students do not properly understand academic writing, so they use incorrect language and get poor grades. Rest assured that our editors are grammar experts and will surpass your expectations.

Should you feel hesitant about asking friends or family to help with proofreading, there is another viable solution –!

Our team works 24×7 – right around the clock – and are able to help with any editing task, even during the night. We have a mobile-enabled website so you can order via your cell phone. Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with the representatives at our company whenever you need to. So, if you have any issues or questions, do not hesitate to contact the support personnel at

To order our professional proofreading services, locate the “Order” button and click on it. Our order form is easy to use. You simply need to provide as much detail as possible about your requirements. Be sure to state clearly, what you expect your proofreader to do so that they are on the right path.

Remember to attach the paper you want us to proofread. As well as providing details about your requirements, you will need to say how many pages need to be edited, indicate your educational level, set a completion deadline, and so on. After you have completed the order page, a price will be displayed for the service(s) you have chosen. Upon receipt of your order, we will immediately allocate your project to a suitably qualified proofreader or editor.

Once the ordering process is complete, you will be required to pay for the service you have chosen. Please be assured that we only use the most secure payment systems. Our company accepts all the main credit and debit cards, which means your transaction is handled in a safe and secure manner.

We invite you to contact our professional proofreading company whenever you need to. We always have support staff available and willing to help customers. If it is the case, you are a new customer and you need to find out more about our writing services or want to learn information on prices or how to order, our representatives will be delighted to assist. Additionally, we will resolve any technical problems quickly and efficiently.

Easy Ordering Process at

After each main step in the ordering process, you will receive a notification by email e.g. saying your order has been successfully placed or is complete, and so on. We urge customers to provide a valid telephone number and email address in case our support representatives need to contact them. We sometimes need additional information or clarification on a customer’s instructions or we may need to ask for order verification.

It is therefore recommended that the personal details you provide on the order form are accurate so that our cooperation is effective. No matter what part of the USA you are in, is a great choice because all work is handled in the strictest of confidence.

Internal Messaging System

Once your order has been submitted to our professional proofreading company, you may log into your account where you can avail of several benefits. You may use your account, for instance, to contact and communicate directly with your proofreader, editor, or writer. This allows you to ask any questions you have or get clarification on any issue concerning your order. Your assigned proofreader is guaranteed to respond to your messages in a timely manner.

Mobile-Enabled Proofreading Services

We realize that when a student wants to ask us to “proofread my papers”, they may not have instant access to a computer. However, you may want to submit an order as soon as your professor gives you an assignment. To communicate with, you just need an iPad or iPhone (or other mobile device) and Internet connectivity.

Even if your class is not over and your professor is still speaking, you can place an order if there is Wi-Fi near you. You may get in touch with us from any location – café or mall and so on – and still get a timely response.

Requests for Revisions

When you ask to “proofread my research paper”, a great benefit of working with us is that we provide free revisions. For smaller papers – e.g., those under twenty pages – you may request a revision within two days (48 hours) of receiving your paper.

In addition, for larger papers – e.g., those over twenty pages – free revisions are available for up to one month (30 days). Please remember though that free revision is only available where the original instructions have not been changed. If, for instance, you think our proofreader missed something from your original instructions, you can request a revision for up to two days and the work will be completed. However, you should not change original instructions or add new instructions because this contradicts our company’s revision policy.

Consequently, you should take care when providing original instructions to avoid the possibility of confusion at a later date. Many of even the most reputable proofreading companies do not offer free revisions. The moment a request for revision is received, an editor or proofreader will make the necessary changes according to the instructions or comments provided.

Proficient and Professional Proofreaders and Writers

When you ask to “help proofread my paper”, a very important feature of our service is that we only employ experts who are fully qualified and properly certified. Every editor and proofreader is a native English speaker and is linguistically fluent. Compared to other editing and proofreading services, our company does not employ cheap unskilled or unqualified staff from foreign countries.

At, we know how a student’s grades are dependent on the work we do, all of which is carefully monitored by our Quality Assurance (QA) team. If you want a proofreading or editing service, we have experts to handle every type of text and eliminate every grammar and formatting mistake. If you specify a certain style of citation, our proofreaders will check this in your paper and correct any inconsistencies or errors.

Superior Quality Proofreading

If you want someone to write your essay or help proofread your paper, would be delighted to assist. We specialize in writing, proofreading, and editing custom papers. Whether you are a high school or university student, we can provide a suitably-qualified writer to assist you. Any academic writing project you have is in safe hands because quality is our highest priority.
Even when a student writes all their own papers, it is important not to underestimate the need for proofreading.

Students often neglect or forget this vital step and hand in error-laden papers. If your aim is to receive the best grades possible, your papers should always be proofread and edited. What is more, you should not depend solely on some spellchecking software to correct every mistake. In some cases, these systems do not spot real mistakes but instead remove perfectly good words and/or phrases.

Tutors will know that you used a word processor to check your paper. So, if or when you would like professional proofreading by a qualified expert, contact us and let us know what you need. You will receive a flawless document in the agreed timeframe.

A certain number of students believe they are capable of editing their own written work. However, they often miss important mistakes that can lead to a deduction in marks. Even in cases where you devote many hours to editing, there is no guarantee you have spotted and corrected every mistake. Some students are prone to overlooking certain logical errors and sentence run-ons.

Articles are often misplaced, the passive voice is over-used, incorrect verbs are chosen, the vocabulary is wrong, and so on. You might feel a text sounds professional and logical, but a tutor may not feel the same way. Virtually every tutor and professor asks students to proofread their papers prior to handing them in. It helps if you can manage your time effectively and leave time for editing. Yet, how many of your essays have been flawless? Probably very few!

Certainly, there are students who are good writers and can produce great essays. Nonetheless, finding mistakes and correcting these is best undertaken by a skilled and experienced proofreader. Regardless of your major – whether it is Arts, Business, Communications, Economics, Literature, Philosophy, or Science – we have an expert to help you.

We Can Check Citation Styles

When you tell us, “I need someone to proofread my paper,” we understand that every assignment should be written in a particular referencing or citation style. As well as the structure, students need to pay careful attention to formatting rules, but it can be very difficult to remember all the rules of the different styles.

Therefore, students are advised to consult the appropriate citation guide or look for style manuals online so that there are no mistakes in cover pages, headings, tables of content, references, citations, and so on. Should you feel you do not have time to check your paper formatting, can do this for you. If your tutor has given specific instructions about formatting, just upload these with your order and we will take care of it. Proofreading and editing are our core business activities, and you will see how much professionalism we put into every paper.

Committed to High-Quality Work

You need no longer worry when you start thinking, “I need someone to proofread my paper.” Thanks to the dedication and diligence of our writers, editors, and proofreaders, we are now a leading provider in our field. The simple reason is that we employ reliable professionals.

Each one is capable of meeting any deadline and taking account of every instruction. Our experts communicate with customers until each task is completed successfully. Furthermore, our team members work within the disciplines they are qualified in. If your paper has a lot of calculations, we will assign a Math expert. If it is about a civil disorder, we will assign a suitable expert.
Contact today, especially if you need assistance with proofreading, editing, or formatting. We only employ experts and our prices are reasonable!

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