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Category: Politics Essays

Democracy Now! Free Essay

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is an independent news program that is hosted by its moderators Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman. It is considered as one of the largest media, which broadcasts in college radios stations, Pacifica, PBS, satellite television, on the internet, and on public access.

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China-Africa Educational Cooperation Free Essay

China-Africa Educational Cooperation

Abstract Chinese investment in the African education sector is aimed at both ensuring that there is a mutual benefit and helping China maintain its dominance in the African market. For this reason, the investment is mad e in a manner that helps China improve its grip on Africa regarding the economic front.

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Graffiti as Political Participation and Communication

Introduction In different societies, democratic systems provide open access to political leadership and active participation of the people of the land in political power. The political involvement of the citizens is an action they conduct to influence decisions on various levels of the societal, economic, and political system.

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Corruption in the Law Enforcement Industry Free Essay

Corruption in the Law Enforcement Industry

Abstract The problem of corruption is extremely serious. Nowadays, corruption has greatly penetrated into the law enforcement industry of different countries. It explains the rationale for choosing this theme.

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Kurds Group/Nation in Iraq

Kurds Group/Nation in Iraq

Similar to most groups all over the world, the Kurds possess their own identity that is grounded on their various aspects, including their language, religion, geographical territory of Kurdistan as well as their common race.

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