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Category: Politics Essays

Is Saudi Arabia's Oil More Curse than Blessing Free Essay

Is Saudi Arabia’s Oil More of a Curse than a Blessing?

Abstract Resources in a country are supposed to be a blessing because they help in the progress of the state and, therefore, lead to high living standards of the citizens; however, but this has not been the case about most of them.

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The Kurds and Identity Politics Free Essay

The Kurds and Identity Politics

Abstract This paper provides detailed information on the Kurdish minority in Turkey. It examines the various criteria of their national identity, suggested by outstanding researchers Kwame Appiah and Jessica Knouse.

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Can the Chinese Communist Party Continue Its Dominant Role? Free Essay

Can the Chinese Communist Party Continue Its Dominant Role?

Abstract Economic development of any state is mostly affected by its political situation, so it means that international relations between different countries are not the same. The issue of globalization has also enhanced the dependence of states on the international market.

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Free Politics Essay on topic

Ethical Dilemma in Policing and Incarceration Rate in the United States

The analysis of ethics in policing has remarkably widened over the past few decades. Media houses continually report numerous cases of the police barbarism, corruption, and racial bias. There are many claims in the American courtrooms that concern the police brutality and ethnic discrimination (Alexander, 2010).

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Free Politics Essay on topic

Modern Society

In the contemporary world, politics and governance play an integral role in the society as they set the foundations for its normal functioning and oversee such essential aspects as economics, business, legal affairs, international relations, and social policies, among others.

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