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Cultural Differences in Chinese Ethnicity

Introduction Hong Kong is located at the source of River Delta, southern China, with an approximate population of 7.2 million people (Chiu et al. 2013). Both Singapore and Hong Kong are strategically located, with most of the Asian countries accessible to them. However, Hong Kong is perfectly situated at the south east coast of China, […]

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Long Needed Revolution: Police Brutality

Today, the issue of police brutality has become rampant in the US. Any cases of brutality by law enforcers are a serious violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms that need to be addressed urgently. The spread of social media and advancement of mobile technology have made it possible to make public some cases of […]

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The General Development of Nuclear Weapon in Russia

In keeping with the aggravation of the situation, the issue of global safety has proved itself to be in the need of reconsideration. Specifically, proliferation has posed a global threat, which requires an adequate response. At the same time, the most powerful and influential states of the world seem to make notice of the fact […]

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U.S. International Relations

U.S.¬†International Relations Currently, the international cooperation is the key to establishment of effective financial, political, cultural and economic relations with countries all over the world. Nowadays, the United States strives for establishing foreign relationships with such post-industrial countries as China and Russia. However, there is controversy regarding their policies, as well as positive contributions such […]

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Politics of Texas

Texas had been a one-party state for almost a century. After Civil War and up to the late 1970s, Democratic Party was supported by a stable majority of the population. Texans had tended to elect Democrats, because they represented the interests of the hard-working class demonstrating American patriotism and Christian values. The Democratic Party seemed […]

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