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Category: Management Essays

Individual Training Needs Assessment Free Essay

Individual Training Needs Assessment

Individual Training Needs Assessment In today's market conditions, organizations regularly invest in staff development. Now, professional training of workers faces a number of important issues arising from the need of  enterprises to adapt to the market, modernization and conversion of production, the restructuring of employment and changes in the requirements to the quality of labor force.

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Performance and Motivation Free Essay

Performance and Motivation

A motivational factor plays a huge role for organization’s success and effectiveness. Without motivated employees, it is impossible to reach the desirable results. However, the motivational aspect is quite complex and requires a deeper analysis to be understood and applied properly.

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The Recruitment and Selection Process Free Essay

The Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and Selection Introduction [miniorder] The human resource (HR) department is often referred to as the engine of the company. This is so because the HR department manages the labor force that powers the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

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Marketing in Travel and Tourism Sector Free Essay

Marketing in Travel and Tourism Sector

Marketing in Travel and Tourism Sector Introduction The paper addresses the main concepts in travel marketing and applies these concepts to the case of the tourism destination marketing (London). London is the cultural and economic capital of the United Kingdom (UK) and a global city that attracts substantial numbers of local and international visitors.

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International Management: Maxluk Free Essay

International Management: Maxluk

International Management Maxluk is one of the largest food companies in the US with several branches both locally and internationally. It strives to be a responsible and preferred global business. The company offers an environment where its customers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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