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You should not submit plagiarized academic works. The thing is that it may cost you a lot. It goes not only about money. Submitting copied papers is rather embarrassing. Besides, it can ruin your reputation. That is why it is of cardinal importance to cite sources properly in accordance with the chosen reference style.

For instance, Chicago and APA are very popular formatting styles. It is good that there is a lot of useful information about making references in these styles. Thus, you will have no problems with making a proper APA format or a Chicago one.

Price of Submitting Plagiarized Works

All APA format web resources emphasize that plagiarism can lead to serious consequences. The worst thing is that your career may be put at stake when plagiarizing other papers. In this case, it does not matter whether you have copied someone’s piece of writing intentionally or not.

The case may be brought to the court, or you may be suspended from classes. You should know that a publisher may not approve your article even if a small amount of text is plagiarized.

Citing Sources in the APA Reference Style

Everyone can avoid plagiarism. In order to achieve it, you need to use a comprehensive APA writing guide. It will help you reference your work according to the APA style. By the way, the provided tips can be applied to formatting any type of business or academic projects. Therefore, you will encounter no difficulties when quoting citations in your essay. Surely, all papers contain quotes from other texts. You should remember that all of them have to be cited in a proper way.

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