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World War II: The Defeat Of The Axis

Introduction The World War II began on the 1st of September 1939. On that historical day, Nazi Germany invaded Poland under the directives of the German leader, Adolf Hitler.1 Though this attack was a unilateral decision by Germany, it later attracted the support of two more forces, the Japanese and the Italian, to give their […]

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The Great Depression

During the entire history of humanity, individuals have suffered from various problems, including wars, poverty and, social instability. Nevertheless, there are some episodes in the course of history that had enormous influence on the development of the world. The bright example can be the Great Depression. This event dramatically changed the life of millions of […]

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The Post Crisis Performance of the German Economy

Overall Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Crisis Management Measures Implementation Germany stands out in the Eurozone as having cheated the crisis by its unusually quick recovery and the popular assumption is that the country applied the classical theory of reducing wages to keep the economy afloat (Schild, 2013). This assumption may have credible roots […]

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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The death of Abraham Lincoln from an assassin’s bullet was one of the most important events in the history of the United States. The significance of the event was not only in the fact that the President was murdered in cold blood. The importance of the event can be measured in terms of its context. […]

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IBM and the Nazi regime

Introduction Science and business have held a close relationship since time immemorial. The turn of events took place during the cold war when science and technology was used by the Nazi regime in carrying out their atrocities. There have been speculations of how Nazi regime took over power and swiftly carried out their activities in […]

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