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Category: History Essays

Second Global Economy in the America Free Essay

Second Global Economy in the America

Introduction The United States holds the position of a global economic giant that beats many countries in terms of economic development. To become such a significant participant of the world's economic processes, the US had come a long way and experienced a lot of obstacles.

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Witchcraft and Gender Free Essay

Witchcraft and Gender: The Fear of Demonic Powers or Women Hunt?

Witch hunting, which was notoriously known as a prevailing phenomenon of the Middle Ages, had made a huge number of people victims of Christians’ superstitious fear. Witch trials took the lives of nine million of Europeans, turning into one of the most serious and massive actions conducted by the Church.

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America and the Great War Free Essay

America and the Great War

World War I started in 1914 engaging various countries and continents into participation. The world states' desire to prove their rightness and power led to millions of people falling victim and nations being completely destructed.

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Realism and Antirealism in Mathematics Free Essay

Realism and Antirealism in Mathematics

Introduction The history of realism and antirealism has its origins in medieval philosophy. It seemed that the confrontation between realism and antirealism based on the disagreement on the problem of universals lost its urgency a long time ago.

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Bushido Code Free Essay

Bushido Code

In 12-19th centuries in Japan, a warrior class, called in Japanese “bushi” or “samurai”, was in power. Originally, in the Heian period, they were merely self-defense groups that aimed at protecting feudal estates and maintenaning public order.

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