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Ottoman Empire

Question One Legitimacy is when the subject believes in the rightfulness of a sovereign or a state to issue commands under its authority. It, therefore, symbolizes the claim of a right to be in authority by the political might and its factual recognition by those over whom such power is exercisable.

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Civil War Module 5 Writing

Introduction According to the former New York Senator William Seward, the American Civil War arose as a consequence of irrepressible conflict between the opposing forces. He believed that had there been a compromise between these forces, then the nation could have avoided the war.

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Comparison between the May Fourth Movement of 1919 and Tiananmen Incident of 1989

It is an age-old fact that China is the country of strict rules and laws that somehow limit the freedoms and liberty of ordinary Chinese citizens. As any country, China has gone through remarkable national and political difficulties, which, in fact, turned to be the breakthrough moments in the history of its establishment.

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History Essay

World War II: The Defeat Of The Axis

Introduction The World War II began on the 1st of September 1939. On that historical day, Nazi Germany invaded Poland under the directives of the German leader, Adolf Hitler.1 Though this attack was a unilateral decision by Germany, it later attracted the support of two more forces, the Japanese and the Italian, to give their reinforcement against Poland and its acquaintances such as France and Britain.

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History Essay

The Great Depression

During the entire history of humanity, individuals have suffered from various problems, including wars, poverty and, social instability. Nevertheless, there are some episodes in the course of history that had enormous influence on the development of the world.

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