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Category: Art and Culture

Confucianism in European and East Asian Views Free Essay

Confucianism in European and East Asian Views

Nowadays the problem of finding the global value of the Confucian tradition, as well as its interaction with European philosophy, has become central to the works of leading Chinese and Western thinkers.

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Lu-Xun and his Impact on Chinese Literature

Lu Xun

Introduction Almost every nation is proud of its culture and cultural heritage of the ancestors. Music, painting, architecture, literature, and poetry can be regarded as conductors between various periods of history.

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Popular Music In the United States Free Essay

Popular Music in the United States

Undoubtedly, the US popular music is a cultural phenomenon as it combines diverse styles, traditions of different social groups, and interesting musical discoveries. A tipping point in the American music culture was in the 1920s.

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Art and Design in three Books

Art and Design in Books

This Essay will speak about Art used in three books: "Adam Fuss" by Eugenia Parry, "Andreas Gursky" by Peter Galassi and "Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective" by Rineke Dijkstra. Adam Fuss The book Adam Fuss containing essays written by Eugenia Parry was published in Sante Fe by Arena Editions in 1997.

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Analysis of Sesshus and Dai Jins Paintings Free Essay

Comparative Analysis of Sesshu’s and Dai Jin’s Paintings

Asian visual art is an amazing world of astonishing art works, which differ a lot from anything created in other parts of the planet. In the Middle Ages, Chinese and Japanese art was significantly influenced by Chan or Zen Buddhism, since the monasteries and temples were the major centers of culture and art.

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