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Category: Case Study

Exoskeleton Suit

Technology [miniorder] Introduction The idea of superhuman, a being with supernatural power that looks like a robot but is a real person, was introduced by science fiction writers in the last century.

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Celebrity Culture

The Centrality of Celebrity in Our Lives [miniorder] The concept celebrity is one of the key notions that have an impact on the young generation who regard it as something very important and use different ways to achieve the recognition and imitate celebrities and stars.

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Social Media Communication

Learning Log and Future Applications [miniorder] 1. Learning Log Communicating In and Between Organizations (CCT303) is a course containing both online and in-class lectures. The course carries an essential influence of the necessary skills that one needs to make him or her, an effective communicator in the real life.

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Evil-God Existence

Stephen Laws The Evil-God Challenge [miniorder] In his innovative work The Evil-God Challenge, philosopher Stephen Law presents an argument to question theism and to counter a belief in the goodness of God.

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Economic stability and investment opportunity in Shanghai Pilot free trade zone of 2020s

Economic Stability and Investment Opportunity in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone of 2020 Abstract In 2013, the State Council of China approved launching of the first Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Shanghai, the main aim of which is the attraction of foreign investors.

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