Reaction Paper: How to Master Effective Writing?

A reaction paper is one of the most frequently assigned academic papers that require students to provide a well-organized, coherent response to specific material, such as a text, a movie, a film, an article or an artwork. To provide a successful reaction paper, it is necessary to closely investigate and examine the given work, provide illustrative examples, and support the claims and arguments with sufficient evidence and proof. A reaction paper may also include an individual’s opinion on the subject matter but the main thing is to support it with expert evidence so that it is credible and convincing.

If you look through reaction definition more closely, you will find out that this paper may come in different formats. More so, the format may define the content. For example, there exist the following reaction papers:

  • Personal reaction paper. As a rule, such essays contain personal viewpoints of authors.
  • Comparative reaction paper. When working on this type of academic assignment, a writer is supposed to respond to a specific material while at the same time comparing it to some other text/ video etc. (for instance, from the material assigned previously). Here the main purpose is to compare two books, articles, videos, artworks, etc., evaluate them, and provide a logical conclusion.
  • Analytical reaction paper. When providing this essay type, you are required to analyze a text or a video or some part of it by paying close attention to specific questions in the essay prompt. Here you not only have to provide your own reaction or opinion but also apply your analytical thinking skills.
  • Informative reaction paper. Here you need to inform about the given text, video, movie or an article and focus on the discussion of the general plot, storyline, characters, the main aims and objectives of the author, and personalized evaluation of the given material.

All in all, reaction paper writing can be a rather tiresome and time-consuming process, which requires specific skills in fluent academic writing, analysis, critique, and evaluation. Since reaction paper writing requires resilience, motivation, and practice, many students choose to buy reaction paper help online.
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Core Elements of Effective Reaction Essay Writing

You surely need to define a reaction paper if you want to master successful reaction essay writing. Even though each reaction essay assignment is unique, you should be aware of the general reaction essay principles if you want to succeed in essay writing and provide an impeccable paper. First of all, you need to provide an attention-grabbing introduction, which engages your readers. Second, the thesis statement written at the end of the introduction should be strong and clear (preferable formulated in one sentence). Third, the whole content of the paper you provide needs to be related to the thesis and its aspects. Last but not least, the conclusion should properly summarize the discussed material. Keep in mind that you should not introduce any new points in the conclusion but rather re-emphasize the most significant findings. One of the most important things about the paper is that it is logical, coherent, and understandable.
When it comes to tailoring a reaction paper in particular, make sure you provide a summary of the book/ article/ artwork given for response and also make sure to provide properly laid-our analysis. Actually, when you are analyzing the work and putting forward some specific claims, you need to add some expert opinion in order to make the work sound plausible and believable. When providing a critique or reaction to the book or movie, etc., you need to focus both on the positive and negative aspects.

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If you want to get in-depth understanding how to craft a reaction essay, read detailed information on the structure below:

1) How to write an introduction?

The introduction of a reaction paper differs from introductory paragraphs of other academic works, such as research papers, case studies, thesis papers, etc. On the whole, in the introduction to the reaction paper, you need to briefly discuss the work you need to react to/ give response to. For example, if you need to express your viewpoint on the popularization of veganism and sustainable lifestyle in the modern society, you need to first summarize the core information about the trend and provide the setting you are going to analyze. When giving this short summary to the topic, think what perspective you would like to shed light on. Keep in mind that you need to focus on a specific aspect without changing your focus too fast. If you choose too many things to discuss, you will simply confuse your readers and will not provide a properly developed paper. The reaction paper cannot be considered as a good one when you fail to communicate the central idea in the introduction.

2) How to write a summary?

As soon as you have finished writing your introductory paragraph, switch on to summary writing. Make sure you provide sufficient background information pertaining to the topic. For example, imagine that you need to provide your reaction to a psychological book you have recently read. In the summary section, focus on the period it was written (cultural and historical background), on the author’s background and his/ her motifs behind writing the book, etc. If there were some significant events that led to the book’s appearance, make sure you mention them clearly and pinpoint to how exactly they have influenced the book’s author. A properly written summary will provide sufficient details that are significant for the reader to get the essence of how and why the book was written/ the movie was shot.

3) How to write analysis?

Analysis section is the key one in the reaction paper. It is important to check the credibility of your arguments and claims as well as to support them with adequate expert opinion. For example, if you provide a reaction to a book, you need to respond to its strengths and weaknesses and provide clear examples why you have outlined them specifically. If you react to a book, make sure to provide specific examples from the book (quotes, citations, etc.).

4) How to write a conclusion?

The conclusion should not provide any new ideas or aspects of the issue. You need to summarize your findings and re-emphasize on the most important ones. It should once again pinpoint to your argument (claim) and personal viewpoint.

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