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Uber (A Car Service Company)

UBER (A Car Service Company) Free Essay

Company Profile

Uber is advancing the way the world moves. It is flawlessly assisting drivers through its applications. It makes urban communities more available opening up more conceivable routes for passengers and making business of drivers easier. From its establishment in 2009 to its communications in many urban areas today, Uber has quickly grown worldwide. Its proximity keeps on bringing individuals closer to their destinations. Uber Car Service is extending its targets and plans of action. Known up to this point as an auto service that had the sole goal of transporting individuals, Uber is currently more focused and global firm, as indicated by Mashable.

Relevant Personnel

The problem that is going to be addressed concerning the Uber Company is the harassment between drivers and passengers as well as passengers and drivers. The persons affected by this situation are mostly the passengers, the drivers and, lastly, the management of the company. The following is the list of relevant personnel that should be involved in the resolution of this issue.

Chief Technology Officer, Thuan Pham

Thuan Pham shows every day that diligent work can be truly fun, and that achievement is more realistic with a gifted group that is profoundly adjusted. He is motivating the engineering workers to address the difficulties that emerge with Uber’s fast development. Thuan Pham has ended up being an uplifting pioneer who can convey excellent mission essential for programming and administration. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and a M.S. in EE/CS from MIT. Besides being a skilled researcher, distributed creator, an astonishing companion and father, he is additionally an energetic ping-pong and tennis player.

Head of Global Operations, RYAN GRAVES

A dynamic issue solver and strategist, Ryan Graves developed Uber’s operations group from a solitary worker to a worldwide workforce. Beforehand, he was concentrated on business development and improvement in the spheres of Foursquare and Social Dreamium. He additionally participated in asset management and corporate rebuilding of General Electric and CNA Insurance. When not participating in Uber’s operations, Ryan Graves volunteers as a specialist for web organizations and non for profit endeavors. In his spare time, Ryan is an ardent surfer.

General Council, SALLE YOO

Salle Yoo guarantees that Uber can provide the best service to its clients, quickly grow its worldwide presence and manage long term development in existing markets. As an alumnus of Scripps College and Boston University School of Law, Salle is an accomplice at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, where she delivered public speeches about driving vitality, information transfer and innovation.


The purpose of this project is to address the issue of harassment among drivers and passengers that works in both directions. Because the Uber Company is faced with this threat, it is crucial to discuss it and propose a correct solution. This problem needs to be resolved in order to ensure that the company performs well and attains its goals.

Current Situation

In the midst of unfortunate driver behavior affirmations, research demonstrates that there is no confirmation that passengers are at more risk in rideshare autos than they are in taxis. Ridesharing organizations like Uber have been under the investigation of nearby officials, Congress and taxi drivers due to the regulation concerns. Uber, specifically, has been in the spotlight after drivers were blamed for assaults, badgering and attacks on passengers. Recently, a 26-year-old lady was professedly ambushed and attacked by an Uber driver in New Delhi, India. The driver argued that he is not liable. Since the assault, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has guaranteed to assess the organization’s historical verification framework. Thereafter, Uber added a frenzy catch to its Indian application, which permits passengers to communicate with nearby law authorities promptly.

Taxi drivers complain that driver record verifications for private ridesharing organizations are less comprehensive than those for taxi drivers. While nearby governments perform taxi driver record checks and fingerprinting, ridesharing organizations have their own test frameworks that do not require fingerprints. Thus, individuals with criminal histories have been accepted as drivers for this company. Uber requires background checks for a number of offenses – such as DUI, violent crimes and sexual assaults for past seven years. In spite of the fact that that this time compass may be short, the prerequisites are regularly stricter than some of America’s greatest urban communities’ taxi necessities.

Rideshare services have different safety measures, similar to driver-traveler typical scoring and traveler self-recognizable proof. While much consideration has been centered on travelers’ wellbeing, the risks that taxi drivers face, comparing driving a taxi to “getting drifters” means substantially more. As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, murders represented between 56 % and 80 % of work-related rides in the taxis from 2003 to 2012. Drivers are additionally subject to a high danger of nonfatal fierce strikes, particularly because they frequently convey money. Rideshare drivers have entry data about their passengers, including credit card information and contact data. Matthew Feeney, who headed the Cato ridesharing strategy investigation, said this makes the trade more secure than a taxi ride both for the driver and the traveler.

Women use private car services to stay safe. They do not need to stress over anything other than locking in and getting securely to their destination once they are in the auto. For Uber, the question is whether young ladies will keep on utilizing an administration that allows outsiders to know their full name and, potentially, their telephone number. Actually, this issue will lead customers to cause the company causing it to have few customers, which this can lead to closure due to losses.


Some possible adverse future outcomes of this problem of harassment are not yet addressed. Since Uber does not have an exceptionally decent reputation regarding women and their worries about security, individuals frequently allude to Uber as having “a lady issue”. Therefore, this term suggests that the issue of Uber is women. Uber does is not women-oriented. Uber has a different central point. In particular, other issues include male drivers who have hijacked, stolen, stifled, and assaulted female passengers. Some male riders utilize Uber’s services to annoy female drivers. Another issue is male Uber officials who said the organization ought to contract resistance analysts to uncover the truth and that Uber could reveal private data about a female columnist who had assessed Uber discriminatingly.

The male CEO communicated to GQ that he alluded to his rising sexual stock because of the organization’s prosperity as “Boob-er” and denied Uber’s obligation regarding strikes in its vehicles. At the danger of expressing the self-evident, a lady is not hailing a late-night Uber with a particular end goal to feel less safe than she would sitting tight in a taxi, bouncing in the metro or other public transport, or strolling home alone.

On the off chance that Uber really needs women to feel safe riding in its autos, is its main objective for a long time from now an ideal approach to address genuine and prompt concerns of women? Is the answer for the male drivers’ unjustifiable behavior an issue emphasized by sexual orientation? After all, they could utilize just male drivers who would not assault female passengers. Furthermore, should not we think about security concerns outside of the auto, such as protection of traveler’s information? Anybody with the access to somebody’s Uber history could undoubtedly disclose the traveler’s place of residence, places they go during the evenings, time they have a tendency to be home and out. This information disclosure will cause the company to lose customers.

Recommended Solution

Uber should demonstrate that it is a company that values women and is concerned about the safety of female passengers seriously by not just hiring new drivers. This issue will only be solved by installing security cameras in the Uber cars. Above all, the firm’s hiring senior management is women. After all, this issue is not just about women. It is not like you get a magic percentage of women and all of a sudden the company is safe. The company should also put many efforts into launching the female-only taxi service. Additionally, hiring female drivers is part of the solution. I am personally sure that I feel safe with a lady driver, therefore, I will caution Uber to rethink what they can do to make sure that female drivers themselves are safe. There is nothing preventing them from being harassed or assaulted as drivers.

Executive Summary

The main problem that Uber faces is harassment and discrimination of some groups of passengers, which cannot be decently controlled without technology and monitoring. This issue has many characteristics, as some passengers are harassed, while others try to avoid Uber’s services due to the negative word of mouth. Undoubtedly, this issue needs to be evaluated and addressed. The best recommended solution is installing security cameras in the cars. As a result, passengers will feel safer causing the revenue of the firm to increase. The benefits of this solution include minimal need for monitoring and, in the case of conflict, easy resolution due to the presence of a recorded footage.

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