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Development of Tourism between France and the UAE

Development of Tourism between France and the UAE Free Essay


The promotion of tourism between France and the UAE is a promising strategy of economic, cultural, financial, trading and social development, which will benefit both countries. In fact, it can facilitate inter-cultural dialogue, establishing mutual social connections and contributing to the economic and marketing development of both states. In the case with France and the UAE, there are many opportunities for the development and promotion of tourism. In these terms, it is essential to analyze and consider potential ways of developing and improving the tourism relations between these two states. The aim of this paper is to provide the outline of the strategies for promoting tourism in the UAE among the French citizens and discuss the benefits and opportunities of the suggested solutions.

Strategies of Tourism Development between France and the UAE

To begin with, the promotion of tourism starts with the establishment of convenient and affordable transportation between the countries. The most appropriate way of traveling from France to the UAE is air transportation. The establishment of regular flights between France and the UAE will help increase the flow of tourists and facilitate the tourism relationships between the countries (Dobruszkes, Ghedira, & Mondou, 2014). Moreover, special offers, discounts for regular customers and ticket sales will positively affect the tourism between France and the UAE. Besides, the airlines should also offer additional transportation services, including transfers from and to the airport and car rent (Dobruszkes et al., 2014). All these steps will considerably boost the development of tourism between these countries and raise the amount of French tourists visiting the UAE.

The benefits of this strategy are obvious and easily gained. When dealing with the development and implementation of this strategy, it is important to consider available infrastructure and capacities of France (Dobruszkes et al., 2014). Particularly, France can introduce the needed changes within the existing national airlines or invite new companies to operate in this direction. Anyway, the costs of implementation of this strategy are worth investing, since this innovation will considerably promote and ease the tourism relationships with the UAE.

Secondly, advertisements and commercial campaigns can also promote the increase of tourism from France to the UAE. Currently, social networks and social media marketing provide enormous opportunities for the promotion and advertisement. The creation of promotional video clips and graphical advertisements will increase the interest of French tourists in visiting the UAE as well as enrich their knowledge about this country (Giampiccoli, & Mtapuri, 2014). Moreover, the use of other types of offline advertisements and commercials will also help increase the attractiveness of the UAE for French tourists as a desirable tourist destination. Advertisements should be realistic, consumer-oriented and specific in order to reach the target audience. As a result, it may be a successful strategy of development of tourism connection between France and the UAE.

The benefits of the promotional campaigns include the improvement of the marketing situation, increase of tourists’ interest in the UAE, financial gains from the broadcast of the advertisements, and promotion of tolerant and loyal attitude to people of different culture among the French citizens. In terms of development, the promotional campaigns do not require enormous efforts and cost expenditures. The focus on the social media marketing allows reducing costs without losing the target audience and actuality of the advertisements (Giampiccoli, & Mtapuri, 2014). Therefore, the countries should not overlook this strategy in their attempts to establish mutually beneficial tourism connections.

Thirdly, French citizens will be more likely to choose the UAE as the travel destination, in case it adjusts its tourism and recreation infrastructure to their needs. The first problem is the language barrier. It is one of the serious obstacles on the way of promoting tourism between the countries of different cultural and social backgrounds (Zaidan, 2016). Therefore, hiring French-speaking staff is an asset in the strategy of development of the French tourism to the UAE. Besides, the hotels in the UAE should suggest other elements of French culture to attract French tourists and create comfortable conditions for their stay in the country (Zaidan, 2016). This may include French cuisine, music, entertainment programs and other aspects of the traditional culture of France.

The development of this strategy calls for the cooperation between the two countries in terms of cultural agreement and coordination of activities. The adjustment of the UAE tourist attractions to the needs and interests of the French tourists is the primary task of the UAE. However, France can highly facilitate this process by organizing workshops, seminars and language courses for the employees of the UAE hotels and resort centers. Therefore, the localization of services in the UAE is another important step on the way of establishment of favorable tourism relationship with France.

Finally, the UAE can present itself as the destination for some specific tourist purposes. Particularly, it can emphasize religious, historical and cultural tourism as the primary directions of tourism development (Hamarneh, 2014). Currently, many people in France are interested in different cultures, traditions and customs, choosing exotic destinations and countries (Michael, Armstrong, Badran, & King., 2011). Considering this, the UAE can meet the requirements of these travelers and pose itself as the destination for religious trips or historical investigations. On the one hand, this strategy may narrow the target audience for the tourism between France and the UAE. However, on the other hand, it creates perfect opportunities for the development of new kinds of tourism.

The implementation of this strategy calls for the thorough examination of the tourist preferences of the French citizens and their expectations toward new journeys and travels. However, the appropriate presentation of the advantages of such tourism and the unique role of the UAE in providing capacities for its fulfilment may greatly contribute to the promotion of tourism between the UAE and France. This strategy requires the implementation of specific promoting campaigns and guided tours as well.


To sum up, there are many strategies of development and promotion of tourism between the UAE and France. While some of them are time and cost consuming, the implementation of others does not require enormous expenses or elaborate preparation. The analysis of different promoting strategies shows that all of them are equally important and notable for the relevant development of tourism between France and the UAE. Moreover, the implementation of the outlined steps is significant for the promotion of intercultural tolerance, respect and awareness, which play a crucial role in the modern globalized world. Besides, the strengthening of tourism relationships between France and the UAE will positively affect the economic and financial situation within the countries, create new employment and income generating opportunities. In the light of this, there is a sufficient need in implementing the strategies of tourism development between these two states.

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