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The Recruitment and Selection Process

The Recruitment and Selection Process Free Essay

Recruitment and Selection


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The human resource (HR) department is often referred to as the engine of the company. This is so because the HR department manages the labor force that powers the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. The HR department achieves its tasks through other specialized units such as recruitment and selection. Recruitment and Selection unit is responsible for identifying new employment gaps, pinpointing the kind of specializations and skills that will be required, selection of employees from the pool that apply for the same position, and determining the employment conditions. The recruitment process is crucial as this is the stage during which new skills are brought into the organization, and this makes it paramount that the right taskforce is found. It ensures that the future problems relating to poor workmanship are eliminated or reduced considerably. When recruitment is done without proper considerations of all factors concerning employers and employees, then future problems are bound to happen. Since it is a very crucial process in the development of the organization, it is advised that any failures arising from negligence and ignorance in this process are avoided at all costs. The members of the recruitment and selection board should be trained members with degrees and credentials proving that they have been trained to identify the organization’s requirements for new employees. The board should include specialists that ensure equity is applied in recruiting employees, determine the compensation that will be allocated to the new hires, and identify the kinds of benefits to be allowed to new staff. The board should also include a human resource information system specialist that ensures that monitoring of the new employees’ performance is effective and efficient. The board is also required to have an employee relations manager that will determine the willingness of a potential employee to work in the team with the rest of the employees towards achieving the organization’s goals. The recruitment and selection board is required to have all these specialists or fewer people trained in this field to ensure that the employees brought into the organizations will benefit it, further contribute to its development, and cause minimum or no harm to the efficient and smooth running of the business. This paper analyses recruitment and selection as a key HR process. This analysis is tied to HR functions such as training, certification, and salary expectations. More so, the paper examines how organizations can achieve a successful recruitment and selection, statistics in recruitment and selection process and possible challenges encountered during recruitment and selection. Finally, the paper gives a personal view of the recruitment and selection as an HR process.

Training, Certification and Salary Expectations

Before the process of recruitment begins, the recruitment and selection board is tasked with identifying the vacancies available. They are responsible for determining the current or revised functions of the candidates to be interviewed. Defining the skills required will help narrow the pool of applicants to only those with such skills. The board is also tasked with evaluating new patterns, technologies and products that may have arisen and the way they affect the requirements of the organization (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). The board is also required to have the ability to anticipate future changes in the job description as this will enable them to select the candidate most likely to be flexible and adapt to future changes in their job description. It is also the responsibility of the recruitment and selection board to train the new candidate to fit the organization’s requirements. They organize seminars, symposiums, and other training platforms for their new and existing employees to ensure the skills required are gained and mastered. They are also responsible for issuing certification at the end of the training process to show that the necessary skills and knowledge have been gained. It is the job of the recruitment and selection board to ensure the applicants for the advertised vacancies have genuine credentials to minimize fraud and potential failure in the future. They are also responsible for defining the salary brackets for new jobs based on qualifications and workload. Fairness to both employer and employee should be taken into account before salary definition is finalized.

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How to Ensure Successful Recruitment and Selection

Several companies have failed to see the importance of having a top-notch recruitment and selection board, which led to the failure of the enterprise. The enterprises that have grasped the importance of recruiting the best employees into their companies have gone a step ahead to ensure that they excel in the recruitment and selection process. They have put guidelines in place to ensure that only the best employees are recruited into the company. Such companies have employed a qualified team of professionals to conduct the recruitment and selection process. The professionals are all qualified in ensuring only the best pool of employees is recruited (Phillips & Phillips, 2015). The companies have also erected unique systems to make sure that fraud and misrepresentation of applicants for advertised vacancies is substantially reduced or eliminated. Companies have also made sure that the workplace conditions are favorable to facilitate a harmonious working environment, improve the productivity of the recruited employees, and ensure the success of such recruitment procedures.

Advertisement also plays a major role in ensuring that the correct employees are hired. When done correctly, only candidates with the required credentials will be available for vetting and filtering. The process of hiring becomes limited to the best candidates and securing the best candidate is ensured. Some companies have also implemented attractive employment packages. They are used to attract a wider pool of applicants to the company. A wider pool to choose from provides variety and a wide range of skills. It allows the company freedom and opportunity to pick the best candidate to employ. Laying out conditions for employment explicitly allows the company to decide the suitability of the applicant. It ensures that the only candidates applying are the ones compatible with the work style of the company and the ones that will facilitate growth of the company. Implementing the above strategies will enable the company to obtain the right employees and ensure successful recruitment.

Statistics in Recruitment and Selection Process

The most common technique used in the hiring process to find top performers in the advertised area is using referrals from already existing employees. The organizations may also choose to consider applicants who have previously worked for performing companies they are well acquainted with. Other techniques include only considering candidates with a degree of experience regarding the time they have spent in that particular industry (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). Some companies may also choose to use internet sources to determine the credibility of an applicant and the probability that they will benefit the company. Recently companies have also been known to conduct online recruitment and selection . Using this method will be economical and time saving but its downfall would be the possibility of candidate misrepresentation. The company may also only want to take on candidates who were best qualifiers from their training institutions with the belief that they are the most suitable for current vacancies. Other companies may also use applicants suggested to them by family or friends as a technique of obtaining new employees for the organization.

Research shows that the highest number of new hires is through recommendations from existing employees (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). This is followed closed by the experience and previous performance of an applicant. Trusted family and friends may also affect the recruitment process significantly when they are allowed to provide input towards the hiring process. As much as being the best qualifiers from training institutes is influential, most renowned companies choose not to take on employees without experience (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2015). They opt to view them as too raw and not very suitable for developing the company further, as the cost of training is also very high. Some companies have found that having an open interview that attracts all kinds of applicants is beneficial. It widens the skills of people that apply for the job. Having such interviews allows the company to determine compatibility of the candidates with the goals of the company. It also allows the company sole control over which candidates will be considered for employment.

Problems Encountered During the Recruitment Process

The process of hiring is critical and is prone to many obstacles. Mistakes made during recruitment can be disastrous and cause the company to shoulder non performing employees. Problems encountered during the hiring process could be either internal or external and lead to poor performance. Since the recruitment process eventually affects the performance and the revenues of a company, it is paramount that the process is filtered to eliminate most or all failures that may occur during (Murphy, 2015). The lack of proper filtering channels may lead to fraud during the recruitment. The applicants may misrepresent themselves, present fake credentials, and evade all flags that may be used to identify them. This will cost the company, as they would have hired an employee with no skills. It will also rob other applicants with genuine credential of an opportunity to be selected during the process.

Nepotism is another problem encountered during any recruitment process. In some cases, family members want to fill positions that have become vacant. In such situations, it may become hard for the hiring board to disqualify them, so they may end up disqualifying a more suitable candidate for a family member. The recruiting process may also lead to flooding of employees. If care is not taken, the company may end up having more employees than they have a need for (Banfield & ‎Kay, 2012). Such a situation will cause management problems and too much relaxation due to excessively low workload, which may eventually lead to unnecessary company losses. Racism could also be a cause of problems during the recruitment process. Racism excludes skills that could be obtained from applicants of races other than the employer’s.

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The company may also encounter a problem when dealing with applicants with physical limitations. Some organizations lack the necessary provisions to allow them take on disabled employees. A situation like this may reflect poorly on the image of the company. The enterprise may find itself at loggerheads with laws regarding equality as stated in the Disability Act and others, and lose some customers and revenue alongside. The company may end up losing a potentially excellent employee on these grounds. If a company is found to be racist when providing employment opportunities, their public image will deteriorate. They will end up losing their customers and, in the end, lose revenue they would otherwise be making. The business may also be unable to determine how to obtain the most flexible employees to suit the fast changing business world during the recruitment process (Phillips & Phillips, 2015). They may end up recruiting inflexible ones and lose better employees in the process. The number of companies in search of the best candidates is very high. Candidate completion is very high due to this, and getting hold of the best employees becomes very hard and expensive. The company should ensure that merit of applicants is the greatest qualifier for new employees. Failure to consider these problems will cost the organization greatly regarding revenue, credibility, and even relations with its customers.

Is this an Area of HR you would Like to Work in?  Why or why not?

The recruitment and selection board of the human resource department is critical to the enterprise. The human resource in any organization plays a significant role in ensuring the goals set by the company are met. Since the board plays an essential part in the human resource department and the company as a whole, I would choose to work on this board. The benefits of such an opportunity are that I would get to play a significant role in shaping the future performance of the company regarding revenue and workplace relationships and reach harmony in the work environment. Working with this board will allow me to saw positivity and confidence into new employees, which will improve their attitude to work and help them work towards achieving the goals of the company. Working with this board will also put one under much pressure. Any mistakes that are made during the recruitment process are bound to reflect poorly on the reputation of the company in the future and on the board members of the hiring committee.


The human resource in any organization plays a significant role in ensuring the goals set by the company are met. The recruitment and selection process is critical for HR. It plays an essential part in the human resource department by acting as a vessel through which the company gets the workforce it needs to power its ambitions. The process of getting new talents to run the company must be handled carefully. Any mistakes that are made during the recruitment process are bound to reflect poorly on the reputation of the company in the future and on the board members of the hiring committee. Correspondingly, the selection of applicants during hiring must be conducted in a way that ensures that only applicants that fit within the work style of the company are employed. If the recruitment and selection process is handled badly, the company stands to lose immensely and may get employees that do not envision or espouse the vision of the company. Therefore, for a smooth employment processes, the HR department must ensure that the recruitment and selections processes meet the criteria and avoid the pitfalls discussed above.

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