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The Other Sister

The Other Sister Free Essay

I watched a movie called “The Other Sister”.

In this paper, I will write an opinion on this bright, great and enjoyable film.

The story tells about a girl with a mental disability returns to parents from a special school. Mother presses her by endless restrictions and a bunch of classes that the young girl does not like and Carla escapes. Only then, she let daughter go to a regular school. There, she meets a young man, Daniel, who has the same problems with health and broken out love changes their lives completely.

The dominant element in this film was the women’s desire to be independent and live a full life. She wanted to be happy and do the usual things that she likes but for this she must contend with her mother. There are many scenes where the girl’s mother opposes her wishes to live separately, to learn in a regular school and even to get married.

In my opinion, the main problem shown in the film is the wrong attitude to the people with features. This young girl did not need undue care. She just wanted to be understood and accepted for what she is. She wanted to become an independent, self-confident and live a full life but not to hide a lifetime from ridicule and bullying. Only the understanding and support of a loved one make her happy.

Perhaps from a medical point of view, the film is not quite correct because sometimes people with disabilities really need more physical and moral assistance. However, film very accurately shows the feelings and emotions of “special people.” We see that their dreams are simply – studying in a common school, lovely job and a sincere relationship. Emotionally, film teaches the audience to understand people with disabilities.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the film is a very useful and simple truths taught viewers. Such as understanding, trust, patience and love of family. This picture is worth seeing.

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