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The Day after Tomorrow Movie Review

The Day after Tomorrow Free Review Sample


Global warming is the progressive increase in the mean temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The change, according to Ahrens & Jackson (30) is irreversible. The increase in the temperatures is likely to cause a permanent shift in the temperature on the surface of the earth.

Implausible Weather Events

The shutdown of the Gulf Stream flies in the face of the current climate researchers. As the globe continues to warm due to the global warming, the ice sheets will continue to melt. Consequently, the North Atlantic Ocean currents will probably slow down due to the increase in the discharge of freshwater from the melting ice sheets. The shutdown is highly unlikely or unclear if it can happen in the present century because there is less ice to melt as compared to the previous years. Furthermore, if such an event would occur, it would take hundreds of years.

The estimation of the air temperatures to be -100°C as a result of descending cold air from troposphere is ridiculous because the tropopause, the highest layer of the troposphere averages at -60°C and does not near the -100°C indicated by Terry Rapson (Ahrens & Jackson 16). Moreover, air should not fall to the troposphere because it is fundamental that the air should be rising to the eye of the storm and not to the troposphere

Plausible Weather Events

The melting of the ice sheets and the increase in the sea level are possible signs of the global warming. Increase in the global temperatures as a result of the increase in the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide will lead to melting of the ice in the mountaintops. The glacial and the ice water will flow to join rivers.

Consequently, there will be the change in the large volumes of water that gets to the sea and oceans leading to increasing in the sea or ocean levels. Moreover, hurricanes and tornadoes are likely due to increasing sea surface temperatures leading to increasing volumes of water that evaporates. The evaporated water will condense to form large cumulonimbus clouds leading to strong storms.

Numerous instruments can detect various weather events in the movie. Thermometers can detect rapid changes in temperatures in the troposphere. Satellite imagery is a valuable tool for showing the eye and tracking movements of storms from their point of formation and the area of dissipation. Besides, sea level gauges would be significant for measuring the changes in the sea level.

Effects of Global Warming

The global warming is likely to influence the long-term trend of climate in a given area. Consequently, three scenarios are imminent flooding, drought or overall change in climate. Ahrens & Jackson (471) states that flooding would result in an increase in waterborne diseases such as cholera and malaria. The conditions would lead to deteriorating human health. Drought would further influence the lack of food resulting to poor eating habits and diets. The advance would trigger diseases such as Kwashiorkor. Moreover, extremely high temperatures and freezing temperatures are detrimental to human health

Martin (21) argues that Global warming is likely to further the effects of the climate change. Global warming is likely to accelerate the increase in temperatures in some areas and to speed up the decrease in temperatures in other sectors. The effects would be detrimental to the humans, animals and the vegetation. Several factors can cause an ice age. Changes in the sea and atmospheres circulations, volcanic eruptions and varying volumes of the carbon dioxide are likely to cause an ice age.


Global warming has adverse effects on the human health and the environment. The increase in global temperatures would lead to a rise in sea level, hurricanes, emergence and reemergence of diseases.

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