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Syrian Conflicts

Syrian Conflicts Free Essay Sample

Syrian Conflicts

Past and ongoing Syrian conflicts have had an immense effect on teens growing up. The wars have affected important aspects of the proper growth of an average teenager. The following case study analyzes the growth of Nadhif Jamar, a 16-year-old Syrian asylum seeker living in France. Among the factors presented are the youngster’s mental, social, traditional, and psychiatric attributes. The case study further describes precarious conducts and imminent danger to individual safety. Jamar’s leisure time spending, exceptional situations from childhood, noteworthy therapeutic past, and all prescriptions that were presently taken are also deliberated. Substance misuse in Jamar’s life further is examined. Furthermore, information about prenatal and birth account, delayed developmental milestones, sensorimotor functioning, and motor development is also discussed. Lastly, the grade accomplished, as well as strengths and barriers conclude the scope of the study. The information used in the case study was obtained from Jamar’s mother.

Description of Child and Family

  • Age: 16 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Shia
  • Nationality: Syrian
  • Nationality Position: Asylum seeker
  • Preferred language: French and Arabic
  • Living conditions: Living with a single parent with no siblings
  • Average monthly revenue and sources: Not stated
  • Education: High school
  • Mother’s spousal position: Widow
  • Pertinent family account: Father and siblings were killed in the Syrian conflict

Child’s Functioning

Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning

The child displays complications in cognitive functioning because he cannot accomplish all the responsibilities that are typical of his age. For instance, the teen cannot compose a long essay or story as he has problems retaining the sequential flow of ideas and logic. Moreover, he cannot reasonably make conclusions in simple tasks. Jamar associates men with war when asked by the teachers why he would not relate to other students. The factor openly indicates an impaired intellectual functioning.

Dangerous Behaviors and Immediate Threat to Personal Safety

Jamar’s behavior shows some level of risk that may cause damage to his safety. Some dangerous behaviors include an augmented interest in advanced automatic weapon and religious fanaticism. The child’s performance shows an increased prospect of looming danger to himself, considering that back home in Syria he was fighting alongside his father and siblings. Other perceptible deeds include his involvement in riots and street demonstrations often caused by the migrant population seeking better living and working conditions.

Expressive/Psychiatric/Behavioral Functioning

There exist some psychiatric indicators that may impact his emotional functioning. In particular, the child shows signs of psychological trauma by expressing anger and fear, feeling anxiety, as well as withdrawing from other students.

Social Functioning

Various issues characterize Jamar’s shared working. He is defensive of young teens often facing bullying from senior students. In most cases, he is involved in fights. However, Jamar is prone to change. He has been observed to act friendly to those who treats him well. He has also been noted to take a keen interest in football and recently he has become a fan of a major English league team. Jamar’s social functioning is average considering that some issues he displays are usually typical of boys growing up like him. Therefore, Nadhif’s social perspective is not acute.

Cultural/Spiritual Functioning

Jamar is a Muslim and attends prayers as per Sharia dictates. Jamar’s mother also attends prayers in the mosque, though separate from men. Friday prayers are obligatory and Jamar does not attend classes during this day. During other days, Jamar’s mother ascertains that the son never skips prayers. Jamar further observes Sunnah and keeps the fast during the consecrated month of Ramadan. Islam promotes peace and shows how to live better to go to Jannah, the heaven. As a woman and a Muslim, Jamar’s mother has no significant impact on the religious life of her son. The mandate is left to the Sheikhs and Imams who are tasked with inculcating spiritual awareness in Muslims.

Community Involvement/Recreational Status

Jamar has spent a great part of his life on the war fronts of Syria. As a young kid, Jamar has never had a chance to develop real hobbies. However, through the Young Entrepreneurs Center, Jamar has started learning the principles of effective management and becoming a prosperous businessperson. Consequently, he engages in community activities like tidying the community.

Special Circumstances in Childhood

Jamar’s siblings were killed during the peak of the conflict. A few months later, his dad was shot dead while trying to defend their town from advancing enemy troops. The factor is the most memorable part of Jamar’s life. Jamar’s mother was a housewife while the father was a University English lecturer. After the passing of his dad and the prevailing hostile environment, Jamar lacked the chance to know English and that explains why he only speaks French. The only relative left in Jamar’s life is his mother.

Significant Medical History

Jamar has undergone a surgery to remove a bullet lodged in his skull near his brain during the peak of violence in Syria.

All Treatments Presently Taken

Currently, Jamar is not under any prescription.

Substance Abuse

There is no proof of drug misuse aside from one incident when he overdosed on drugs that were prescribed. Preliminary analysis shows that he experienced pain and, in haste to relieve it, he took more medication than prescribed.

Prenatal and Birth Account

Jamar was born healthy. Before conceiving Jamar, the mother was keen and she did not expose the pregnancy to pills or harms.

Delayed Developmental Milestones

A notable period of one year after surgery permanently hindered Jamar’s mental and physical growth. However, after concerted efforts of parents and medical staff, Jamar recovered physically though he still has problems with reasoning. For instance, Jamar can work and execute physical tasks without any difficulty. However, when it comes to a matter of expressing himself logically in sequence, it becomes difficult. In addition, despite his state, Jamar can observe a good deed and later repeat it. Similarly, he recognizes an evil act toward him and he will consequently react adversely.

Sensorimotor Functioning & Motor Development

As a kid, Jamar did not show any delay in sensorimotor and motor development. After one and a half years, he was capable of gripping things and sketching on the ground. At the age of four, Jamar could feed himself without any difficulties or assistance.

Former/Present Grade Accomplished and Institution Joined

Currently, Jamar is in eleventh grade at a state high school. Last year, he was in the tenth grade.

Strengths and Barriers

Raising a son in a foreign country with no job is a daunting task for Jamar’s mother. She has to manage to survive and provide for her son. Jamar’s mother currently tries to change Jamar’s viewpoints. Besides, she also has a duty to help her son, regardless of how long it takes, to develop positively cognitively and emotionally. She has a difficulty in changing Jamar’s views on men, in general, and the pain of losing loved ones. Another problem the family experiences is that as Muslims in a predominantly Christian state, they are never at home or feel at ease. Further, the Christian’s attitude toward them, especially in the wake of a terrorist attack, is a problem she has to bear as a Muslim. The only strength for her is her son and she does everything to improve their life.

Summary of Presenting Difficulties

For a child of his age, Jamar’s conduct differs from that of other teens of his age. Since the beginning of the war, Jamar had undergone a surgery on his skull. This factor may explain the delayed cognitive functioning and difficulties in expressing himself logically. However, Jamar has some promising behavior like repaying good with good and partaking in community activities. In addition, the boy attends supplications and is persistent in his faith. Despite his past and psychological state, Jamar distinguishes a noble and wicked deed and he will react in a similar manner. At school, Jamar shows some degree of impaired social functioning. He has some difficulties in mental functioning. From the interview with his mother, it can be deduced that Jamar has a problem in presenting his thoughts in the logical and sequential way, especially when he has to write them down systematically.

The boy is a Muslim and observes prayers and fasting as per the Islamic faith. Jamar’s interests are not duly discernible at the moment, though currently he shows a liking for sports and business activities. Jamar is in his late teens and is registered in eleventh grade. The boy has not demonstrated any signs of hindered sensorimotor or motor development. However, his inability to express his feelings logically like other teens of his age indicates that Jamar is not entirely functional. From the biopsychosocial assessment, I can conclude that Jamar is not completely functioning well and there exist some serious issues regarding his life. The recommended treatment is that the boy should undergo psychiatric examination and guidance and counseling from both healthcare workers and school staff.

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