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Steroids and Drugs Should Be Legalized

Steroids and Drugs Should Be Legalized in Some Sports

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Synthetic physical enhancers effectively influenced the body development of the athletes for years before the restriction and proved to be extremely effective. Yet, a publication of the medical enhancements disclosed unexpected and irreversible transformations, thus making the sports pharmacology mostly illegal. Nowadays, in spite of the various prohibitions, implementation of steroids and artificial blood cell components became more frequent, more refined, and much safer. There is a variety of ethical and practical aspects international society should solve in order to make the issue unquestionably legal. Nevertheless, the current situation in sports and medicine makes it possible to state that steroids should be legalized in certain sports types due to their efficiency.


The statement confirmation proceeds through the study of six sources, five of which endorse the steroid legalization. Moreover, the application of steroid use is indivisible from the issues of actual medication use, the necessity of its regulation and safe production, and the sportsmen health protection. Moreover, one should also consider ethical aspects of a dispute, which are not directly bound to the efficiency of the drugs and yet remain important for identification of enhancements place in international sports. The observation of risks allows overcoming the prejudices regarding the drugs legalization and implication among the grown-up sportsmen. The argument divided into three basic points will describe the actual efficiency of the drugs, stress the safety of drug implementation under the medical control, and finally, address the moral aspects concerning the artificial self-improvement.

Drug Implementation as a Self-Improvement Option

Drug Efficiency

The dispute between the supporters and opposers of the doping use revolves around the undeniable statement that the drug use is efficient. The first and foremost reason for international society to intervene with the medication use is a gap between the natural sportsmen and those who have implemented self-improvement. The scope of possible enhancements includes and is not limited to muscle growth, stamina increasing, fearlessness, and pain relief. The implementation safety and morality remain the area of active study, and yet there is no proof that would describe drug implementation in sports inefficient.

Drug Implementation

The efficiency of medical interference has been the first documentary proved by East German athletes and their impressive results. The way of disclosure subjected all the sports medication practices to condemnation, as disinformed athletes were forced to use an abnormal amount of medicaments and consequently got their health destroyed (Gladwell, 2003). Nowadays, the drug implementation became unobvious to the point that even professional medics cannot doubtlessly identify the drug user. Moreover, the practice became safe enough for sportsmen in both Olympics and Powerlifting questioning the steroid denial.

Drug Influence

Additional hormones positively influence the muscle growth and yet they alone will not make sportsmen strong and skillful. Particularly, medical steroid implementation helped elderlies to support the muscle level and thus prolong the active life (Hall, 2006). Steroids also increase the regenerative muscle functions. Moreover, EPO use positively affects the red blood cell amount and consequent oxygen supply within the organism. Both muscle mass and air supply increase the productivity during training and performance, and yet they give neither skill, nor strength.

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Future Potential

Drug implementation strengthens the human bodies and can also transform them in the long term. Steadman foresees the possibility for sports to become more spectacular within such development perspective (2016). The victory in modern competitions has already reached the limits where a winner should reach a tenth of a second difference unseen to spectators, which makes competitions less attractive. Modifications will open the new possibilities and refresh the sports spirit.

Natural Gap

Doubtless, the natural gap between strong and weak people will remain. The drug modification visibly separates naturally abnormal and mediocre people. Burnett presumes that implementation of official modifications will give athletes no choice but to undergo the drug therapy (2016). The issue of a tenth of a second will remain, yet with the increased average speed and strength statistics. Nevertheless, the drug enhancement still has the chance to equate the sportsmen whose skills were not inborn but acquired. People will overcome the natural gap through both strength and knowledge, which is natural for human beings (Gladwell, 2003). One still has to train hard to perform properly, and in this case, the drug use is as efficient as specific training apparatus or suit. As drug development opponents presume, the creation of the third Olympics for modified humans, Steadman positively presumes that one day Olympics and Paralympics will be united (2016). Drugs do not increase the difference between strong and weak, but rather allow using the other inborn talents, including own knowledge.

The Conditions for Safe Drug Implementation

The drug use legalization should foresee the safety of sportsmen as well. According to Steadman, the current drug use nowadays is nearly uncontrolled (2016). The efforts to stop the distribution of artificial body enhancers and properly test the cheating sportsmen remain futile. The uncontrolled and forbidden medication application threatens the health of both young and experienced athletes. The medical observation and scientific research could minimize the side effects and overdose risks, and make drugs serve for skills improvement decently.

Impossibility to Detect Cheating

Nowadays, doping tests prove to be ineffective. Numerous athletes magically increase their results and end up clear during the tests. Particularly, Ben Johnson who later convinced to be a drug user underwent certain tests and consequently became positive with the medication he never used. Test failed to notice the drugs he actually used. (Gladwell, 2003). The official anti-doping committee can disqualify a person and take away all his/her medals, though it is impossible for them to perform proper testing. Drug enhancement develops faster than the tests appear; trainers learn to fake both blood and urine analyses.

The Influence of Regulation

The case is that current medical interference mimics the original processes within the human body. Hormonal interference and red blood cell increasing remain the most often performed procedures and actually do the same thing that a specific training would do. The fear of misjudging a person for originally high hormone amount influenced the rules, which entailed the creation of required blood cell and hormone maximum within a human body. Thus, one has to remain within the normally high indicators in order to cheat and remain unpunished (Gladwell, 2003).

Nevertheless, such condition has a positive side effect. The impossibility to raise the hormonal level above a certain level and fear of unexpected testing made sportsmen regulate their health (Gladwell, 2003). Particularly, one has to balance the medications to stay within norm and interchange the periods of steroid use with periods of rest. Consequently, medicians also study the possible side effects and create various medicaments to stabilize the sportsmen blood and muscle condition after the enhanced training period. The necessity to remain within a certain norm creates a balance so one can break the rules and yet harm himself much less, than he/she could.

The Consequences of Drug Prohibition

Nowadays, drugs remain nearly safe in cases when sportsmen consult with the physicians. Thus, the former continuously observe their own health and can foresee the indications and contraindications. Nevertheless, the careless implication of enhancing drugs is not safe. Each treatment has the list of side effects and doses that sportsmen should consider carefully. Nowadays, these data are a result of illegal statistics while the official one extremely lacks both investment and information concerning the topic. In such cases, the use and purchase of health-enhancing substances can become deadly dangerous due to the overdose possibility as well as to a chance of counterfeit buying.

Lack of Protection against Side Effects

Statistics has proved a minimal chance of connections between the steroid use and cancer, madness, sterility, and prostate dysfunction. Yet, there is a list of dangers one can undergo in a case of inadequate implementation. Particularly, sportsmen should use steroids for a limited time only, and take the breaks after each cycle. The moderate steroid use causes reversible hormonally-connected effects such as infertility (Collins, 2003). Women should undergo the enhancement carefully, due to the fragile hormonal system, in order to avoid masculinization. Teens should maximally avoid the steroid use, as they can meet the growth stop being inclined to overdosing (Collins, 2003). The steroid overuse may end up in muscle ruptures, liver dysfunction, and increased blood pressure.

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Lack of Control

The official prohibition services nowadays lack data in order to perform consistent actions. It is unethical to perform the medical examination of steroids, as they are dangerous (Hall, 2006). A bulk piece of data consists of witnessing and presumptions, as no one performs studies on the doses sportsmen should use (Collins, 2003). Leroux presumes that professional studies will make the hormone use safer (2014). Specifically, people illegally consume fake anabolics from the black markets in unforeseen doses (Collins, 2003). The possibility to implement prohibition on the current basis seems highly unlikely and improper.

Ethical Issues of Drug Legalization

A certain part of the society also binds the drug legalization issue to the destruction of the sports concept. The Natural Gap seems surmountable with physical efforts, while unnatural transformations destroy the whole idea of competition. Yet, Leroux states that current competitions feature some unnatural components (2014). Sportsmen use modified equipment and various physical enhancers, which immensely influence their performance. There should be a connection between the medical influence and technical gadgets but not an opposition.

The second issue questions whether medical modification is natural and whether it can destroy the concept of human being. Nevertheless, humans indivisibly connect their lives with various modifications, particularly when their health and performance become a matter of interest (Steadman, 2016). Thus, one should firstly identify, what the humanity is, and only before that, he/she may presume the aspects, which can destroy its concept. Therefore, ethical aspects need more direct identification and nowadays cannot be disputed properly.


Consequently, the drug legalizing issue binds itself to three points, which are drug efficiency, drug safety, and moral applicability of drugs. Various medications end up being effective and popular, they influence blood, muscles, and nervous system. They also may improve the sports statistics making the performance more spectacular and development more visible. At the same time, the enhancing medications remain relatively safe until a sportsman is under the physicians supervision and does not make attempts of overdosing. Enhancing may become unsafe for women and teens, and is highly dangerous in the cases that one recklessly uses the unprescribed or counterfeit pills. Moreover, the modification should not deprive sport of humanity. Legalizing the drug use will finally make the supervision and statistics adequate and stop the superstitions spreading. Moreover, it will increase the safety of the sportsmen who finally know how much enhancing is safe for them. Furthermore, winners will not be deprived of their medals for actions performed by a plenty of other competitors.

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