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Starting New Business

Starting new Business Free Essay

Casey, E. (2012, November 9). Why you should start your own business today. Success.

The article gives insights on the benefits of starting one’s own business. The writer compares entrepreneurship with corporate employment and mentions six benefits that starting a business will guarantee. According to the article, the benefits of establishing a personal business include the following: job security, freedom of work, flexibility of work and operations, the source of more money, a chance to have an impact on the society, and an opportunity for a new career (Casey, 2012).

The article is relevant to my research topic. It will help me to determine and formulate a statement why a person should start a business or how an individual would benefit from starting a business. The article is well-written and consistent because it analyzes both sides of the topic – entrepreneurship and employment. The article succeeds in passing its message through the use of examples.

Clercq, D. D. (2006). The role of knowledge in business start-up activity. International Small Business Journal, 24 (4), 339 – 358.

The article gives an understanding of the role of knowledge and self-efficacy in starting a business. It outlines and explains the various important knowledge-based factors that one should know when establishing a company. According to the article, relevant education, skills, and contacts with the entrepreneurial community are the key points needed for success in a new business venture (Clercq, 2006).

The article will be useful in my research because it highlights the knowledge and factors that play an important role in starting a business. The work has strong arguments and the author uses the research method to arrive at conclusions. The article is a research report that was conducted among small business start-ups. The source supports its argument through the data obtained through research, which means it is credible and reliable.

Fallon, N. (2015, June 11). How to start a business: A step-by-step guide. Business News Daily.

The article discusses the nine steps of starting one’s own business. It discusses the steps in a logical order and elaborates on their importance. According to the author, the nine steps of starting a business include brainstorming ideas, developing a business plan, determining the amount of resources needed to start the business, deciding on a legal structure of the business, registering the business, composing a business team, and, finally, focusing on developing the business (Fallon, 2015).

The article is in line with my topic as it provides information on the process of establishing a new business. It provides detailed information that covers the questions associated with the requirements of starting a personal business. The article outlines the process and discusses each stage of it. The source is useful because the author also gives examples of how one should act during each of the nine steps. The strength of the article is in the many examples it provides and in its presentation.

Taulli, T. (2009, September 2). The basics of starting a business. Retrieved from nytimes

According to the article, a business plan is an important tool required for starting a business. The sorce discusses three considerations one should make before getting to the point of developing a business plan. An entrepreneur should consider target customers, their location, and interests. An entrepreneur should also establish the trends in the market that will positively influence the business (Taulli, 2009). Finally, future businessmen should carry out a market study and determine the amount of resources regarding the money that they will need.

The article provides important information about the process of designing a business plan, which will be useful in my study. The work is well-written since it not only defines the nine steps of starting a business, but also provides advice on how one should accomplish each of the mentioned steps. The author explains why wring a business plan is necessary before starting a business. The article employs the method of quoting professional entrepreneurs to prove its arguments. Its strengths are in that it combines the views from different professionals to draw conclusions.

Yec, T. (2013, February 11). Three common challenges entrepreneurs face (and how to overcome them). Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed (YSF) Magazine.

The article discusses three major challenges that are common to entrepreneurs in the course of starting a business. It discusses instability in the early stages of business operations, entrepreneur’s stress due to poor performance or failure of the business, and solitude after establishment (Yec, 2013). According to the article, the majority of entrepreneurs will be stressed after they realize that their new business is experiencing losses even though they projected profits. Others will regret their decisions after they are left by their friends because of ‘poor’ business ideas. The article concludes by encouraging entrepreneurs that the three challenges are not the markers of failure but rather a learning point.

The article is relevant to my topic as it provides reliable information concerning some of the prevalent challenges that make entrepreneurs give up after starting a new businesses. The article is well-written, and the ideas are well-presented. Unlike other sources, in this article, the author discusses the problems that may arise during the process of starting a new business. The article uses data to support its claims; it refers to data released by the government and that from previous economic surveys. The major strength of the article is how it succeeds in linking the arguments it makes with statistics, hence making the claims factual.

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