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Sociology of Race

Sociology of Race Free Essay Sample

The article “Black and White Twins” by Lucy Laing describes a story of Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder who gave a birth to twin daughters of two different skin colors. The article provides a very informative insight into biological peculiarities of such a case, informing readers about genes and their influence on skin color of future baby. That particular case happened because parents of twins have white mothers and black fathers. So, both of them inherited sets of genes coding black and white skin colors, and when sperm and an egg met together, the received combination of genes became unpredictable. It is presented in the work that it is a magical case because of its extremely rare occurrence. What is more, the genetic processes are equal, children are equal in mother’s womb, the birth process for both black and white baby is the same. This is a valuable article as it shows the equality of black and white people from both sociological and biological points of view.

I have chosen this article for analysis as the information in it breaks the barriers between the races. Mixed race twins are the best reason to stop racial prejudices. Eight years later Paul Harris and Lucy Laing wrote a continuation of the story about that family where they described life of black and white twins Kian and Remee. It is interesting to note that their physical and mental development is equal, they like the same things, and they even do not notice the color thing at all (Harris & Laing). Another remarkable example of mixed race twins happened in London (Moorhead). There was an interesting case when white Daniel painted himself as a black boy. So, from the sociological point of view, mixed race twins help people understand that both black and white babies do not separate themselves from each other because of skin color. That means adults should do the same.

To sum it up it should be said that racial inequality will definitely lead to the destruction of the community. Social prejudices are inadequate for measuring one’s life. The case of mixed race twins persuades readers to rethink the situation of dividing the world into black and white people, as we are all equal.

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