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Sexuality Free Essay Sample


In the contemporary world, the issue of relationships remains paramount to everyone. At one point or another, every individual is in a relationship with one or two, or more individuals. The issues related to relationships are numerous and they come in different contexts. A relationship, depending on the stage, can be complex or simple. Either way, people remain in need of help on how to deal with some relationship issues. In this regard, people tend to seek advice from different quarters on the matters raised. In this paper, I will explore five different topics of interest based on relationships. In exploring the areas of interest, I will highlight the topic/question chosen, reasons of interest, lessons learnt and what other readings say about the topic.

Long Distance Relationships-Giving It a Go!

Long distance is an interesting subject that affects most people irrespective of the age group. The subject of long distance relationships is of particular interest for me because I am currently in one. My partner of two years has recently moved to another city. This is the first time we will be in a long distance relationship, which means we will be able to meet once in two months for a start before we can figure out on future engagements (“Long Distance Relationships”, n.d.). In this case, it is evident that we will need different approaches to managing the relationship and ensuring that it does not become a challenge. More so, most of my peers are in long distance relationships, hence the key interest in the subject.

From the advice provided in the text, I have learnt quite a lot, which will be helpful to my new situation. Distance should not be a hindrance to the development or continuance of the relationship at hand. There are various ways one can break the distance barrier. I have learnt that constant communication will ensure that the relationship remains on course. The current world is full of technological advancements, which presents key ways of people staying in touch. The communication methods are instant. Therefore, there should be no reason why people in a relationship should agonize over distance. In addition, it is important to encourage communication in the sense that we allow our partners to be honest, communicate their feelings, and share ideas. To spice up the long distance relationship, partners should have different kinds of dates, which will guarantee that the romantic aspect does not wear out. People in long distance relationships should create time for regular visits for both partners, as a one-sided approach will kill the relationship. Comparing the information with other readings, I should say that the approach to long distance relationships should be open, involving, and patient. More so, it is recommendable to set a timeline in terms of the duration you will be in the long distance relationship.

Anxiety Ruining Family and Intimate Relationships

Various factors and personalities contribute to the continued development of family and intimate relationships. For all people is important that they maintain good family and intimate relationships because human beings are meant to be social creatures. However, as we grow up, we realize that some of these relationships break off for reasons known and unknown to us. Therefore, self-awareness is key in maintaining these relationships. The question raised in the article was of interest to me because I have seen my sibling destroy our relationship because of anxiety. In the event of any situation, he becomes too anxious, which hinders rational reasoning of the matters at hand (“Anxiety Ruining Family”, n.d.). Recently, we had a fight because of my delay in delivering important forms to him. He did not care to understand the reasons for my delay but he became anxious because of the consequences of late submission. In the end, he successfully submitted the forms but ruined our relationship.

From the response provided, I have learnt that anxiety cases can be resolved by the individuals first before seeking external help. Once someone understands that he or she becomes anxious during particular events, there key steps they can take to ensure it does not ruin relationships. For instance, the advisor recommends having regular physical exercises, healthy diets, adequate rest and sleep, proper time management, and creating social time. This is helpful for the mild cases of anxiety. However, in the event of extreme anxiety disorders, it is recommended that one should seek professional assistance. I have also learnt about the symptoms of anxiety disorders that include restlessness, depression, alcohol use, and social withdrawal. Most importantly, one should have an open discussion with close family and friends to avoid misunderstandings. When people around you understand the problem, it is easy to get help. Other readings offer backing to the information provided on anxiety disorders and its effects of family and intimate relationships. In most cases, people may not be aware of the disorder. Self-awareness is limited, which may lead to anxiety disorder being serious to some patients. In addition, the readings recommend early detection of the disorder in order to obtain appropriate help from family and professionals.

Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships

Most people, if not all, are in one relationship or another. Relationships are important to every individual. Therefore, there is the need to develop them. There are two types of relationships – healthy and unhealthy ones. In as much as everyone is in a relationship, the significance and benefits of these relationships vary. Therefore, it is important to identify the kind of relationship we are in, the benefits, and effects of the relationship on people. The subject is of particular interest to me because like anyone else, I am in many relationships. Being in a relationship, it is difficult for me to identify the kind of relationship I am in, whether it is healthy or unhealthy (“Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships”, n.d.). We face challenges when trying to identify the status of our relationships. The adverse effect of this challenge is people remaining stuck in unhealthy relationships.

The discussion has enlightened me on key strategies and ways of identifying unhealthy relationships. The main essence of relationships is to enrich those involved through the addition of feelings of self-worth, gratification, and development. Being in a healthy relationship should provide the above benefits. Healthy relationships make us better people. However, unhealthy relationships have adverse effects on the parties involved. People may be in relationships but they constantly feel pain. It is difficult to come to realization that a lover, colleague, friend, or family member does not treat others with the respect we deserve. The challenges one faces in different relationships should not be confused with the bumpy aspects of any relationship. Disagreements, frustrations, and need for compromise are common for any normal relationship. The key indicators of a healthy relationship will help one realize whether the relationship is otherwise. According to the question in the article, healthy relationships promote respect, security, non-violent, satisfaction, trust, proper communication, privacy, support, and friendship. Therefore, when one is in a relationship that does not promote the highlighted indicators it means they are in an unhealthy relationship. In an unhealthy relationship, partners tend to control others, ridicule, dictate, criticize, discourage, be violent, non-communicative, unsupportive, and ignorant. It may be difficult to identify these indicators because the unhealthy relationships do not come with all the negative indicators.

There are many texts addressing the issue of indicators of unhealthy relationship. The information provided in this particular text recommends constant evaluation of the relationships we have. In case of any adverse indicators, it is important to walk away before being damaged.

Rape Survivor Needs Help with Intimate Relationships

Rape is a key issue in modern society. The effects of rape are far more detrimental to the victims. One of the main issues that require attention is the victims getting back to their normal life. Most rape victims find it difficult to start new relationships because they have less trust in their partners or people of the opposite sex (“Rape Survivor Needs Help”, n.d.). The question is of interest to me because anyone can be a victim of rape. If it happens, it is important that we have adequate knowledge on the various ways to overcome the unfortunate act. More so, in case we interact with rape victims, we should be in a position to offer advice and support where necessary.

The focus of the question is on the help accorded to rape victims who need to move on and engage in intimate relationships. Most rape cases are committed by people close to us such as friends and family members. What is even worse, is the fact that rape victims who used to be virgins face challenges in understanding the difference between sex and rape. Rape survivors lose trust in anyone they can have an intimate relationship. Therefore, they walk away from such situations. According to the response in the text, rape survivors should receive counselling and guidance, which will be helpful in their future approach to intimate relationships (“Rape Survivor Needs Help”, n.d.). Intimate relationships require trust, something rape victims no longer have. The response recommends rape survivors taking time before moving to another intimate relationship (“Rape Survivor Needs Help”, n.d.). In the event one decides to get involved in such a relationship, then one must take a different approach from that of their peers and friends. Most importantly, it is important to communicate with the potential partner on the situation if it occurs. Rape survivors need understanding partners who will not push them into engaging in activities they are not comfortable with. In case of any confusion, rape victims are advised to seek more professional help from health care providers.

Rape is a major vice in modern society. In this regard, the issue has attracted key scholarly attention, which involves provision of counselling services. Other texts recommend rape victims sourcing help from medical professionals on matters of intimate relationships. The texts advise rape victims on opening their ways to allow people because people are different and not all of them are criminals. More so, one should not compare the new intimate relationship to the previous unhealthy relationships that may have led to the act of rape.

September 11th’s Effects on Intimate Relationships

September 11 attack on American society is a monumental event that has had key effects on people all over the world. 9/11 is a sensitive subject, as it will forever shape the American community and the world at large. The effects of 9/11 are significant when it comes to relationships as well. I had interest in the question because I needed to understand the extent to which 9/11 affects intimate relationships. In essence, the 9/11 attacks are symbolic of the catastrophic events and they have their effects on intimate relationships. Wars, floods, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters can have remarkable effects on intimate relationships. These effects can be both positive and negative (“September 11th’s Effects”, n.d.).

From the subject of the question, I have learnt that natural calamities can affect intimate relationships. In some cases, the occurrence of a natural calamity provides a platform where partners can hold heart-to-heart conversations about what they have witnessed. For instance, wars can create some sense of urgency, which leads to consolidation of relationships into something permanent. In some instances, partners are the only people we can depend on during the hard times, and this promotes closeness. For most people, 9/11 as a terrorist attack elicited feelings of fear of the unknown. The response indicated that the desire for romantic connection in times of crisis stems from an evolutionary, genetic urge to multiply, as though the whole species is at risk of declining. However, it is important to focus on the reason for cementing the relationship into something concrete. The emphasis is that both partners should be on the needs and building the relationship that benefits the partners. 9/11 is an event that has received global attention in different aspects, one of them being the effect it had/has on intimate relationships. Scholars agree that the event positively influenced the existing relationships and at the same time led to the creation of new ones.


From the above discussion, it is evident that the topic of relationship is both complex and simple. While in relationships, people have different experiences depending on the stage or level of their relationship. Seeking advice from professionals is instrumental in ensuring that one makes the right move and decision on a given matter. The focus of the discussion was on long-distance relationships, effects of 9/11 on intimate relationships, rape survivor on engaging in intimate relationships, healthy versus unhealthy relationships, and effects of anxiety on intimate and family relationships.

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