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Rolex Digital Media

Rolex Digital Media Free Essay Sample


The author considers the specifics of marketing communications via social media in the luxury industry, paying considerable attention to the Rolex brand. Using the method from the general to the particular, the author presents different views on luxury and consumption motives, gives a classification of goods and luxury brands and examines specific examples of marketing communications tools used by luxury brands. The most significant part of the research will be a part where a reader gets, in short, but quite informative aspects of how Rolex made its entrance to social media impressive with no essential changes over the advertisement the company followed. Finally, the author considers the peculiarities of marketing communications in relation to the segment of luxury consumers.


The world of luxury does not obey the laws of rationality. This is a world of emotions, the world that connects a dream with a reality. Luxury goes beyond the academic framework. The definition of luxury given from academic positions as something extremely desired and unusual that goes beyond the essential needs is somewhat husky. Perhaps, Coco Chanel gave the most brilliant definition saying that luxury “is not the opposite of poverty, but the opposite of vulgarity” (Bayley, 2015). After all, owning luxury goods is not about the welfare of the owner, but also about one’s taste and cultural level. There is no culture in money power where people lost in the abundance of things choose something that makes them richer, brighter. Thus, experts in the industry are likely to remind that luxury is associated not only with a good income, but primarily with the cultural level, education, taste, and the human environment.

Love to luxury may seem illogical and absurd. Thus, a young office employee in China will save her dinner money but she will buy the legendary Louis Vuitton handbag later. Then, finally buying a bag of dreams will make her genuinely happy with tears of happiness in her eyes. Moreover, for example, many young luxury consumers in Los Angeles do not have an apartment of their own, and nevertheless, they do not deny consumption of clothing and luxury brands of perfume. The researcher got to know some of the owners of the Porsche Cayenne S, bought on credit, who live in rented apartments. Luxury is as a drug, and after starting consuming it, is very difficult, almost impossible to stop.

Luxury and Internet Environment

Literate promotion of luxury goods (they are luxury or premium) is a complex process. Exact laws of economics and advertising tools do not work here or they have a different impact. Today, promoting brands of luxury online does start to gain momentum. Not many internet marketing agencies know how to properly deal with luxury brands, because they do not pay enough attention to the specifics of such products. Before thinking about the progress of luxury brands in the global network, a person needs to understand the terminology, understand the characteristics of products and services to choose the right communication tools and user involvement.

The first important question before starting the promotion of luxury brands is the terminology. The concept of luxury goods was originally directly related to the exclusive, hand-made products that were not available to the mass buyer. The main value of this product was to emphasize the possibility of status. For now, rather much of it has changed, and an assortment of premium products has become much wider. Here is a note that the correct positioning is a basis for promotion of the luxury brands. Further, this correct positioning is truly difficult to be built in proper way.

An important aspect in the promotion of luxury brands is a clear understanding of the product. For instance, there is no difference between luxury and premium brands for some online agencies, and therefore, the promotion of luxury and premium brands comes as the same pattern. Therefore, as a rule, some agencies do not differentiate luxury products from the products of mass consumption from the developing social media strategy for any brand. This is a wrong approach.

Premium class products are those of widely known companies, for which the buyer is willing to pay a premium. There is the so-called margin for the brand. This production brings the buyer to the status of rich people, but in fact, it is only an improved middle class. Very often, conventional tools work effectively to promote premium brand with minor adjustments, taking into account the specificity of the target audience, skillfully emphasizing the image of the product, which here is superior of quality. Luxury goods go to the next level. Now, that is a direct luxury, the possibility for the buyer to plunge into the world of luxury and fully feel at home among the rich and not the visitor who has been lucky enough to receive such an invitation only once.

Rolex – Better Late than Never

Rolex, as well as the bulk of the other luxury brands, has decided to settle in social media quite recently. This happened in March, 2014 when Rolex introduced its video on YouTube server (Professional Jeweller, 2014). It should be noted that the beginning of the activity of the brand has been carefully thought out, since this video portal, being more than popular, does not require rigid registration. YouTube, in a sense, is also unique, because the site is the undisputed leader in the representation and distribution of the video content. This indicates that Rolex as the leader in the segment of hand watches started with the leader of the worldwide presentation of the videos. It is noteworthy that Rolex’ videos are filmed in the best traditions of the company. They appear in a calm pace with the changing black-and-white background and simple intelligible captions. Moreover, the beginning of Rolex’s activity coincided with the submission of the new watches – Sky-Dweller, advertising of which involved Roger Federer and Tiger Woods (Epstein, 2014). The situation got its best way, Rolex integrated into YouTube with the leaders of the sports that are popular among the wealthy people of the entire planet. In the future, Twitter’s response to this video was as quick as lightning just Roger Federer had shared this event on his Twitter page.

Rolex’s further steps in the vast social media also had a positive effect. Everything lies in the fact that the company is not flashy at public relations continuing its presentation in a simple, approved over the years, style. First, Rolex works with renowned individuals who represent one or another high-profile event, as in the case with Roger Federer and Wimbledon (“Rolex Amplifies”, n.d.). Secondly, Rolex moves onto its Internet activity with unique visual content, which once again underlines the status and uniqueness of the brand (Mangiaforte, 2014). Thirdly, truly outstanding characters and companies become brand partners through which Rolex once again asserts its superiority. Famous brand’s watches were presented to James Kameron when immersed in deep water, which then was presented by National Geographic TV channel (Mangiaforte, 2014). Fourth, Rolex engages in dialogue with the social audience on its Facebook page unobtrusively, but affirmatively. In this appeal, the brand is reminiscent of uselessness comments or content that may cause any negative impressions after visiting Rolex in the most popular social network page. Fifth, content of the company is enormously finely honed that any mangling or jeer on last makes no sense. Rolex remains steadfast in unique promotions of products that every time emphasizes one or another human achievement or a record (Klara, 2013). Copying this strategy is simply doomed to fail.

Findings and Results

Promotion of luxury companies, products, and services in the global web has its own characteristics. The promotion of the brand, meaning luxury brands, simply fails in case mother companies do not take those into account.

Here are some of them:

  1. The basis of the network promotion is search engine’s optimization. However, there are some nuances that are rather different. The promotion of luxury goods requires choosing the right keys doing bind to the lifestyle of a wealthy man by using narrowly targeted keywords, such as antiques, leisure, elite.
  2. Using banner ads everywhere to promote the goods ensures the growth of fame, recognition, and credibility. At the same time, as Rolex has proven, the priority is not intrusive and the expectation of return – visitor clicks, but visibility.
  3. Social media marketing does not function in the framework of usual tools for goods’ presentation. Many luxury brands do not require any user reviews on the Internet at all. People, who buy them, will not leave feedbacks. Social networks can help to search news on luxury brands. However, the real audience of luxury goods is unlikely to subscribe to the community and the public services even if they are in social media.
  4. Luxury brands’ promotion can be the most effective tool where the emphasis is on the need to make cooperation with the authoritative resource portals and closed projects in the network. However, as Rolex’s experience has proven, the role is defining the quality of the content. Only copy-paste or photo applies to successful people and their way of life with those who try to create unique content, often have a strong idea of luxury working with it.
  5. The Internet, as one and only, is not enough, where a comprehensive approach is needed. Direct marketing and sales of luxury brands are not enough without promotional activities offline. Therefore, the global web can act only as an assistant, who with proper approach would be a reliable support for business.


Brand promotion of luxury category online has great different from the promotion of the common brands, products, and services. Only a few tools are working here, and the specifics of the product, definite publicity and other aspects change algorithms of the promotion and development of all around recognition. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the promotion of brands in the premium segment and the promotion of luxury brands. Rolex successfully applied own old advertisement’s design as a brand that has always needed to clearly define the positioning of their products and services. Next, for premium products, one needs to use the basic principles of network’s operation while luxury goods may only master the promotion using modern features. Thus, the formula for promoting luxury brands is constructed with some ingredients that are typical for luxury only. The formula for the promotion of the luxury brand through the internet is the maximum emphasis on the specifics, careful use of online tools, and analysis of results plus paying small attention to the methods that work for the promotion of mass brands.

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