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Pizza culture in New York

Pizza Culture in New York


The paper investigates the correlation between arts, as represented by pizza food culture, and the community in New York City. The article will further look at how both the community and pizza food culture impact each other. For a more focused observation, the study will look at the Neapolitan Pizza and Lombardis, while Lombardis (SoHo), Artichoke Pizza (Chelsea) and Best Pizza (Brooklyn) are examined via the archival research method. From the paper, it will become apparent that not only does art influence the community, but the community also plays a large part in how art is structured and which values it conveys.

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New York City is among the most multicultural and crowded areas in the United States. It means that the city has gained a lot of influence from all over the world, which has made it an amalgam of art and eating habits. Pizza is widely loved in New York City, and there is even a pizza that is an eponym of the city. The paper gives the examples of how pizza food culture has been able to influence the community, and how the community has influenced it in New York.



Neapolitan Pizza Truck is one of the newest fads in midtown. Unlike most pizza trucks, it has been designed specifically to ensure that environmental degradation does not continue unabated (Solis, 2014). It aims to make and sell fast food that is not only delicious and healthy but also good for the environment by using energy-efficient technologies and ensuring that as far as possible, the materials and means used in the entire process, including the truck itself, are environmentally friendly.

The pizzeria, while just a few years old, has become a fixture in midtown, with many people eagerly waiting for the pies and commenting on how delicious they are. It is impossible to know how many customers are attracted by its environmental inclinations, but they have to be a significant number considering the truck seems to be outcompeting its rivals in midtown.

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Several observations are apparent from the pizza, the truck and the community. First, the truck seems to have become a fixture of the area, with its well-scheduled stops in various points contributing to the landscape of the neighborhood. Secondly, the pizza made and marketed by the Neapolitan seems to be a fixture in the daily fast food habits of a significant number of locals, with a lot of people not just appreciating the taste but also the environmental qualities that the company promotes.

From this, it becomes apparent that the Neapolitan pizza and its truck have become a part of the local culture and are contributing to the values the community professes. Among other points, one is the value of sustainability, which seems to be the central tenet of the business. Since the business will seek to encompass other areas and their clientele, peoples values are a thing to be considered. There is a reciprocal relationship between the pizzeria truck and the locals. Neapolitan endorses their values, and in turn, they become loyal customers.

It is also notable that the truck serves as a meeting point for a lot of people. At any particular point where the truck stops, most customers seem to be acquainted with each other. Consequently, other than serving the purpose of an eatery, the truck also helps to foster relations between the people who live near its stops. Without the truck, it is possible many of those people would not be able to meet.


On the other hand, Lombardo’s has been existing for more than a century other than for a few brief years when it closed. It has helped to maintain the relations between the community members, and this business has possibly more than any other pizzeria contributed to the pizza culture of New York as it is generally considered the first pizzeria in the city. Lombardos has become a fixture in the town, and is visited by most people from Spring Street, as well as tourists that come from afar to have a taste of New York’s oldest pizza joint. The pizzeria is located in a cozy little restaurant, which cannot seat a lot of people, and the few who manage to get seats take great pride in it. Possibly due to its culture, and possibly due to demand, the restaurant makes pizza only on order, and unlike most other pizzerias, they do not do pizza slices, and one has to buy the entire pizza.

The community also seems to have a good connection with the pizzeria. It is a fact that there is a well-established pizza culture in New York City, and that New York is also one of the most liberal cities in the US. The pizzeria serves as a way for the community to participate in the New York pizza culture as the visitors can meet in the restaurant and talk while taking their orders. The fact that the pizzeria is one of the oldest and is part of the New York heritage increases its cultural and artistic value.

Archival Research

Lombardis: SoHo.

SoHo is a district that was, until a few years ago, known for its galleries. It is now part of a sprawling shipping paradise with many boutiques and other shops. Consequently, the urban setting of Lombardi’s at SoHo is not only lucrative in a business sense but also iconic. Shoppers frequent the area to shop in Apple and Louis Vuitton and snack at Lombardis in between. The meaningful place has transformed the pizzeria into one of New Yorks most famous addresses.

Artichoke Pizza: Chelsea

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Unlike SoHo, which has grown into an area for light commercial activities like boutiques, Chelsea is mostly a residential area. However, it is also very diverse, with a lot of galleries located there. The area is continuing to experience an influx of high-earning individuals. Consequently, the location of Artichoke Pizzeria is a business masterstroke (Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, n.d.), offering a snack both to locals and visitors from other parts of the city or even the world.

Best Pizza: Brooklyn

This pizzeria’s location is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Like Chelsea, this district is a diverse one, with various ethnicities living in the area. Best Pizza is thus well located to serve its consumers (Best Pizza, n.d.). Moreover, the region has seen increasing income levels due to gentrification. The pizzeria as such is able to attract people from all walks of life and income levels. Consequently, it has helped to foster, in a few years it has been existing, a culture of tolerance as different groups can meet at the pizzeria, which promotes interest in other cultures and less cross-cultural squabbles as it among other things reduces the isolation of various groups from each other.


The paper sought to analyze how pizza food culture has been able to influence the community, and how the community has influenced it in New York. As it is apparent, the pizzeria culture in New York City has a profound impact on the communities that surround the pizzerias. The food culture has helped to shape neighborhoods, just like the values and interests of citizens have assisted in shaping the pizza joints. It is apparent that not only does art and culture shape people but because of market dynamics, social pressure and other issues, the community also influences the art and culture scene.

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