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Partnership Proposal for Medibank

Partnership Proposal For Medibank

Partnership Proposal For Medibank


This paper is a partnership proposal for the company Medibank and the non-profit organisation named the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AUCC). The proposal includes all the essential aspects of building a strategic partnership based on the unified objectives of the company and the non-profit organisation. It is suggested that Medibank is a good match for sponsoring the activities of the AUCC because of its brand values and the CSR objectives. The paper discusses the benefits of sponsoring the AUCC, possible methods to promote the partnership, and the ways to evaluate its success.

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Overview of Non-Profit Organisation

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AUCC) was founded in 2007 with the aim of addressing environmental challenges, such as climate change and local community wellbeing of young Australians. Its target publics are individual high school and university students as well as youth organisations in Australia. It functions as a coalition of youth groups and organisations; and, as of 2013, it had 120,000 members, 100 local organisations, and 500 regional volunteers (Australian Youth Climate Coalition: About us 2013). AYCC vision is to empower the youth to make a lasting change in local communities as well as nationally and to resolve the problematic issues of environmental degradation, damage to coral reefs, the use of renewable energy, and the greening of urban spaces (Australian Youth Climate Coalition: About us 2013). Current goals of the AYCC are to support the youth of different backgrounds in their efforts to express their voices and address sustainability and climate change issues. AYCC projects include Youth Decide and Switched On Schools, the initiatives for high school students for contributing their say on the vision of Australia’s future (Australian Youth Climate Coalition: About us 2013). Its programming consists of events such as campaigns by youth organisations and persuading the public to vote for positive change (Australian Youth Climate Coalition: About us 2013).

Corporate Sponsor and the Rationale for Its Choice

A sponsoring company identified for the sponsorship of the non-profit organisation (AYCC) is Medibank, a private health insurance provider. Medibank services 3.8 million Australians (Medibank: About Medibank 2016) by providing them with private individual and corporate health insurance plans (Medibank: About Medibank 2016). The rationale for choosing this company is that it positions itself as an innovator, and on its website, it expresses an interest in supporting community projects via donations and in-kind support, mainly sponsoring the organisations that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle (Medibank: About Medibank 2016). For example, the company partners with Flybuys to promote an active lifestyle by rewarding Fitbit wireless activity (Medibank: About Medibank 2016). Medibank’s messages on CSR include Generation Better, a statement about supporting Australians in their healthy and active lifestyles so that the new generation of Australians enjoys wellbeing and health (Medibank: About Medibank 2016).

The Objectives of the Proposed Sponsorship Agreement (SA)

The aim of the SA, from the viewpoint of the AYCC, is to partner with a company that is willing and capable of supporting the goal of the AYCC to promote the initiatives that contribute to enhancing leadership qualities of young people and youth groups interested in improving the sustainable wellbeing of local communities and the environment as well as the resolution of the climate change. One objective is to organise a larger number of events obtaining a 10% increase in the number of events (focus group discussions, meetings) for its member youth groups in Southern Australian cities. Additional events could include leadership trainings and public discussions for high school students on different subjects, such as the preservation of green spaces in Australia’s places where young people study and engage in recreational activities, depending on interests and needs of member youth organisations. Yet, another objective is to engage AYCC member organisations in Southern Australia in influencing public opinion on the use of green spaces in cities.

For Medibank, the partnership’s objective is to increase public awareness about the Medibank brand as a company that makes a difference in local communities and also to gain new customers in its target market of young Australians who care about the environment and healthy lifestyle.

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The Benefits of Partnership for Medibank and How SA Reflects Its Goals, Identity/Brand, Target Publics and Sponsorship Agenda

The Medibank enjoys numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible. Medibank can improve its brand image in Southern Australia and gain access to new markets by communicating with the general public and the youth who are current and future buyers of health insurance (Tench & Yeomans 2009). The sponsorship with the AYCC will result in the tangible benefits of delivering extra value and building long-term relationships with potential customers (Smith 2002).

The sponsorship reflects the goals of Medibank to reward the activities that promote active lifestyle and healthy choices (Medibank: About Medibank 2016). The brand of Medibank is based on the core value of health linked to the need of private medical insurance that guarantees quality healthcare. The company’s target public comprises young Australians, as they are future students and employees who will need to purchase medical insurance. Besides, young Australians are the influencers of public opinion on the environment and wellbeing in Australia.

Medibank’s sponsorship and the CSR agenda are well matched to sponsoring the AYCC. Medibank currently partners with other companies in active lifestyle industry (Coles) and supports the community and non-profit causes that promote community action and wellbeing, for instance, 202020 Vision, a project about expanding the amount of green spaces in Australian urban areas (Medibank: About Medibank 2016).

How the Sponsorship Relationship will be Promoted

The relationships with Medibank will be promoted with push-style activities, such as organising events for high school students, young people, and youth groups where Medibank can inform the event participants about its brand with articles and advertorials as well as some pull-style techniques (Smith 2002), such as online promotions that award free points toward health insurance plans.

Medibank does not incur additional costs for implementing funded activities by the AYCC. The AYCC will actively promote the partnership, and the activities sponsored by Medibank will be covered by the media in South Australia through distribution of AYCC’s press releases and by publishing media articles and advertorials on the AYCC website and social media pages. This will allow for a fruitful relationship, where the partnering organisations can achieve the objectives of both the AYCC and Medibank. With a pledge of financial support in the agreed amount, Medibank will positively influence AYCC activities that need additional funding.

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A Summary of Evaluation Techniques

Evaluation techniques are as follows: to conduct surveys within the group of young Australians on measuring their impact on local communities with help of public-private partnerships and to hold focus group discussions (Smith 2002) measuring the awareness of the youth in South Australia about the corporate impact of Medibank and the role of AYCC in empowering youth. Also, symbolic benefits can be measured, such as positive attitudes to the symbols (logo, banner) and the messages associated with the Medibank brand (Sponsorship: An integrated communication tool n.d.).


The AYCC is a non-profit organisation with a network of youth organisations, and it runs programs for high school students and youth groups, allowing young people to envision a better future for local communities. The proposal to match this non-profit with funding from Medibank will result in financial donations to activities by the AUCC. This support is needed by the non-profit organisation because of the expanding number of programs and reaching more young people in more Australian cities.

Medibank brand has a visibility in local communities, and the company also has an active position in supporting local causes about active and healthy lifestyle, for example, its messages about Generation Better are about a healthier generation of Australians.

The specific objectives of partnerships are to organise a larger number of events, such as discussions, meetings, and leadership trainings for and by youth, to create awareness about the Medibank brand as caring for community wellbeing, and to win new customers among the young people participating in AUCC programs. The partnership has some tangible and intangible benefits and consists in a concrete financial support for AUCC activities in Southern Australia.

The partnership will be promoted in the media by distributing press releases and publishing promotional articles. Media articles and advertorials will also be published on the AYCC website and social media profiles. The success of the partnership will be evaluated through conducting surveys on the opinions of young Australians, measuring their awareness of Medibank’s messages, and holding focus groups.

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