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This paper aims to summarize the authors experience and knowledge in the sphere of argumentative presentation of opinions and ideas. Since the role of argument in the narrative process is significant, the author should always be able to provide highly argumentative statements that will persuade the reader of his/her correctness. According to this scheme, two different cases of argumentative narratives have been analyzed.

The Central Idea of the Article

The topic of the article is about the role of the modern technologies in the life of a person. Though the author, N. Bilton (2016), states that the technologies can be used for harm, the importance of the new facilities as a tool of connecting people is too important to reduce the volume of development of technological innovations. Despite all their negative aspects, new technologies provide people with the opportunity to save time for more useful tasks and do not allow them to remain alone in the modern world.

The Reasons for the Support of the Thesis

According to Bilton (2016), the issue of loneliness has always been relevant for humans. In 1800s, people used any opportunity to make at least one picture with their beloved person to save the memory about him/her. Today, social networks and smartphones provide everyone with better opportunities for the preservation of memory about close people. To demonstrate the importance of this issue, the author provides the examples with his previous teacher and mother who remained a part of his life with the help of new technologies.

Key Assumptions

Key assumptions of Bilton (2016) include the idea that the modern volume of technological development will rapidly change the world during the following years. The author discusses different technological solutions, including the driverless cars, virtual reality, drones, and others. He also presents positive and negative aspects of technologies. Though they could be used to harm people, the opportunities provided are too considerable to abandon the innovative path just for the aims of security.

The Authors Evidence

To find support of his readers, Bilton provides mainly personal, highly emotional evidence to prove his statements. In this way, he tries to reach the personal thoughts and wishes of each reader to attract interest to his ideas. He supports the importance of social networks with the evidence about the situation with his first teacher, David Carr, and his mother. The discussion of the story about how social media helped the author save the memory of his beloved people aims to evoke sympathy and interest among the readers. As for other technologies, the author presents only formal and logical arguments that also serve to support his initial emotional statements.

Contrary Viewpoints

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In this paper, Bilton discusses pros and cons of applying new technologies in human life. As for social networks and smartphones, the cons include negative psychological changes in the person as a result of the permanent use of these technologies, while the pros are the ability to save memory and access any important person any time. Regarding other technological solutions, the main con is that these technologies could be used by terrorists to harm common citizens. At the same time, the advantages for people include saving time for more important tasks. In general, the author focuses mainly on benefits that come from new technologies.


The conclusion of the discussed article is that new technologies should receive a chance for their realization. Despite possible threats to common people, the advantages of new technological solutions are considerably more significant. As a result, the humankind will definitely win from the implementation of new technologies, even though civilians should be aware of the potential threats that can come with them. In this case, an objective and complex understanding of technologies role in the human life is required.

The Main Arguments of the Brochure

The main idea of the British Museum Brochure is to present the arguments for the maintenance of the current location of Greek artifacts in the United Kingdom (UK). Through evidence, the authors of the brochure support the statement that the best solution is to leave the discussed artifacts in their current position in Londons Museum. At the same time, they strive to provide the arguments that allow them to reject all previous claims of the Greek side regarding the artifacts.

First of all, the brochure discusses the argument of the Greek side about the illegal nature of artifacts removal from Greece in the nineteenth century. To respond to this claim, the authors of the brochure present the evidence that the artifacts have been removed from Greece according to the permission of the Ottoman Empire government, which ruled this land in the nineteenth century (The British Museum, 2010). Thus, the management of London Museum uses legal argument to avoid the accusation of theft. To avoid any possibility of the presentation of the artifacts removal act as a theft, the management of London Museum additionally presents the argument that Lord Elgin, who was responsible for the transportation of the artifacts to London, did not perform this action solely for the sake of profit. The authors argue that Lord Elgin did not even manage to cover his costs for the transportation from the payment of London Museum, the evidence of which is presented in the article in New York Times (Erlanger, 2014), demonstrating that Lord Elgin performed this action on the basis of the desire to preserve the richness of world culture. The authors of the brochure prove it further by discussing awful conditions that the artifacts were subjected to during the long historical period of their positioning in Greece.

The second important argument presented in the Museum Brochure is connected to the discussion of the preferences for the maintenance of the current location of Greek artifacts. According to the brochure (The British Museum, 2010), the main advantage for the maintenance of the artifacts positioning in London is that there are better opportunities for the study of them by the researchers there, as well as the fact that a large number of visitors comes to the museum to see them. Here, the main argument is that Greece cannot provide similar opportunities for the study and observation of the artifacts as the British side. The British side aims to focus not on the discussion of benefits that London Museum can achieve from obtaining the artifacts, but on the importance of the maintenance of current situation for the scientific exploration of the world culture. At the same time, the authors of the brochure highlight the fact that the observation of the Greek exhibits in the museum is completely free, which removes any accusations of the greed of the British side.

The Persuasiveness of the Arguments

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In general, it is important to say that most of the arguments of the British side regarding the conflict are organized in a persuasive and constructive way. The structure of the brochure allows the authors to overcome all accusations of the Greek side. The idea that the removal of the artifacts was performed according to the permission of the Ottoman Empire removes accusations of theft. The fact that Lord Elgin did not cover his own costs of transportation by the revenues from the British Museum supports the argument about his desire to preserve cultural heritage. At the same time, the argument about the opportunities for study and observation of artifacts provided by the museum also serves as a source for support of the maintenance of their current location.

This way, the British side has managed to overcome accusation of illegal transfer of artifacts to the third parties, like it happened with Russian Hermitage (Erlanger, 2014). They explain their position through the desire to share the world culture with different countries. In this case, the British sides situation looks more favorable than Greeces, which seeks to collect all artifacts in its exclusive property.

As a conclusion, the British Museum managed to use the brochure to convince the readers of the importance of the maintenance of the current location of Greek artifacts. The desire to share these artifacts with other countries also shows that the British side does not wish to benefit financially from them.

The Knowledge about Arguments

The discussion of the previous knowledge and experience in the sphere of argumentative statements allows defining the main principle of the argumentative statements formation. First of all, the persuasive argument should convince the readers of the adequacy of the authors position and reduce the opportunities for counterarguments occurrence. The main task of the author is to provide the argument that will be able to respond to potential counterarguments before the opponent can present them.


The analysis of two cases of argumentative statements development allows one to improve knowledge and experience in this sphere. The first case about the technologies in the modern world proves that presenting pros and cons of any argument is the most beneficial form of persuasion. As for the second case, the effective tool for overcoming actual and potential counterarguments has been presented. As a result, it can be stated that it is essential to always be able to use both of these techniques in the development of the argumentative statements.

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