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Movie Review “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell”

Bob Marley: Tine will Tell Free Review Essay

Movie Review “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” Free Essay

The documentary “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” (1992) tells the life story of the Rastafarian prophet, Robert Marley who became the first powerful message from Jamaica. The charismatic musician introduced reggae outside his native country. Moreover, he managed to explain his thoughts and feelings to others, including representatives of different cultures and traditions. Bob Marley’s music became his life and weapon in the struggle for freedom and equal opportunities for people in different countries.

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The son of a black mother and a white father Bob Marley at the beginning of the film states that he is neither on the black side nor the white (“Bob Marley Biography” n.p.). The greatest concern depicted in the movie is limited rights and possibilities for people of his native Jamaica and inequality of possibilities for people around the world. The musician tells about the country he lived in as a prison with the only light spot for him – his music. Every time he mentions music as a part of his life. Marley states that reggae is a Rastafarian people’s music and only they can fully understand it. The music is their education, their religion, and their history. “Religion is not a religion, it is a life,” says Marley (“Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” n.p.). The music for him is not just music patterns and words of the songs, but his life and the life of his country.

The musical career and popularization of reggae music became Marley’s attempt to get his freedom and turn the world’s attention to Jamaica and other countries with a low level of life. The musician states that there are no differences between people of various nationalities. “Mankind should live together: black, white, Chinese” (“Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” n.p.). All people are brothers. If everyone understands that no war, revolutions, or murders will exist. In one of the episodes, he talks about his Ethiopian roots and he is proud of being a part of Africa. Only his concern is a lack of independence and opportunities for his countrymen both in Jamaica and African countries. He celebrates independence and democratic elections with the people of Zimbabwe (“Bob Marley Biography” n.p.). The lack of opportunities makes people fight for them. However, they become the victims of these fights. “Once people unite, we will not fight one another,” says Marley in his interview (“Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” n.p.). “Africa unite!” he calls in one of his songs (“Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” n.p.). The unity will make people free and equal. It will stop wars around the world. The musician considers war the greatest evil possible. It brings deaths and destruction. Life is the most valuable treasure humans have. Revolution pushes people to change. “It takes a revolution to make a solution” sings Marley in one of his songs (“Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” n.p.). However, it leads to damage and destruction in the life of ordinary people. The only honorable struggle is the fight for freedom.

Twenty-six songs of Bob Marley together with pieces of the interview with the musician show Marley as a person with spectacular looks, charisma, courage, talent, energy, and firm Rastafarian faith. The pieces of interviews are the musician’s comments on his life and the situation in the world. His songs are Marley’s call for unity of people around the globe and his claim to equality in rights and possibilities. The filmmakers of “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” were fortunate to have so much original material. The movie shows Marley as an open, frequently accessible interviewee with a deep understanding of life and human nature. He managed to present his thoughts and ideas to the whole world.

The movie “Bob Marley: Time Will Tell” is a life story of a musician from Jamaica. The one who without a prompt education and limited opportunities became a Rastafarian prophet and the preacher of freedom, peace, and human equality all over the world. Music becomes his life, his thoughts, and his weapon.

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