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Mental Health

Mental Health Free Essay Sample


This paper tries to answer various questions on depression. For instance, it tries to define and give a better explanation of individual kinds of depression, their causes and extreme effects they can bring. The paper concentrates on seasonal depression, major depression, bipolar depression, psychotic condition, and persistent disorders. The fundamental aspect of this research is the effect of depression as related to suicide. The research will use online scholar sources as well as relevant course material to strengthen presented points. Besides, the paper will try to address the solution for various depression effects. Therefore, description of methods used in the treatment is necessary, such as diagnosis technique, their reasons and advantages. In conclusion, the paper seeks to address the greatest challenges of depression, particularly suicide, and gives meaningful solution that will play a great role in mitigating the problems of depression.
Key words: depression, mental health, suicide, treatment


Depression is a form of illness that has no particular cause, as it could be obtained by various ways. Depression is a feeling of worthlessness, diminished interest, and lack of desire for pleasure with no important reasons. There are different types of depression depending on their intensity and causes. For instance, a person suffering from depression due to being jailed cannot be the same as a person suffering from depression related to the chronic condition. Depression has a severe effect on people’s lives and can result in dangerous problems if not treated in time. To address the entire issue of depression properly, a deeper understanding on the causes, as well as identifying of the reasons of depression is necessary.

Causes of Depression

Life experiences are the greatest cause of distress to many people and they are responsible for entirely all kinds of depression. For instance, physical abuse and mainly sexual harassment tends to be the greatest cause of major depression. Besides, life-changing activities such as childbirth, social isolation, separation, and injuries are usually the major causes of depression to many people.
Personal issues and specifically family history play a significant role in people’s mental well-being. Occasionally, many people tend to suffer from depression depending on their families. For instance, parents that have experienced fights and long time disagreement tend to expose kids to dangers of suffering from depression in the future. Besides, personality carries a greater role in well-being of a person. Persons with anxiety traits tend to be highly at risk of suffering from depression (Aguirre, 2008).

Severe disorders such as chronic diseases may result in serious depression. This happens due to worrying and stressing about the future outcome. People suffering from such condition tend to worry about death and survival of their dependants after their death. Worrying due to illnesses can be severe to an extent of causing persistent and major depression when not treated on time.

Types of Depression

There are a lot of types of depressions, but this research considers only the most significant ones in order to give a better description. The focus will be on the description of major depression, its causes it and typical symptoms. Besides, this paper describes the persistent depressive disorder and psychotic depression. On the other hand, it also considers postpartum depression, situational disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal depression, and atypical disorder.

Clinical Depressive Disorder

Clinical depressive disorder is also called major depression. It is a severe illness affecting about 15 million of American adults every year (Bhadra, 2012). This results in approximately 6% of the American adult population. The effect of this kind of depression is persistent and can occasionally occur for a long time. This disorder has an extreme effect on mood and physical health. Major depression is among the leading causes of disability in many developed nations besides accidents and other illnesses.

Clinical depressive disorder grows and intensifies without proper treatment administered on time. Besides, it can also be seen that it affects women more often than men. This illness is characterized by both weight loss and gain, extreme feeling of worthlessness, sleeplessness, energy loss, and reduced concentration. This type of depression has severe effects on a patient’s brain and most of the time makes them feel hopeless. Without properly timed care, the individual expresses desire to commit suicide since they see no hope in their future.
Major depression is caused by life events, primarily by social negative factors. The most common ones can be rejections from childhood and rape. Besides, biological practices such as using of antidepressants increase the chances of conducting this kind of illness. Other causes include substance abuse, evolution, and personality (Aguirre, 2008).

Persistent Depression

Persistent depressive disorder is a disease that can affect an individual for more than two years. This condition is formally known as dysthymia (Gillam, 2004). This condition is characterized by appetite change. For instance, a person suffering from this condition may eat more or less food as compared to their normal eating behavior. Besides, the patient may sleep too much or have insomnia, acquire energy loss, poor self-esteem, and hopelessness. Without proper and timely treatment, this condition may develop into major disorder. Another problem with this kind of depression lies in the fact that it increases already existing psychological burden. Therefore, chances of patients suffering from this condition to commit suicide are nearly the same with the one of major depression. For instance, a person trying to recover from sexual abuse experience at an early age may face rejection from their age group and friends in the course of the time. They are likely to result in suicidal behavior in the long run.

Persistent depression can be caused by many factors. The most common cause is double depression, a condition whereby a person experiences another major depression causing an event on top of the state. Besides, brain development and personality play a significant role in creating this kind of depression. For instance, a woman with worrying personality, a record of severe depression, is most likely to suffer from this type of condition as compared to the others.

Bipolar Disorder

This disorder is a unique depression characterized by changing personality and moods; mania and hypomania (Aguirre, 2008). During mania period, a person shows the feeling of abnormal happiness, energy and enjoyment, and one can unknowingly think that this person is euphoric. Nevertheless, during hypomania the opposite personality is seen, for instance, the patient feels stressed, weak, and worthless. Patients suffering from this condition experience poor decision making and judgments that occasionally lead to heavy losses. Besides, the patient experiences sleeping disorder mostly subjected to sleepless nights. During hypomania, the patient cries, loses hope in their life and experiences self-blame. The research shows that people over the age of twenty years suffering from this condition have 6% rate of committing suicide (Gillam, 2004).
This condition is also characterized by the highest percentage of a maximum of 50. Bipolar disorder is caused by genes and inheritance. People with relatives that suffered from this condition are prone to it as compared to those without genetic inheritance. Besides, brain diseases and damaged parts can also be another possible cause of this condition. Another factor that can contribute to this situation is the social environment. According to American Psychiatry Association research, an average of 40% of people suffering from this condition experienced child abuse in early life (Bhadra, 2012).

Psychotic Depressive Disorder

This condition is another kind of depression affecting many people. This condition is described as a situation of loss of contact with the reality. It is extremely associated with personality change. Many people suffering from this condition may portray a negative abnormal character that makes a patient socially disadvantaged. Its effects can be extreme to an extent of making patients unable to perform their daily duties. It is also associated with hallucinations and negative public conduct and is therefore regarded a dangerous condition.
The rejection due to personality and life changes may make the patient feel lonely and hopeless. In most occasions people with this condition find it hard to believe that there is a better life in the future. Therefore, it is not difficult to find many of them opting to commit suicide. However, with timely help the condition can be mitigated.

Postpartum Disorder

Postpartum depression is a kind of mental illness that affects women after giving birth (Bhadra, 2012). It is characterized by sadness, violence, little energy, and reduced stamina. This condition is considered to be normal when it is experienced within one week. Otherwise, proper medication will be necessary for severe postpartum not to result into postpartum psychosis. The primary cause of this condition is believed to be the routine change during the process.This condition is not directly related to suicide. However, if any depression condition happens during this time and no help is offered at the right moment, the patient may opt for suicide.

Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression can also be termed a seasonal affective disorder. This condition is a mental disorder that varies in the course of the time. For instance, a person can be healthy all the year, but suffer depression during winter or summer. The research shows that many people in Alaska suffer from this kind of depression with 9.9% frequency (National Institutes of Mental Health, 2011). This condition is characterized by reduced energy, friend loss, poor concentration, and overeating. Extreme seasonal depression results in the bipolar disease if not treated on time.
Seasonal depression can be the worst condition similar to the major depression especially when there are a lot of factors influencing a patient negatively. Seasonal depression can therefore be the major cause of suicide for many people. The research shows that suicide due to depression in summer reaches 29%, while in winter and spring falls to 19% in the U.S. (Bridges, Yip, & Yang, 2005).

Effects of Depression

Depending on the severity of depression, effects caused by it vary. For instance, many people suffering from clinical depression have a tendency of deciding on committing suicide since it makes them lose hope in life completely. Depression is also expensive to cope up with. It is considered that severe depression costs a lot to treat clinically and its treatment is financially similar to AIDs treatment. Besides, most types of depression result in energy loss and insomnia despite the urge of resting. Depression is also very dangerous in family well-being, as it is difficult to stay with the depressed person. For instance, in some occasions the depressed person can be violent and unfriendly (Aguirre, 2008).

Devices and Depression Treatment

Treatment of any depression condition involves various necessary processes and devices. For instance, electroconvulsive therapy is carried out to induce seizure electronically to reduce the effects of illness. This treatment can be offered two or three times per week to intensify recovery. Besides, deep brain stimulation can also be used. In this case, electrodes are implemented in different parts of the brain and then stimulated (National Institutes of Mental Health, 2011).
Magnetic stimulation is another method that is frequently used to diagnose patients. It involves developing a magnetic field across the patient’s head to record the pulse. This technique is suitable for diagnosing small or specific parts of the brain. It is often used since it shows the significant results with many patients recovering very fast.


In conclusion, depression is an epidemic and it needs to be addressed properly. It is clear that depression is a disease, as it grows and intensifies over time. Therefore, the quicker the solution is found the better as it can mitigate the condition. Nearly all depressions can lead to suicide particularly when the patient suffers from rejection and other related conditions that make them lonely. Seeking quick professional solution is the best option in any case. Otherwise, similar to any other disease condition, depression and its relation to suicide can be corrected and better life attained.

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