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In his article Database as a Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich seeks to expand on different modern systems of art expression that have been enabled by the use of computers. The article discusses the database logic and defines whether media objects have a formal development, thematic arrangement or represent an official organization. The preference of new media database over old media considers the relationship between the database and other forms of media. Data organized in a database is arranged in such a way that it can be easily searched and retrieved. The essay introduces various types of databases like hierarchical, relational and object-oriented ones. Recently, there has been the dominance of various databases in the new media. The article identifies the algorithm, according to which media is interpreted. Data and algorithm utilize recent media items like CD-ROMs and several web databases. This essay focuses on the relationship between practice and theory discussing the artwork to understand the intellectual context of the issue.

Theoretical Framework

The article discusses the computerization of culture through recent media outlets, which are referred to the computer’s unique ontology. In this computer ontology concept, cultural manifestations are transmitted through CD-ROMs and web databases. The second half of the computer’s ontology is dedicated to the algorithms that seek to interpret how games form different cultures. When observing the data, one gets the impression that the data has a passive form, and the algorithm has an active one. In such an instance, computers can perform calculations regardless of the significant amount of data being exercised. Data processing is an integral part of software engineering and computer science . Data analysts need to be available to collect data and organize it. Their responsibilities may often include writing texts, taking photographs and recording audios. In the early 1990s, computers could perform a limited amount of operations, and data analysts and creators laid the foundation of the future widespread digitalization.

The study of cultural forms leads to the narrative that seeks to infer cause and effect relationships that help data analysts understand arts and culture . According to the article, the narrative requires the creation of an algorithm that would show the current setting, events, and characters that help explain different perspectives. The authors of the report also suggest that a synergy between data structures and algorithms is required for the success of the program. There are several media objects following the database logic that can help understand the supposed media. A database needs to be arranged in such a way that each image helps its readers understand the message.

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Some objects follow a specific database logic mainly due to their structure. However, the structure of the objects should determine the corresponding records. Corresponding files should not be determined by the size since when a database is too extensive to be displayed, a search engine needs to be provided. The presence of a search engine will help users to locate the particular records. The search engine will also help to determine the correct interface; for instance, the three-dimensional plan can be achieved through the search engine. The article discusses Jeffrey Shaw’s interactive analysis of a black and white image.

Limitations and Benefits of the Approach

One of the limitations of the method in question is the potential failure of the database. Apparently, data has become the core element of the creative process, which is especially true in the recent computer era. For instance, in the case of historical documents, each type of work is operated within a particular medium. The presence of unknown database in this approach leads to the inconsistency between the content and the interface. When the databases are different, they return different results, which leads to the confusion with their interpretation. The article gives an example of the artwork by David Blair WaxWeb where two different databases led to two different results. David defined this as the principle of variability that led to a new manifestation of media. In this formation, the new media objects consist of various formulations that have different narratives. An example the database creation is an interactive forum helps to create a traversing database. Traditionally, some objects have multiple cultural frameworks. The mode of viewing cultural objects will depend on the interfaces created.

Another limitation is making sure that the narrative defines changes in the technical aspect. Under this criterion, an art object can be qualified as a narrative in case it meets several requirements that were mentioned by Mieke. According to him, the existing piece of artwork needs to have three distinct levels that include the text, the story and the supposed fable. The scholar, however, identified that not all cultural objects are narratives in the sense of the general concept associated with the term. A language is yet to be developed and gain new tools that will help describe the strange objects. In addition to the new language being designed, a large database is also selected to help with describing any peculiar objects. Creating such an extensive database requires uniting many databases to generate a trajectory of an interactive narrative.

The Reason for Picking the Artwork

Art is the purest form of expression that can take a form of a mini-rebellion. Art helps people to express their opinions, and through symbols, people can comprehend the unique significance of various concepts. Artists play a huge part in the decision-making process, and this was another reason for choosing the artwork as a concept. On an equal platform, collectors can show their creativity through the love for art. Another reason for selecting the artwork was the financial aspect. The particular piece of work had to show its potential value through viewing it as an investment. The decision indicates that when art is an investment, it should be considered to be secondary to pleasure . Budget plays a considerable role in the decision-making process, establishing the corresponding frames. The illustrated frames also consider several factors like understanding the message of the art piece through a quick study of the authors personality and background.

Challenge to the Essay Argument

The chosen artwork supports the essay’s argument of media being used to transmit the various messages to the masses. The essay maintains the idea that each piece of artwork has a narrative and each narrative is recorded in a database. The criteria that are used for understanding the essence of a creative work are the content and the story; they include all the aspects of a narrative tale. The artwork chosen has several trajectories, which also challenge the argument of the essay . The essay states that some linked databases help to detect the trajectory. The piece of work that is chosen in this article shows semantics that helps explain the logic of the connection between the two.

Does the Essay Reveal or Obscure the Artwork

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The essay does not obscure the aspects of the artwork; instead, it somewhat helps explain its central message to the audience. The formulation of the artwork looks like a combination of several databases, which makes the artwork an interactive narrative. The piece of work also helps to explain the principal of variability while considering the type of media used to transmit the message . The principal of variability shows that when a piece of work has an interface, variability is viewed from the formulation. The piece of work is an interactive narrative, which shows three distinct levels that include the story, text, and fable. The fable is the content of the artwork including the message it holds. The story behind the artwork shows how the media used helps formulate what type of narrative is present in the supposed piece of artwork. Semantics is another part of the story that contributes to the interactive character of the piece.

Essay and Artwork Relationship

The essay brings forth the dynamics of what a narrative is based on, specifically, the relevant media that is consistent with the essay. In the form of the dialogue, the essay draws forth the aspect of an interactive story that links to the artwork. An interactive narrative has choices that are given to the target market based on the media objects. Some scholars have described the artwork as a traditional linear narrative while the modern scholars describe it as an interactive narrative. If the third essay enters the dialogue, the scholars would have similar conclusions especially on the aspects that concern culture. Culture is another way that interlinks the essay and artwork with each other, since through the semantics the message is understood well by the target audience.


The change of media from the traditional to the modern forms of reporting has changed the view of the artwork. Popular modern media discussed in this essay include CD-ROMs and different databases. Understanding the discussed current media aspects helps to comprehend the relationship between the essay and the artwork. This article has discussed the concept of a database. The database is the backbone of all artworks and is paramount to understand various types of databases. They can be hierarchical, relational or network ones, and they help to organize various models of data. This essay states that new objects in media utilize the modern models of handling databases.

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