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Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy

Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy Free Essay

SUBJECT: Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy

In the world of business, the organization might either prosper or fail. It depends on the management which should react quickly to the situation that determines the rejuvenation of the organization. Moreover, motivation among the employees is a significant aspect of the development since it defines clearly the main objectives, thus ensuring that a team works together. In fact, it is only through teamwork the Morgan-Moe’s drugstores will withstand the difficulties experienced today. The decline in purchasing power in Midwest has put the organization in a very tough situation and forced it to deviate from its culture. Nowadays, the body should employ the paradigm shift as an opportunity to tackle the problem. The management will have to establish several changes in the organization.

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Changing Nature of Work

It is evident that the tradition of the organization’s dealings is outdated because it has begun to regress for the first time since its incorporation. It is the result of focus shift regarding the consumers. Indeed, Jim Claussen has to be strong and concentrate on the ongoing needs of the consumers. Change of the work nature means that the organization will have to take into consideration the necessities that the population needs. Thus, the group will remain relevant in the market and will have a greater chance of survival in this hard time. To resolve any problem, the team should learn how to create a new system which meets the preferences of the target audience. Allocation according to the preferences means that every new and existing store will be stocked with a larger number of consumer goods that are likely to be sold in high volumes. Another effective way that the organization might adopt is the introduction of a system that will keep track of the key activities that happen during every particular period of the year. Thus, the managers might stock plenty commodities that are usually popular in a certain season (Kitching, Blackburn, Smallbone, & Dixon, 2009). Trying to invent new strategies, Jim Claussen will be able to convince every member of the management team that the program IV will be the most useful in this case as it helps in tracking the inventory and behavior of the clients. Thus, they will know how many employees should be involved in the stores and what goods the clients prefer to purchase.

Diversity and Age

The sharing of the relevant information, the evaluation of the reviews on the course of actions and time, and the brainstorming are the most efficient ways of enhancing the performance of the organization. It is clear that the program IV is the most effective. It focuses on specific actions and improves the productivity of the team tremendously. First, it is based on the fact that individuals are driven by the gains they receive from an activity. In this case, the employees will be motivated to work in an environment that gives a higher reward depending on the time they devote to job (Kitching et al., 2009). From the spreadsheet, it is evident that the elder generation selected this program. Indeed, a majority of the organization consists of experienced workers meaning that they highly responsive to the needs of the workforce. Secondly, the program has been accepted in the rural where the organization has been operating for the longest time. By being endorsed by elderly, the program IV will boost the profit since it will make the strategies compatible with the majority of the workforce. Moreover, it has been recognized in the places where the organization has the greatest number of clients.

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The management proves that a great number of contracts have been terminated or many employees quitted voluntarily. Obviously, it is a challenge that will diminish the experience of the organization in resolving inside problems. In fact, the aim of the management team is to retain the most skillful members as they can integrate with the youth and increase the proficiency of other workers. However, the program I is less effective due to its lack of cooperation between the employees (Lunenburg, 2011). Not only should the organization have explicit goals, but it also should describe them to the employees. As a result, they will be able to understand whether their interests meet the strategic plan of the organization. If they manage to match it to their well-being, then they will work willingly towards the achievement of the goals. Program II controlls the absence and tracks its effects on the employees. However, it does not offer the recommendation on how to achieve the goals. Program V, on the other hand, does not provide the information how to disseminate information to employees making the brainstorming ineffective. Therefore, launching program IV is most efficient since it helps to both track the absence and gather relevant information required for the decision-making process.

Organizational Downsizing

At this difficult period, there is a need for the organization to reduce extra costs and to adopt the most effective program. Clearly, this can only be reached through the program IV since it focuses on the inventory information. It enables the team to know the flow of the stock and to reduce the objects with weak demand. The program also keeps track of the absenteeism and leave data, and this can help to know the period when the workforce absence affects productivity. Therefore, it ensures that the management is strict according to the availability of all employees (Kitching, et al., 2009). Program V will be the least useful in this regard due to its inability to physically keep track of the inventory and inculcate strictness of absenteeism among the employees during the peak periods. Program one will not impact the positive results since it does not provide either information or participation of the employees in the process.

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Organizational Justice

Being fair in the organization to all the stakeholders is a sign of trust, especially when both employees and the management team can engage while enhancing productivity. In this case, a system embraced in the organization should allow the flow of information and boost the profit. It should also give financial guarantees. Otherwise, the employees should accept reduced income when the organization is experiencing difficulties (Lunenburg, 2011). It is evident that program IV offers the opportunity to build a successful network between the revenues established by the organization and to communicate with the staff spending less money and keeping the turnover low. Thus, the main reason for the positive outcome depends on the fact that the employees are mostly concerned with their personal needs. In means that the personnel will work even harder when they know that they can earn an extra cent. Undoubtedly, they become more motivated when they can receive an actual reward. Moreover, they will work hard neglecting fatigue and other discomforts if they know that their needs are not disregarded. Other programs are not employee-centered and, therefore, fail to meet their immediate needs, especially if it means more work and longer working day.


In summary, these five programs have their advantages and disadvantage. However, program IV contributes to the development and integration of the organization. The combination of program II and schedule III monitors both the inventory and the availability of the employees. In fact, it is the most crucial aspect in enhancing higher revenue while lowering the turnover.

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