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IWMS Research Paper

IWMS Research Paper Sample


This paper seeks to investigate on the drawbacks of implementing Integrated Workplace Management. Data was collected through a literature search. It was found out that the use of Integrated Workplace Management in today’s world is growing tremendously. However, some companies have continued to struggle. The cause of this is the inability to customize the software solution and challenges in selecting the right system. It was recommended that when making decisions to implement IWMS, an interdisciplinary team should be used.

IWMS Research Paper

The need to implement integrative technologies in the modern business world has become inevitable, given the increasing stakeholder demands and the ever-intensifying organizational rivalry. Integrated Workplace Management, often abbreviated as IWMS, is one of the recent technologies to be implemented in the workplace. According to PLANOM (2015), IWMS is a software platform that allows both managers and executives to reduce costs and at the same time, increase their business’ level of productivity. The software solution has been branded as particularly useful for an organization that is striving for efficiency. While this is the case, there are a few challenges and drawbacks that companies experience with the implementation of the technology.

One of the most important issues is that there is a possibility of implementing IWMS software that does not meet the needs of the organization (PLANOM, 2015). Different IWMS suit different needs. For instance, the software package that assists a business to consolidate its real estate portfolio is not the same as the one used to guarantee continuity and compliance. As such, each package has an entirely different scope, functionality, and process. In this light, where an entity implements an IWMS that is not suitable, it follows that issues such as wastages, high costs and lack of sustainability might arise.

Another critical challenge is that it cannot be customized (PLANOM, 2015). Therefore, an organization is only left with the option of selecting a system that integrates. A customized technology is essential since it is designed in a manner that deals with the problem at hand, which is specific to a given company. Though companies in the same industry deal with the same problems, some inherent elements differ completely. Customization, therefore, helps an entity to address these elements, which implies that an entity can be provided with unique competencies. Contrastingly, given that it only integrates, IWMS cannot be used to address issues unique to a company.


In conclusion, it is right to say that IWMS, despite its growing use and benefits, has several drawbacks, which can indeed be incapacitating. It is recommended that when making a decision about the system, an interdisciplinary team approach should be used. The members of the team should be well conversant with the system.

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