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International Management: Maxluk

International Management: Maxluk Free Essay

International Management

Maxluk is one of the largest food companies in the US with several branches both locally and internationally. It strives to be a responsible and preferred global business. The company offers an environment where its customers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maxluk has spacious dining rooms and tables where families can meet and have meals together. There are also luxurious steakhouses where business people can conduct their meetings. It creates a surrounding where the customers’ enthusiasm for food and services can increase. It also offers a broad range of food products and a variety of flavors that include sauces, pudding, tomato ketchup, peanut butter, pickles, spaghetti soups, and many more. The company’s passion for better services for its clients is enhanced through committing itself to its employees. It focuses on a high-performance environment where the satisfaction of clients is highly regarded. The company’s products are steered towards helping to shape the societies where people work and live. Its unit based in Asia bears the same name and performs well. It offers all the products of the parent company. This paper seeks to study the operations of the organization and the unit both in the US and Asia.

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The company’s mission is to ensure that each customer receives professional, courteous, friendly and prompt services in order to maintain comfortable, clean and well maintained premises for the personnel and guests. Moreover, the organization should guarantee that foods and services are fairly priced, well prepared, nutritional, and cooked using quality ingredients; to assure that all the staffs and guests are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve; and to ensure that each guest is thanked for an opportunity to give them services. The social responsibilities of Maxluk Company are to build collaborative partnerships so that it can be able to feed its growing population in a sustainable manner. The organization has a Maxluk program that helps it to implement and sustain its corporate social responsibility. The program was built upon the company’s tradition of pursuing excellence in employee health and safety, risk management, animal welfare, customer services, as well as its effort in protecting natural resources and maintaining strong ties with local communities where it operates (Stahl, Björkman, & Morris, 2012). Through the Maxluk program, the firm can balance its profitable growth, social responsibility, and environment stewardship wherever it does business. Through it, customers trust the company’s products and believe in the integrity of the organization.

The role of a global manager in Maxluk is to develop and initiate strategies that help in maximizing profit across its international markets. This person focuses on the global trends and consumer demand as well as source for goods and services. The manager in collaboration with a team of experts has initiated a marketing campaign to have food and services that aim at the particular group of customers in the market. Through the involvement of these professionals the company has been able to implement pricing, product development, and distribution strategies. Such ones have made it easier to achieve goals and objectives. As a decision maker, the manager has been analyzing markets and reviewing reports to determine the actions that are required. As an innovator the manager has generated new ideas, tested methods, seized opportunities, and created a vision. Therefore, the company can transform an image into profits (Neubert & Lesnia, 2013). Through this person’s negotiation skills, contracts were negotiated, problems tackled and conflicts managed. Managers possess definite perspectives among the stakeholders that make them be trusted and revered.

The current performance of the Asian division is excellent. There is an effective collaboration between the management and the personnel. It has made it easier for the realization of workers to improve and promote a positive culture within the workplace. Whenever a breakdown in performance is experienced, a collaborative action is taken to rectify the situation. The management plays a significant role in ensuring that a high level of collaboration is maintained throughout the company. The company’s financial efficiency is also maintained by managers. Maxluk engages in finance and budgeting practices to establish the amount of money that is available for compensation and benefits of employees. The company’s division ensures that its workers are compensated in line with the market value for the positions that they hold. There is also an alignment of the right number of staff members with the operational goals of the organization. The manager also ensures that there is no duplication of tasks among the personnel. There is also evident management within the division. Managers are crucial to the company and help in clarifying the criteria used in measuring the performance of employees (Glowik, Smyczek, & Haas, 2011). They also explain the goals and objectives of the business to workers, assist them in understanding their critical job obligations, provide coaching and training, and help the personnel in developing to their full potential. Through measurement and performance, the Asian division has been able to have a good productivity. There is a regular analysis of the staff performance in the workplace and provided with a feedback. It has assisted the personnel in understanding what is required of employees and have taken the feedback positively to improve so that they can meet the set goals and objectives.

Maxlux has improved its business for the Asian division through embarking on several business strategies that will help it achieve its goals and objectives. It has applied the market penetration strategies by offering more of its products to the existing market (Lei & Slocum, 2013). Through this strategy Maxluk has improved on the quality and quantity of the food that each customer is served at the same price as before. The company has applied the market development strategy. Therefore, it has enabled it to sell more of its food and services to the existing markets and able to reach the adjacent market away from the area of its operation (Glowik, Smyczek, & Haas, 2011). Maxluk has also applied the product development strategy where it has come up with new types of food, flavors, and services that the clients are familiar with.

In the Asian division the business decision model in place is the rational one. It consists of a sequence of steps beginning with an opportunity and problem identification followed by actions that help in decision making. The management through the model has been able to design and plan on how it is going to operate and the type of the market to concentrate on. The template helps in ensuring that there is consistency and discipline in a decision making process and that managers only pick those solutions that are sound and logic and work best for the company. The management identifies the advantages and disadvantages of each decision and concentrates on those solutions that seem to positively affect the company. Maxluk applies an integrative negotiation method to positively engage with its stakeholders. Every of them is considered as an important part of the organization and is, therefore, highly valued. There is a lot of cooperation and trust within the stakeholders which makes it easier for the firm to achieve great results. Through cooperation the company is able to devise a way that will help it have a mutual problem solving with all involved ones (Glowik, Smyczek, & Haas, 2011).

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The key performance indicators for the Asian market next year include profit, cost, cost of goods sold, customer lifetime value, customer satisfaction and retention, the number of clients and employee satisfaction. The profit is an important performance indicator; and the manager will focus on analyzing both the gross and net profit margin. Therefore, this person can be able to tell how the company is performing financially. The cost should also be considered; and the management should focus on coming up with the best ways of reducing and managing cost (Marr, 2012). The company’s cost of food sold should be taken into account. The management will compare the preparation amount and the food that it is selling. Therefore, it can be able to determine how the food markup will be and the profit that will be realized. The company will also check on the customer lifetime value. Through this performance indicator the organization will be able to establish the data that it gets from its relationship with the customers and able to concentrate on what helps get best clients at best price. Through customer satisfaction and retention, the company will be able to have happy and loyal buyers. It will help in ensuring that the firm has a consistent and ready market for its foods flavors and services. Through employee satisfaction the company will be able to effectively forecast its performance for the next year. The reason is that happy employees work hard and are committed to achieve the firm’s goals and objectives (Cizek, 2012).

The global management team of the Maxluk Company has a joint responsibility for managing all its branches. Each member is personally responsible for the functions in the areas of finance, commercial and operations. These features include being independent of legal existence, international responsibility, but subject to participation and consultation for the right of each section. The team continually seeks for some ways to improve and optimize the Maxluk processes and systems through sensible cost initiatives. The company’s success is evidenced through demonstration of cohesiveness and determination among the members of the management team. Having a global management group Maxluk has been able to acquire more diversified skills and knowledge that has enabled it to maintain a competitive edge. With a competitive management team, the company has also been able to maintain a good relationship with all the stakeholders.

The Maxluk Asian division has been faced with cultural difficulties that the firm has tried to mitigate in all areas of its operations. It has implemented diversity training and harnessed open conversations among all members so that they can discuss the misunderstandings in a productive and safe environment. The organization has also ensured that stakeholders recognize the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace through frequently encouraging them to give their input on company matters. Due to a cultural misunderstanding, the management has been faced with a lot of challenges some of which emanate from intolerant attitudes among the personnel and guests (Minkov & Hofstede, 2011). However, the Maxluk has benefited from cultural diversity through understanding how its actions and products have some effects on different people. It has also helped in fostering innovation, through pushing the company to offer food and services meeting their needs. Maxluk has also benefited by having a customer base and a diverse workplace. In a digitized global environment the organization and the unit would be managed through a hybrid model of digital business management. The model is progressive, conducive and produces a continuous innovation within the company. The firm and the unit can build on its capacity that is based on its specific needs. All the digital staffers are supported and connected with a central team of people who have a strong digital experience directing them toward the strategic goals of the organization (Jawadekar, 2013).

In conclusion, the Maxluk Company operates in the food industry that is very competitive both in the US and Asia. For it to succeed it has ensured that it offers the best quality of its food and services. The company has also made sure that its clients are treated well. Therefore, it is responsible to the community that it is operating within. The company’s personnel have also been well managed and compensated. For its unit in Asia the firm has successfully managed cultural diversity in its operations to fit its customers. Ensuring that the branch is controlled effectively, the organization has decided on the hybrid model of global digitalized environment management.

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