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Impacts of American Democracy since Independence

Impacts of American Democracy since Independence Free Essay

Thesis Statement: Democracy has had diversified impacts in America since its independence in 1776.


a. Statement of the Problem

There is Evidence of Impacts of Democracy in America since its Independence

b. Definition of Terms

Aristocracy: Is where the noble in the society governs its functions.

Democracy: Refers to the state in which people enjoy political, social, and economic freedom in America.

Impacts: Are the effects of democracy that may be either negative or positive.

Research: A process of gathering findings concerning the American democracy since independence.

c. Theoretical Explanation

America experienced the British colonization in 1607. During the period, both The Kingdom of England and The Kingdom of Scotland participated in the annexation process independently. However, they later united in 1707 to form The Kingdom of Great Britain. The American colonization began in in1607 with the British taking control of most of its major cities. The colony towns comprised of Jamestown and Virginia among many other. However, the process never took place simultaneously but, at different periods.

Furthermore, since America obtained its independence in 1707, it has experienced elements of democracy in one way or the other. The impacts of democracy in America are evident in their political, social, religious, and economic settings. The prevailing status quo in America is far much better compared to the periods of Aristocracy. The French Government immensely contributed towards the attainment of American Democracy (Crenson & Ginsberg, 2004). In showing the concern, they sent Alexis de Tocqueville and Gustave de Beaumont in 1932 to verify the level of democracy in America. In presenting their findings, the duo consented to the availability of positive indicators of democracy progress in America.

Moreover, scholars like Krabbendam, Minnen, & Scott-Smith have recognized the existence of freedom of worship in America (Krabbendam, Minnen, & Scott-Smith, 2009). Religious freedom only comes when the country is under the democratic influence. Currently, America enjoys the political freedom that gives them the opportunity to elect their leaders. They also participate freely in social activities with no discrimination. It is important recognizing, therefore, that America has experienced various effects of democracy since independence.

d. Methodology

The research found the importance of relying mostly on the qualitative approach in soliciting information regarding the impacts of egalitarianism in America since independence. The use of the questionnaire, interview, and secondary resources formed the sources of information for the research (Frankel, 2006). The research focused on soliciting information from people with relevant knowledge regarding the impacts of democracy in America. Since various intellectuals have performed research on the same line, their findings were vital.

e. Hypothesis

Democracy has had more negative impacts than positive ones in America since independence

f. Literature Review

According to Krabbendam, Minnen, & Scott-Smith, (2009), theology forms one sector that clearly indicates the presence of democracy in a country. Their argument considered the freedom of worship as an impact of democracy.

Crenson, & Ginsberg, (2004) addressed the actions that American Government undertook that compromised democracy. However, the duo recognized the fact of America becoming the first country to realize universal white manhood suffrage.

More so, Bayley focused specifically on the impacts of democracy in America by sampling various departments for analysis (Bayley, 2006). The author was interested in the U.S Government’s General Accounting Office (GAO) research on democracy.

On the other hand, Frankel managed to challenge the American leadership concerning democracy (Frankel, 2006). In his quest to make it a reality, he discussed the war that existed between America and Britain. He further explained the economic advancement as an effect of democracy in America.

McCullough provided the next document explaining how democracy came to exist in America. In his analysis, he traced history back to 1776, a period during which America obtained its independence (McCullough, 2005). The author thus provides grounds for comparison on American democracy before and during the present times.

g. Scope and the Limitations of the Research

The research entirely encompassed studying the impacts of democracy in America. It worked towards isolating both the negative and positive effects that people experience due to the existence of democracy in America. More so, it entailed looking at the status of democracy in America since independence.

Moreover, the limitations of the research proved one area worth addressing in the explanation. Accessing some departments and gathering information from certain individuals remained no easy task. The number of people with relevant information on American Democracy also remained limited. However, the study proved important since it provided the information necessary for understanding the American democratic advancements since independence.


A. The Study Background

Every being finds comfort in the presence of democracy since it comes with a variety of freedom. History is one discipline that facilitates the understanding of the world from political, economic, and social dimensions. The love for peace and freedom together with enthusiasm from the subject lecturer triggered the need for the study.

Importance of Democracy and the Americans Perception

During the research process, it came out that Americans perceive democracy possessing many advantages that are of value to the society. Moreover, they viewed freedom as the ultimate urge for democracy in any country.

What Caused Democracy in America

The research came to a conclusion that colonization formed the main drive of the Americans towards democracy. During the colonization period, the people of America united in fighting for their freedom. Moreover, the realization of its independence in 1776 acted as a uniting bond among people thus making real the need for sovereignty.

Impacts of Democracy in America

The interest of performing the research laid on investigating the effects that equality has caused in America. Apparently, it is worth appreciating the existence of democracy in states. However, people must understand that even manifestation of democracy comes with both negative and positive repercussions (Bayley, 2006). The beneficial outcomes of democracy in America include freedom of expression, ability to make major decisions, and the promotion of equity among citizens.

Freedom of expression forms the first positive impact of democracy that citizens enjoy. During the colonization, Americans had no freedom of communication concerning many issues. The British got control of everything while using other people as slaves. However, upon getting independence till date, Americans have been enjoying the freedom of expression. After attaining independence, most Americans gained the ability to use relevant media to criticize government operations.

In a democratic republic, members possess the ability to make major decisions in political, economic, and social podia. The most important democratic impact in America is the ability of the people to participate in making major decisions like leadership elections (Frankel, 2006). Currently, Americans possess the right of choosing the person they deem fit for becoming their leader. The right has been in existence since independence to date. The process has seen the country having many personalities in the post of presidency.

Furthermore, democracy has played a vital role in ensuring equity in the distribution of country’s available resources. America through its government policy statements and intergovernmental agreements has guaranteed environmental evaluation aimed at achieving equity in resource circulation (McCullough, 2005). Sustainable development remains the aspiration of every nation in ensuring equitable distribution of its resources. More so, the right to education has since been a consideration in the country. Through democracy, many people have been able to acquire education regardless of their race and background problems.

In contrast, the presence of democracy in America has facilitated harmful effects in one way or the other. A person needs to understand the existence of illiberal democracy and societies that are free but, lack equality. James Madison preferred the use of republic rather than democracy for the fear of the citizen’s misinterpretation (Frankel, 2006). He acknowledged the existence of both the representative and direct form of democracy. Moreover, democracy has led to the frequent amendment of the Constitution to suit some people’s interest. In California, the constitutional amendment has occurred about 500 times. The law only requires 8% of the voters who participated in the last gubernatorial election to allow for the litigation process. The freedom has conferred an opportunity on special class of people to manipulate the constitution to fit their requirements.

Furthermore, dysfunction forms the result of direct democracy in some liberal states. In such governments, daunting budget deficit remains the main challenge of people enjoying their democratic rights. The cumulating legacy of the past voter initiative has resulted from exposure by the recession. Other impacts of democracy include the voters regulating Indian casinos, setting prison terms, banning wildlife traps and gay marriage. Others entail giving chicken bigger coops as an indication of the availability of freedom in America. It becomes apparent, therefore, that democracy possesses harmful effects if it is not well-defined.

Despite the harmful effects of democracy in America, the transition that people have undergone reflects presence freedom. The country has experienced drastic changes in the political, social, and economic settings (McCullough, 2005). However, there are several limitations from implementing democracy in America. Controlling the abuse of freedom to ensure smooth implementation of the law remains a challenge.

B. Data Analysis

From both the interviews and administration of questionnaires, it came out that many Americans are for democracy. Approximately 96% of the entire population presented their positive view of democracy. On the other hand, a minor population of 4% thought of democracy causing detrimental impacts in the society. The point, therefore, disapproves the research hypothesis that then becomes null.


America, through its many presidents from George Washington (1789-1797) to the current Barack Obama (2009-Till Date), has achieved democracy in many ways. Moreover, democracy is something of importance thus the society needs to embrace it by all means. However, the recommendation remains in adjusting laws to ensure the realization of full democracy in America

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