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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management

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Human resource management (HRM) is a process or an approach of managing people in an organization. They consider people as their key resource because they are concerned with their dimension in the management of an organization. The organization is composed of people, who are involved in the development of skills, their acquisition, and motivation for better achievements. HRM has a responsibility of safeguarding and maintaining their level of obligation, which is a significant activity, aimed at improving the effectiveness of the employees thus increasing organizational objectives and goals. The organizational objective and goals provide a blueprint, which determines a course of actions and assist in the preparation for future changes. A goal is considered a future state, which an individual or organization struggle to achieve. Every organization has a set of goals and objectives, which is an organizational short term target that has measurable outcomes. The organization has the responsibility of making a clear definition of both goals and objectives in order to enable employees to work effective and promote a better coordination of forecasted activities and events. In addition, the organizational goals serve four basic functions such as the provision of direction, guidance and facilitation of planning, inspiration of employees, motivation and help provided to organizations to control and evaluate their performance. These goals enable the employees to understand organizational growth and ways of its achievement.

Therefore, goals can increase performance and be motivational. The control and evaluation enable the organization to relate its actual performance to its goals and consider any significant adjustment to be made thus promoting the contribution and effectiveness of its employees. Individual performance is influenced by the set goals through four mechanisms, which include direct effort and action towards goal-related activities and diversion from unconnected activities. Again, it energizes employees because challenging goals headed to a more significant employee effort compared to easy goals contribute to organizational performance. Persistence is affected by the goals because employees exert more effort in order to achieve important goals. Finally, it motivates employees to be able to apply their existing knowledge and to enable them acquire knowledge or achieve required goals respectively. The purpose of this paper is to assess the functions and benefits of human resource managers and their contribution to the organization.

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Human resource management of every company should declare and affirm to the public and all employees that their company does not discriminate people in their times of recruitment. This will enable the company to recruit the right employee with required qualification and competence. They should show that they do not consider people in terms of sex, age, color, race, creed, religion, gender and physical attributes, but consider the qualification and competence of an individual. HMR should affirm its obligation to comply with all appropriate federal and state orders, laws and regulations. The Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action plan implementation will promote the application of non-discriminatory behavior and equal opportunity, which is affordable for all applicants and employees according to their qualifications, experience and needs. The Administration of the Program requires the HRM, the company employees and supervisors to undertake the responsibility by complying and supporting equal opportunity/affirmative action principles. They have the responsibility of ensuring there is a compliance with legal mandates for equal employment opportunity/affirmative action, which will encourage the current employees to work effectively since there is no discrimination applied in recruitment by the company personnel. These responsibilities involve reviewing employment practices, conducting the review and ensuring there is compliance with procedures under review concerning policies of the Board of Trustees and employment legislation. They are required to maintain a system that can monitor the whole process of selection and recruitment, and placement procedures in order to protect, and ensure non-discriminatory practices are applied (Dessler, 2004). They should provide impartial and fair consideration to all recommended requisitions made for employment actions that need to be processed through HRM office. The human resource is accountable for the constant expansion, review, and coordination of the EEO/AA Program. They should provide assistance to supervisors, staff and overseers in the constant exertion to afford an identical opportunity in terms of all sections of the organization. They are required to assist in identifying tricky parts and screens ladders to lighten the inequitable situations and conditions that might arise.

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Human Resources Planning

This is the procedure of running an organizational highly valued property and people so as to evade employing extra staff or experiencing shortage of staff in the business. The preparation helps the organizational administrators to deploy workers by guaranteeing the presence of the best fit among personnel so as to fulfill managerial purposes and aims. Again, personnel development might be carried out tactically by using the organization’s tactical arrangement procedures or contacting the tactical personnel. The alignment of organizational strategy and HR planning can occur in two interrelated stages such as strategy implantation and plan creation. The personnel preparation led to the creation of structural approach by improving the capability of the business to follow the set approach based on the employees capabilities and the number provided. It helps to identify the ways in which a business can attain reasonable benefits and realize its objectives through the utilization of available workforce skills and talents. The tactical personnel development procedure involves six causes such as the environmental skimming, gap examination, work place examination, emerging personnel tactics and devices and personnel approach to evaluation and execution.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are based on the recommendation of the HR planning based on the necessity to add labor and the organizations have different choices to make based on their strategic plan. This will improve the performance of the organization through effectiveness of employees. The selection process and a full-scale recruitment will be undertaken though; sometimes additional hiring of employees is not the best way of increasing labor. This is due to a provisional fluctuation of work volume in future; the organization should solve this issue through overtime or part-time labor by present employees (Gashi, 2013). The cost of selection and recruitment can be staggering because employing new personnel should be carefully considered and be undertaken if there is expected to be a long-term need for additional labor. It will enhance promotion of the present employees, while the structural procedure should have a substantial influence on this recruiting process. It is because the exposed situation will be above the entry level and it will be suitable to promote existing employees. Promotion is one of the ways of motivating and rewarding longevity and good work of the organization to its employees. It is evident that the employees can consider their co-workers promotion as a way of using their own career opportunities and it can thus encourage them to work effectively and contribute to the organization.

Human Resources Development

It is the procedure whereby the human skills, knowledge, and the measurements of every individual in an organization are increased. In addition, it is the collection of man power and its actual investment realized by means of expanding the budget. The human resource development in political terms makes people to participate in political processes, and be democratic citizens. Cultural and social assessment tries to help people to be better-off, living more prosperous lives and being unguaranteed by custom. The organization tasks are determined by how poorly or well they were accomplished based on the quality of appropriate people in terms of the particular complexities or the level of the activity. HRD comprises of a wide range of subjects, which include health care, training, population control, nutrition, and education. These components help the managers to control its workers, while effective application helps to increase contribution to the organization. HRD is used to cover teaching and tutoring because it is directly linked to the mandate of employers organizations. The investment in teaching and education is thus crucial to the development from a level of financial expansion to another level, which will improve the workers skills and facilitate effective undertaking of their tasks. In addition, it delivers information that citizens will not be ready to learn thus, it is hard to improve their performance outside their current level of social and economic development.

Compensation and Benefits

The company human resource managers should ensure they provide benefits to the employees that include medical or health insurance. They should provide partial or full coverage of expenses incurred on regular health checkups and medical treatment. It may be personal accident or disability insurance. The company should ensure it provides at least 60% of the contributors with insurance coverage for personal disability or accident that took place while undertaking official duties. Pension that was provided to the employers in terms of a pension scheme on behalf of its employees could be a fixed sum of their basic salary. The holiday or vacation benefit is provided by the employers as annual vacation to its workers on accrual basis. Employees should be given Education Grant, where the employer is expected to bear about 50% of partial or full cost incurred on a qualified childs education, based on the lifecycle phase of the child and nature of operation.

Safety and Health

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Management should integrate into the Security Declaration based on the health and safety policy, which recognizes the wellbeing and security as an important part of the organizations business enactment. The organizational human resource officers should ensure that this wellbeing and protection policy are able to protect employees from the dangers and perils in the organizational effort undertaken and will encourage them to work effectively. This will encourage effective performance by employees since the working condition is favorable thus it will enhance the contribution to the organization. In addition, there should be an obligation to safeguard employees health and safety since it is sensibly workable by its workers and others, such as public members and contractors, from health and safety risks that are connected to its activities. This is an obligation to conform to relevant wellbeing and security legislation, guidelines and codes of practice. The well-being and security policies should be documented and executed as implicit policies, and should be upheld at all stages in the organization. The organization will achieve effective health care and safety by ensuring they clearly perceive the administration of wellbeing and security as a major obligation of the streak administration of the high-ranking executive level to first-line superintendent level. The managers should ensure their health and safety policy covers its employees needs, security representation, and worker participation. Again, it should be ensured that the group meetings held within the organization are protected together with the commitment to provide suitable resources to implement the policy. There should be an operative health and safety management that requires comprehensive safety and health policies that accomplish the spirit. Regulation should ensure that policies are effectively implemented, and are reflected in all business decision-making and practice.

The Current and/or Future Applications and Relevance to the Workplace

As a companys human resource manager I will ensure employees are provided with the corporation and conformation to safety procedures and rules. In future I will ensure the strategic planning and HR planning as distinct activities of the organization and the mutual relationship that makes their integration valuable and guided by organizational strategies and goals. Every organization employee should be informed on those processes of the several HRM procedures in order to conduct it effectively. The HRM should ensure there is a framework in order to achieve continued improvement and measure performance through auditing, setting, and reviewing health and safety targets and objectives. The potential impact on the future career plans includes change of my lifestyle since I will manage and provide direction to some companies. In addition, I will ensure I open my training center to provide human resource student competitive training.


The human resource management of any company is the body, which manages people in an organization. Their main activity is to make people in an organization their key resource because they are concerned with their dimension in the management of an organization. It is through the work of human resource manager that the performance and the growth of the organization are determined. This is achieved through selecting and recruiting qualified staff to work in an organization without discrimination of age, color, sex and other discriminating factors. HRM is required to maintain a system that can enable it to monitor the whole process of selection and recruitment, and placement of procedures within their office in order to be able to protect, and ensure non-discriminatory practices are applicable. They should provide impartial and fair consideration to all recommended requisitions made for employment actions that need to be processed through HRM office. The organizational human resource management should ensure that there is a health and safety policy, which is suitable for the protection of its employees on the risks and hazards that are likely to occur when undertaking the organizational work.

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