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Hope Springs

Hope Springs Free Essay Sample

Plot Summary

A marriage requires commitment and the willingness of the spouses to make it work and sustain it for a long period. Among the most challenging issues in marriage is having a lost spark. It is whereby sex becomes a job instead of being a joy in the family. In the movie Hope Springs, the film director uses an old couple Arnold and Kay who have been married for a long period of about thirty-one years. He displays their age to be allowed early 60’s or late 50’s. The couple sleeps in separate bedrooms despite having grown up children. The couple still lives in the same house, but they are no longer connected to one another. Therefore, they do not share a bedroom of precious moments of their lives. Arnold spends most of his time reading the newspaper, watching television, and the rest of his time at work. It is interesting that despite living with his wife, he cannot remember the exact time that he last had sex with her. On the other side, Kay has it her brain the exact date and time, but the most interesting part is that it was five years ago.

Marriage is an institution that can only be made successful when given principles are followed to the latter. Arnold is satisfied with the life since he no longer considers sex as an important activity in his life. Instead, he concentrates with other things that he consider important such as paying bills and taxes without considering emotions in life. In fact, he is not aware of the dangers associated with the situation. He assumes that it is natural and normal in his age. On her side, Kay demands more (Gottman & Silver 2007). Not specifically in sex, but also on attention and notice. The interest makes her realize the presence of a marriage therapist who claims to have the ability to restore hope in their marriage. She urges her husband to go and visit the therapist in Maine. In the beginning, he objects the request just to realize that his wife booked two plane tickets. So as not to waste the tickets and avoiding losing his wife, he appeared at the last minute where they went to visit the therapist. It is evident that Arnold has never cheated on his wife. However, they did not have a good life. After visiting the therapist, their life changed and they reunited as a family. They celebrated their unity in front of their children a thing that made the family therapist happy since he considered it a success.

The above scenes represent the scenes in the movie that portrays the exact things in the movie that individuals should address to make their marriages work. For instance, the issue of sex has made many marriages unsuccessful. Sex should not be taken as a job, but a joy to the family. Another example of important issues displayed in the movie is the importance for seeking assistance from psychologists and marriage counselors (David 2012). Some of the scenes need further reflection in the movie. For instance, the movie revolves around the matter of sex leaving out other important principles that are necessary for making a marriage work.

The documentary has different scenes that are of great importance in the coaching practice. Some of the scenes present the emotional attachment that one should have to make a marriage work. As seen in the movie, Kay was emotionally hurt with the fact that her husband was keeping a distance between them and could not notice her. It is an important lesson that can be used to teach the viewers the importance of emotions in marriage relationships. The film director also uses angry tirades in the film to help in educating the viewers. It is presented when Kay found the marriage counselor on the internet and persuaded her husband to go with her. Instead of appreciating the efforts, Arnold is not happy a thing that he later realizes that can make him lose his wife (David 2012). Here, the scene can be used to teach the viewers the negative impact of anger in marriage and how eliminating anger can make a marriage successful. The author also uses listening as an important feature in the scene. It is demonstrated by Mr. Arnold and his wife who finally acquire success after listening to the marriage counselor. The above scenes enhance the understanding through a cognitive connection to the seven principles of making a marriage work. In a way, they connect directly to each of the seven principles through enhancing the issue of love, acceptance, fondness, and addressing problems that occur in marriage. The foundation of choosing the scene is to enhance the application of the seven principles for making a marriage work through a dramatic view. The film gives a clear application of how the seven principles can be utilized to save a dying relationship (McSheffrey 2006).

From a personal view, I acquired a good connection since it enabled me to understand how digital destructions can prevent a couple from living a happy life. A keen follow up of the film made me connect with the seven principles for making a marriage work and pinpoint specific scenes. For instance, the fact that, Kay was fighting for attention and sex in her marriage emphasized the importance of enriching love maps as an important principle. It further points out the importance of fondness as an issue that can make a marriage work. In different scenes, the film confirms my perception of the marriage coaching process. For instance, in the film, the old man spends most of his time reading newspaper of watching television. It is a dangerous practice that can ruin a family since the affected person fails to give the right attention to his spouse. He or she ends up losing interest in important matters such as sex. It is a teaching that I have been giving while educating people about marriage.

The film offers detailed information about the things that can ruin a marriage relationship. It further indicates how marriage therapists can participate in rebuilding a breaking family (Gottman & Silver 2007). I will utilize the information professionally to educate couples on how they can rebuild their relationship through understanding the source of their problem and the assistance of family therapists. In the film, I strongly agree with the scene where Kay realized that there was a problem in their marriage and started to search for a family therapist in their marriage. It portrays the commitment that each spouse should have on realizing that his or her family future is at stake. I also disagree with the scene where Arnold refused to agree with his wife at the first point after she revealed to him that they needed to visit a marriage therapist. Following that decision to the end would have ruined their marriage and deny them an opportunity of rectifying the already existing problem. It is a good point that he realized his mistake and joined his wife at last (McSheffrey 2006). In addition, the visit to the therapist redeemed their marriage and brought back her parents.


In conclusion, marriage is a part of life. There are so many ups and downs that come hand in hand with marriage. As portrayed in the film, challenges in marriage can occur even after individuals are old. However, a keen follow-up of the seven principles for making a marriage work can save the situation and lead to a reformation of the relationship. As shown in the movie. It is sometimes not easy for a couple to understand the main cause of their problem. It is where marriage counselors come into play to help the couples understand their problem and the way to address it.

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