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GPA of College Students

Is the GPA of College Students an Accurate Indicator of Their Performance and Intelligence?


Mental health issues are prevalent on college campuses and have been the leading impediment to the academic success. However, students do not seek help from the school administration due to fear of stigmatization (Iarovici 26). Subsequently, individuals who continue suffering from this condition end up receiving a lower GPA and drop out of college.

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The causes of mental health issues in college are the stressful college transitions, grief, panic, sham depression and phobia (Landow 87). The number of students having mental disorders has shown an increasing trend in the recent past. The most common mental conditions that are being treated in college counselling centers are comprised of anxiety and depression (Iarovici 46).

Past performance cannot be a reliable predictor of future achievement because GPA does not encompass students cognitive and intellectual abilities. In addition, it can only be relevant in college because it can assess an individual in comparison with the fellow classmates. However, it cannot be an accurate indicator of his/her performance and intelligence because practical problem solving skills and communication are more imperative (Gauld 45).

The Notion of GPA

Grade Point Average is a numerical calculation that sums up the academic performance in the course of a single study period. It can be categorized into high distinction, distinction, credit, pass and fail or absent fail. The units are denoted by 7,6,5,4 and 0 respectively. However, a correlation between grade point average and personal factors might reveal difficulties since the GPA does not consider the personal characteristics of a student necessary for future success after college (Van Blerkom 34).

In order to attain a desirable grade, a student is expected to work in close liaison with the teacher to allow for independent study that would improve a worse or falling grade. An individual can also find it necessary to study more, hire a tutor, pick the right courses that can be easily done without overloading and avoid the herd mentality. Based on my personal experience, I have come up with a realistic timetable that has proved to be useful in cutting losses on irredeemable courses and checking for the availability of a pass or fail option. I have also created a note taking system that works because some professors rely on hand-outs and text books while others teach using PowerPoint slides.

Students Performance

The importance of performance in as far as college life is concerned is that the GPA is used to ensure students can balance their course work and the degree to which other factors might affect the studying. In addition, the college administration tracks the GPA in order to rate the performance and determine whether learners need to be placed on academic probation. There are also other financial rewards in college that are based on the GPA. They include the eligibility of a loan, scholarships or other relevant financial rewards that the student can get (Van Blerkom 87). In college life, research opportunities and academic honors also call for a certain level of GPA.

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Even though the GPA is not an accurate indicator of students performance and intelligence, there are instances where an employer requires an applicant to provide their GPA in a resume among other job application materials. However, even though the GPA might determine whether a student can attain a first job or not, the grade is not applicable in future employments because employers rely on referrals and recommendations from prior work places. The student should, thus, prove that the GPA attained in college can be utilized to enhance conversations and improve work ethics. Subsequent employers actually look for the most impressive applicant who can make a good team player.

Nevertheless, students should not look down upon GPA because even though one might not benefit significantly in real life, they are granted several perks in school due to their high points. Despite this fact, in the post-graduation life, employers do not consider the GPA obtained in college, but how well an individual can utilize the knowledge to become productive.

The GPA and Ones Future

Students want to have high GPA because if their goals require the one, it is easier to start with a good grade and maintain it as compared to beginning with a lower points and improving them to the desired level. There are also individuals who need a high GPA because it gives them a green light to apply for campus placements (Gauld 55). Furthermore, a higher GPA ensures that a student is still in good standing with the professor which might positively influence the recommendations. It is recognition of doing a good job and approval as compared to those with a lower GPA. Finally, there are students who want a high GPA because they subscribe to the school of thought that a higher grade is a predictor of the educational success and good adulthood earnings. However, this is not always true.

The GPA does not necessarily determine ones future because what matters most is coming up with a resume that will look impressive to the employers and working on the interview skills (Gauld 65). The job industry is dynamic, and the interview protocol is also changing. In this respect, employers are looking for a worker that would be an asset to them. Unfortunately, a high GPA does not imply that a student will be an asset to the organization which shows it cannot be used in determining ones future. In addition, an employee who has experience in the relevant field is of primary interest for the company, while a student with a high GPA might not be considered eligible for employment. Believing that the GPA influences someones future misconstrues real life facts. Moreover, even though the grade matters in college, in post-graduation life, personal abilities and achievements are the most significant.

Consequently, one might say that the purpose of life is not relevant to only what is covered in school but depends on the ability of an individual to efficiently use their intelligence and cognitive abilities. In fact, this explains why students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities where some can find their talent and exploit it to the fullest. Instead of spending the whole night cramming, learners ought to devote more time to activities that can improve their personalities. College is not for everyone, and all students in a classroom cannot occupy the top positions (Van Blerkom 87). This, however, does not imply that only those having the top positions will be successful. Going to college and getting good grades will not always be the equivalent of success. The students debt is increasing because graduates are not accessing employment opportunities. The graduates have to struggle to find work, and most of them settle for overqualified vacancies (Gauld 85). Therefore, graduates should be inculcated a mind-set that being successful is not all about materialistic things but being an open-minded individual who always seeks for new experiences and challenges.

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Being Successful

In the contemporary society, most individuals have attained influential success without having a college education. What should be given paramount importance is hard work and determination concerning personal goals. The contribution of a high GPA is minimal.

An apt example is Bill Gates. He dropped out of Harvard and started Microsoft with Paul Allen who was his childhood friend. Today, Bill Gates is among the richest and most successful personalities in the world (Vogt 112). Interestingly, Arash Ferdowsi who is the cofounder of Dropbox left Massachusetts University, and his estimated net worth is about 4 billion dollars now. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in 2004 to have ample time to work on his project. David Karp who has created Tumbler did not even earn a college degree (Vogt 112). He left school to study at home. Tumbler is among the top ten most visited sites, and its net worth is about $200 million.


Mental health issues have been prevalent among college students and are a result of stress as they are pressurized by teachers and parents. Subsequently, learners strive to attain a high GPA as they believe it will lead to the success they look forward in the realm of employment. However, good grades do not always mean that a college graduate will be successful. In addition, employers usually hire a person who seems to possess great communication skills.

There are also personalities who have reached significant success without the finished college education. Examples of such personalities include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, David Karp and Arash Ferdowsi just to mention a few. The lesson that students can learn from these people is that what should matter most is finding something that you have a passion to and be determined to develop your talent to the fullest.

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