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Internal and External Determinant Factors for Employees’ Relation in an Organization

Internal and External Determinant Factors for Employees’ Relation in an Organisation

Internal and External Determinant Factors for Employees’ Relation in an Organization

Internal and External Factors

Internal elements are the factors situated within the organization that affect the performance of the business. In the other hand, external elements are located in the company’s outside environment. A major difference between internal and external elements it that while internal factors can be controlled by the firm, managing eternal elements is extremely hard. In respect to Greens Grocery, there are two main internal evident elements: the organizational direction and employees. Organizational direction is ensured by company leaders, for examples the managers and deputy managers.

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Directional styles chosen by a company impact the culture of the business. Examples of cultures are value of employees, negative and positive nature. Apparently, employees at Greens Grocery felt that they were not valued; hence, the business is having a negative nature. Strength of employees is equally an important element of a business. Motivated employees work jointly and effectively with a lot of commitment (Taylor, 2008). Evidently, employees at Greens Grocery lacked commitment due to denial of promotion, a key motivation element. This scenario led to poor employee relation (Farnham, 2015).

Generally, internal factors include the inner weaknesses and strengths of a company. While the weaknesses lower the performance in terms of objective achievement, the strengths facilitate them. Other internal elements include the company’s operations, innovation, strategic risks, financing and the health and safety of employees. Main external element are technology, social and culture, politics, economy and legal factors. For example, employees at Greens Grocery want to leave the business in not more than 12 months to come due to lack of technology in the firm. Therefore, businesses should monitor and develop technology in respect with the entire business sphere (Robinson, 2006). This helps firms to remain. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine the internal and external elements and draft an appropriate employee development policy towards the same.

Greens Grocery Employee Development Policy

  1. Purpose

Green Grocery is committed to ensuring employee development.

  1. Goals and Objectives

The purposes of this employee development policy are to strengthen the relationship between employees and the business. It is also aimed at enhancing the professional and personal growth among staff members (Key & Stredwick, 2016). It will go a long way to extract the best from employee by creating learning culture that motivates each employee to acquire new skills. It should create a healthier and safer working environment, and promote the skills of employees and their existing knowledge.

  1. Equal Opportunities

Greens Grocery is dedicated to ensuring equal development opportunities. To this respect, no employee is excluded from the development programs, not even the older workers (The Aston Centre for HRM, 2008). Additionally, no employee is exempted by levels, gender, marital status, or disabilities. Also, all employees are entitled to developments irrespective of racial identities such as color and race, religion, and trade union. Permanent and semi-permanent employees access employee development opportunities equally based on the appropriateness of their levels and posts. Considerably, volunteers are provided with relevant employee development programs.

  1. Responsibilities

4.1.     Employees

The support of employees is significant in suggesting employee development mechanisms based on their interests (Wilson, 2008). However, the proposed opportunities are imitated by Greens Grocery management board. All employees are expected to have a proactive approach to facilitation of the extensive employee development programs. As an essential requirement, all employees are also required to take note of the development programs, which is then included in the central log. While conducting such records, comments on cost and effectiveness of the development programs should also be made.

4.2.    Liner Managers

Liner manager plays a significant role in identifying employee development needs, and regular reviewing. They also discuss employee’s development logs. Besides monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the employee development initiatives, liner managers are responsible for day-to-day management of employees and operational costs. Linear managers also make technical expertise available, organizing work allocation and monitoring the entire process of work. While dealing with customers, linear managers should check the quality and evaluate the performance of operations.

4.3.    Trustees & Chief Executive

The responsibility of the chief executive is to coordinate employee development processes. Therefore, in conjunction with the trustees, they monitor and affirm the evaluation of the whole process. They also consult the liner managers to identify and address any need of employee development process. Specifically, the board of trustee undertakes and agrees on a budget for the process, set to be done annually starting this financial year. In this respect, a minimum of 2% of the total annual budget is allocated to the program. This budget is controlled by the Chief Executive under the supervision of the senior manager.

  1. Route to Training and Employee Development

Option for training and development are availed on staff away days. Other learning is also initiated through in house sharing of skills and by paying visits to other firms and job development programs i.e. public speaking (Torrington, Hall, & Taylor, 2013).

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  1. Induction

New employees are provided with appropriate induction program. They are enlightened and familiarized with all policies of Greens Grocery. This part of the policy is aimed at facilitating staff learning and hence, their development in line with the firm’s working development.

6.1.     Information and Communication Technologies

Greens Grocery is up to date especially in line with technology. Therefore, the firm provides equal opportunities to all employees to develop their skills in ICT. The Grocery in concerned and ensures that every employer acquires competent ground in a wider content use of ICT. ICT helps in boosting the level of communication and incorporation of technology in the organization.  All employees are encouraged to get familiarized with the internet, computer software packages and how to convey email messages. The business will provide initial training and information for new employees while commencing the job.

  1. Health and Safety

Greens Grocery operates about health and safety regulations and acts to ensure that employees enjoy an excellent stay in the grocery under maximum protection and health. All employees are entitled to the right to know, participate and refuse dangerous or difficult work.

  1. Customer Care

Customer care lies at the heart of the Greens Grocery. Therefore, employees are expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment and interest of caring for their clients by ensuring service quality. To these respect, all employees are supposed to take part in service quality programs that are conducted on the last day of every month. These programs are free of charge just like any other training processes provided by the company.

  1. Communication

Greens Grocery is dedicated to promoting communication within the business. All information is utilized by the organization to enhance production and customer care services.

  1. Reward and Motivations

Greens Grocery values and cares for every employee within the firm. The enterprise is dedicated to ensuring that employees stay happy and have unjoyful remain in the company. Due to this reason, the company formulated reward and motivation mechanisms that are followed to show value and appreciation to any effort contributed by each employee in ensuring that the grocery excels on a daily basis.

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  1. Performance Management

Armstrong (2014) states that management of performance of employees is a continuous process, in which the line manager and the employee are expected to exercise high level of commitment.

The line manager and his team identify and describe important job functions and relate them the specified objectives of the firm. By developing reasonable performance standards, line manager is expected to provide and receive responses about performances. In line with constructive participation on performance appraisal, the line manager should develop opportunities to build employee duty performance.

11.1. Impact of Performance Management

Knowledge and practice of performance management is a critical process of HRM that provides a foundation for bounding and developing performance as part of the reward system (Armstrong, 2011). Performance management creates value for clients with the outcome of creation of economic value. It results into more effective performance by linking the goals and the objectives of the company. For example, when employees learn about the importance of their contribution to the success of the company, they enhance their commitment. By defining the objectives of the company, performance management gives guidance on which path to follow.

Most importantly, performance management combines all the performance suggestions and does it with relevant strategies or various performance areas.

  1. Appraisals

Appraisals are an important component of Greens Grocery and are done on a yearly basis. The company will have an evaluation scheme that enables assessment of each employee. This scheme is aimed at promoting employees mentoring (Parsloe, & Leedham, 2009).

12.1.    The process of Appraisal and Supervision

Greens Grocery has informal mentoring that is done as one of the cultures in the firm. Mentoring is an ongoing activity based on a continuous support (Clutterbuck, 2014).

All forms regarding appraisal and supervision are downloaded from the internet through the company’s website,

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