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Edison Spaghetti Restaurant

Edison Spaghetti Restaurant Free Essay


This report has been compiled as a bank loan application for Edison Spaghetti Restaurant. The Restaurant, which has been in operation for more than thirty years, intends to expand its operation and services. Moreover, Edison Spaghetti Restaurant looks forward to adopting the new technology as a way of improving its services as well as acquiring more clients across the globe (Lin, 2015). Therefore, the loan will provide a possibility for the Restaurant to acquire an updated computer-based information system. Thus, this report seeks to discuss the importance of this new technology in enabling business enhance its operations. The report also illustrates the why Edison Spaghetti Restaurant needs a new computer-based information system.

Edison Spaghetti relies on the conventional ordering system, where the customer must be physically present at the restaurant. However, the introduction of the new system will enable the customers to make online orders through the company’s website (Smith, 2016). The most important reason for updating the system is to establish a computer-based information program to track and record customers’ activities in the system (Lewis, 2011). By collecting information about customer’s buying behavior, the company will be able to analyse it and obtain information about the target market’s tastes. Moreover, such information could serve for other uses, such as targeted brand promotion. The system will thus ensure smooth operation of various functions, including customer management.

The report also intends to cover various requirements related to the new system, such as hardware and software. It will involve the servers for hosting the new system as well as the specific desktops and laptops used by the customer service employees. Secondly, it will cover the design of the database that will store all the information from the system. Furthermore, it will highlight the appropriate transactions for various business activities. The report will also describe the e-commerce strategies to be used in order to realize successful system deployment and operation. Next, the appropriate social media strategies will also be covered. They will include the application of social media platforms for brand promotion as well as customer management. The report will also create a project plan and, finally, recommend efficient ways of deploying the system.

Software Design, E-Business and E-Commerce

The new computer-based information system aims at enhancing the company’s general performance in the market. It will ensure Edison Spaghetti Restaurant offer high-quality services to its customers. It will also improve customer experience by allowing them to make online orders from the comfort of their homes (Smith, 2016). This approach will help save time as customers will be able to make reservations while at work or even traveling. Additionally, the company intends to capture vital information about customers to change services according to the customers’ needs.

The new system will also have support for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to improve customer experience. Customers will be able to access relevant information concerning the restaurant, including any changes in the menu (Lewis, 2011). In addition, employees will be able to access essential information regarding the business, such as processing bookings of customers. The new system will also be equipped with a sophisticated analytical functionality which will predict customers; actions. It will obtain data about customer activity from the website in order to predict their likely actions. As Smith (2016) states, such approach will help enhance relations with customer, make data-driven decisions and maximize profit. The system will include such activities as:

  • Collection of customer information by requiring to sign up before making reservations and provide such information as name and contacts;
  • Around-the-clock booking process (Smith, 2016);
  • Provision of detailed information about the restaurant, including location and food;
  • An online course to enhance the company’s training program (Lin, 2015);
  • The new system will also include a website with the following benefits:
  • A 24/7 service allowing clients to make bookings, inquiries, or access company’s information;
  • Capturing information from customers for analysis;
  • An online hiring portal to reduce training costs (Lewis, 2011);
  • Improving the ease of access to information and services.

B2B E-Commerce

The business will maximize profit by reducing costs of phone booking, data analysis, and unnecessary workforce. For example, the company will not require any personnel to handle customer service. As an e-commerce system, Edison Spaghetti Restaurant will also enjoy the benefits of services expansion and reduced costs of operation. Additionally, the system will also promote B2B electronic commerce, where the firm will be able to work smoothly with other partners (Smith, 2016). By incorporating a partnership communication channel, the company will be able to exchange vital business information about markets. It will also be able to interact effectively with partners through contracts and large-scale supply and delivery chains.

Ethical Issues

The new system will also ensure that the appropriate ethical issues of e-commerce business are addressed. For instance, there is concern about the collection and use of customers’ personal data. The website will provide comprehensive information about the terms of collection and use of this information. The system will also adhere to the federal laws regarding privacy policies (Lin, 2015). Moreover, it will be constantly recording information about interactions between employees and clients to ensure that they operate within the set code of ethics.

New Process BPM ICT Design

The new process BPM ICT will be based on a sophisticated system with functionalities completely different from the traditional ones. The system will follow a new e-commerce process where customers will visit the website, browse their preferred food, log into their accounts, and press the booking button to complete the process. Compared to the old methods, the new approach is more efficient, as customers have the option of selecting specific flavours and even making special reservations (Lin, 2015). Additionally, the system will also record vital information about the ordering, such as time, date and location. Moreover, it will ensure the safety of customer’s account through an automated messaging system, which will only be confirmed by the client (Smith, 2016). Consequently, the booking data will then be sent automatically in the form of a message to the employees who will then process the order and facilitate the preparation of the meal (Lewis, 2011). Finally, the customers will be required to show the confirmation message to be served. The BPM diagram bellow illustrates the ordering process.

Ordering Process

Data and Knowledge Management

The database is the most important component of a data-driven system. Such system requires a database for storage and retrieval of information for processing (Lin, 2015). The new Edison Spaghetti Restaurant system will be no exception. It will incorporate a CRM program that relies on the data collected from the website and stored in the database for analysis (Smith, 2016). Furthermore, the system will utilize the database for the storage of product descriptions, such as the names of meals and their quantity. The program will also offer a structured way of keeping information to help with restaurant management (Lewis, 2011). For instance, the cafe will need a database in order to keep financial statements as well as inventory. Therefore, the operations of the restaurant will rely on the database to facilitate information retrieval and storage.

The use of a well-structured database will also help improve the effectiveness of the business, especially when it comes to the managers. For instance, the use of CRM to retrieve and analyse information about customers’ actions will help in strategic decision making. Moreover, the data captured from the website can be used to help forecast future market trends, such as a change in demand or consumer taste. As asserted by Parise, Iyer & Vesset (2012), companies utilize big data in decision-making processes as well as strategic planning. Edison Spaghetti Edison spaghetti place is a global player in the restaurant industry and will require the collection and processing of massive data for decision making and planning.

The system will involve various users with different functions, as illustrated below:


  • The manager will make business decisions based on the information collected and stored in the database;
  • He/she will utilize data for business control;
  • He/she will also use the database to access staff and client information.

Staff and Senior Supervisor

  • He/she will use the database to store and retrieve customer information;
  • He/she will update the website (Lewis, 2011);
  • He/she will ensure the processing of appointments;
  • He/she will ensure security of the website.


  • Clients will log in to their accounts through the database;
  • Clients will use the database for messaging confirmation of their orders;
  • Clients will use it to send feedback about the services (Lin, 2015);
  • Clients will also use it to make payments.

Social Computing, Marketing and Social Networking Strategies

Social computing is one of the ways of implementing e-commerce and related transactions. It promotes social interaction between customers and users through direct engagement (Rainer, Prince, & Watson, 2015). Social computing also enhances users’ contribution by providing a platform where they can offer their input regarding the services. By engaging customers directly, the organization will also be able to promote its products to a wider and more diverse audience. Additionally, social media provides a platform where customers can create, share and exchange information with others. According to Lin (2015), sharing of information helps expand the audience, which can then be converted into customers. Thus, this is a less costly way of advertising and brand promotion.

To utilize the full potential of social media, Edison Spaghetti Restaurant will create accounts in major social media platforms, such as Facebook and twitter. For instance, the restaurant will post the pictures of dishes on the Facebook page for prospective customers to like and order. The restaurant will also use social media marketing strategies, such as offering gifts to customers who answer questions about the company’s products correctly (Lewis, 2011). The café manager will also tweet about blogs regarding employee training. In addition, the company will focus on TV advertising in order to reach more people, especially those not present in social media.

By using social media, the company will aim at:

  • Promoting its image and creating awareness;
  • Increasing customer communication;
  • Providing clients with relevant information;
  • Attracting more customers.

The social media marketing strategy will target the following demographics:

  • Employees or the working class;
  • Potential investors or business partners;
  • New customers, especially the youth, whose are majorly active in the social media;
  • Finally, the existing customers who should be retained (Lin, 2015).

Notably, social media have insufficient control of information leakage and hence are prone to hackers’ attacks (Wu, 2012). Therefore, the company will require skilled personnel to ensure the security of the website as well as social media accounts. The safety of the system will involve encrypting any incoming or outgoing information, and patching possible loopholes that may allow an attack.

Hardware, Software, Project Budget


Edison Spaghetti Restaurant is an international entity with many clients across the world. Thus, the number of data or services requested every second from the company’s servers is large. Sizeable data request, therefore, requires stable hardware to ensure decent accessibility (Lewis, 2011). As a result, the company will need computers with large processing power to manage its servers. The hardware requirements include:

  • Server computers;
  • Server cables (Wu, 2012);
  • Employee computers;
  • Heat control machines for the server.


The new system will include an off-the-shelf CRM system. An off-the-shelf choice will be preferred for this project due to security and scalability requirements (Wu, 2012). The company needs a scalable system to accommodate a large number of customers as well as constantly changing services. The system will also require an efficient server operating system to run its hardware. RedHat enterprise server systems are preferred to ensure stability and 24/7 accessibility of the services.

Project Budget

The table below illustrates the estimated budget for the entire project.

The budget for the system and website based on hourly rates

Team Member $Rate Estimated Hours Days Subtotal %Overhead Total
Project Manager $70 15 2 1050
Art Director $50 56 7 2800
Designer $40 56 7 2240
Art Production $35 56 7 1860
HTML Production $40 56 7 2240 50%
Programming $60 56 7 3360
Testing and Proofing $25 56 7 1400
14,950 50% 22425

Hardware budget

Name Description Price in $
Computers Server computers 100,000
Cables Server cables 10,000
Desktops Employee desktops 70,000
UPS For power backup 15,000
Total 195,000

An off-the-shelf CRM system will be estimated at $25,000

Therefore, the total cost will be $242,425

Project Planning

Planning will be carried out by the project manager in coordination with other stakeholders of the company. The leader will consult with the project manager in creating an appropriate schedule for the project (Smith, 2016). This process will be followed by a discussion with the development team of assigning project duties to various groups based on their specialization. The manager will also ensure that the team works delivers the assigned task during the needed period. In addition, the leader will create tasks based on the agreed deliverables and the specified budget. The project plan will include:

  • Identification of the project baselines, which will be used to measure the performance of the entire project, staff planning, risk management, etc. (Kerzner, 2003);
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of the project team, project sponsor, project manager, etc. (Wu, 2012);
  • Discussing with stakeholders the issues concerning project vision and business strategy;
  • Development of the project scope for an agreement with the sponsors;
  • Developing cost baseline and schedule by identifying resources and estimating the time required to accomplish the task (Lin, 2015);
  • Creating the staffing plan to determine resource allocation for the project;
  • Analysing project’s risks and quality;
  • Communicating about the project deliverables with the stakeholders.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, as Edison Spaghetti restaurant grows, it will require a well-structured information system that saves the necessary data in databases, has stable and reliable servers, and performs sophisticated business-oriented processes. Therefore, it is important that the chosen product is developed based on the abovementioned specifications and functions to ensure the success of the business. Moreover, the system will also improve the company’s reach, thus attracting more customers and increased profits. The growth and gap presented by the information age serves as an opportunity for the company to grow its client base and enhance its business through leveraging the robust and efficient information system. The development of the system recommended in this report is a ground for Edison Spaghetti to curve its niche in service delivery, both internally and externally. It is recommended that the project manager is put in place to ensure that the requirements of the acquired system are achieved within the specified time and within the scope of the budget.

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