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Dream Work

Dream Job and its Characteristics

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Work is a process to which everyone devotes most of their life. Thus, it can be pleasant and beloved. Such work gives life a meaning and this has an impact on everything that the society creates, improving its life and performance. Work should bring inner satisfaction and joy. It is therefore important to examine criteria selected to determine the dream job with a practical example of ideal occupation and identify all details since such definition is the basis for the formation and achievement of goals in life.

A Job Description

Describing my dream job, I should design a practical example and describe its characteristics. Dream job is a job, the base of which is joy, gladness, and satisfaction. In such case, a tremendous power of human influence takes the direction of action and the focus of moving. Dream job is a mission. This is much more serious and important than just a job and, in particular, the work for money. Ideal job is my purpose and fulfillment. This work implements my ability, satisfies my needs, performs my desires, and meets my rhythm of life.

A perfect job should fit directly my personality traits. It should give me the opportunity to be appropriate. To find it, first of all, it is necessary to outline and imagine what it is. It is important to be able to thoroughly understand own judgments, i.e. what I really want to do, what has caused such a choice, whether it is my choice, whether I fully realize myself as a person engaged in this work, which will benefit me and other people, etc.

My dream job:

Leaves enough time for family, leisure, self-development, and training;

Brings income to support my family and to help parents;

Brings the change of activity: with a certain balance of mental and physical activity (or leaves time for physical development);

Is conducive to health and the environment;

Is interesting and creative. It preserves my identity, promotes spiritual, personal, and professional growth (my own and that of both employees and customers);

Contains a reasonable number of communication with people, brings social benefits, and promotes good relationships with staff.

Two more controversial criterions are the following:

It is reliable and stable (the point is moot because the concept of stability is very relative);

It brings joy from the process and from the result (it is a mandatory condition, but it is necessary to start moving in this direction in order to know the level of satisfaction).

These are characteristics of my dream job. However, if to talk about occupation, an economist is a profession of my dream.

Specifications for Dream Job

I dream about economic performance in the workplace as a real product needed by the society for its normal existence, which will be the result of my work. Therefore, it is necessary to describe specifications and the most interesting moments of the work of an economist from my point of view.

Since the work of an economist is able to promote creation of real GDP for the good of the society as a whole, I would be interested in doing the work on the implementation of the economic activity of an enterprise aimed at improving efficiency and profitability of production, quality of new products, as well as achieving high performance with the optimal use of material, labor, and financial resources.

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An economist is an employee who is aimed at facilitating creation of new areas. That is why, I would like to prepare basic data for drafting of economic, financial, industrial, and commercial activities (business plans) of the enterprise in order to ensure growth in product sales and increase in profits, performing calculations for material, labor, and financial resources necessary for production, sales, and development of new products, advanced equipment, and technology.

An economist, in my opinion, should improve production to meet the needs of the society. Therefore, I would like to undertake economic analysis of the economic activity of the enterprise and its subdivisions, identify production reserves, and develop measures to ensure the saving mode, increase profitability, competitiveness of products, labor productivity, reduce costs of production, increase sales of products, eliminate losses and wastage, as well as identify additional output.

Labor is the basis for manufacturing of high-quality products (Morris, 2009). Therefore, I would like to be able to engage in and identify cost-effective organization of labor and production, introduction of new technology, innovations, and inventions.

In my opinion, the work of an economist consists in working on continuous optimization of the production process. Therefore, I would like to participate in the consideration of developed industrial and economic plans, execution of the resource conservation, implementation and improvement of calculation, improvement of advanced forms of work, organization, and management, as well as planning of work.

Besides, I would be interested in market research and forecasting of the development of production in order to control correct implementation of settlement operations, take into account economic indicators of results of production activities of the enterprise and its divisions, and participate in shaping economic goals or certain stages (i.e. control other people setting their economic objectives).

Salary or compensation and benefits package are the main criteria of the dream job for me as a future expert in the field of economics. Therefore, they must be described below.

Compensation and Benefits Package Related to My Dream Job and Its Rationalization

In order to better justify my desired compensation and benefits package, they should be described and rationalized (i.e. they should be given logical justification) in parallel.

Description of desired salary should be presented in relative terms. It must be so because as a future economist I understand that a guaranteed future amount of compensation can fluctuate because of inflation. Hence, I want to describe compensation of my dream work as a set of relative indicators, targets, and cost centers, not connecting it to a certain amount, which may depreciate over time due to inflation or economic situation in the country.

Compensation of my dream work should include the opportunity to achieve 4 tangible main goals over a period of 10 years. There are:

1. Buying a car (primarily as a means of transportation, secondarily as a luxury item). This goal and the next one (if not to talk about the car as about a luxury item) are included because of the need to meet conditionally primary needs of a young professional. If the job cannot provide a place for living and means of transportation, it is not dream job for me even with the rest of benefits.

2. Buying real estate property, i.e. a place for living (which includes a full range of furniture, repair, and design).

3. Achieving financial independence (getting income from available savings comparable to earnings), the ability to have investment income, which is equal to the minimum wage required for life (Burton, 2012). I include this measure because it is the main criterion for safety. Work for the next 10 years should provide me with a certain sum for investment deposit, which will give me investment income equal to the minimum sufficient for eating and motherboard utilities costs. This work will create conditions of security for me and I will consider it as the dream job. In case of loss of the opportunity to work in the future, I will be able to feel safe.

4. Payment for children’s education. This indicator should be included because education is a prerequisite to ensure that children are able to find or create a job of their dreams. Everything else they can get as dividends from this work, but its presence is defined by a set of knowledge and skills acquired from education. Therefore, the opportunity to earn to pay for the education of children in the next 10 years will also define the job of my dream.

The desire to attract the best employees has made many employers offer them additional benefits for comfortable operation (Latham & Pinder, 2004). Therefore, benefits package, as additional benefits and bonuses, which I would like to receive and which will encourage me to move up the career ladder, should be described as well. They can be divided into two groups.

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The first one should include rental housing, costs of mobile communication, a company car, food at workplace in case of working off normal working hours, preferential loans from company, and life insurance. Providing the data elements of a social package, employer will take care of my safety. Provision of these elements can create a sense of peace and a desire to work without worry about primary needs. The second group includes elements that provide opportunities for personal growth: workshops and seminars, as well as additional education (long-term). I have included these elements due to the fact that they will not only motivate me to work, but will also bring additional income for my employer.

Quite a lot of necessary parts of my dream job have been described. At the same time, in case my position of an economist is the only position of its kind in the organization, it can be difficult to control results of my work directly. That is why, the performance appraisal program should be developed and rationalized.

Performance Appraisal Program and Its Rationalization

First of all, if my position is the only position of its kind in the organization, the appraisal program must have two directions.

The first line is as follows: I agree to receive additional privileges at the expense of profits and key performance indicators that I, as an economist, will provide for company. At the moment of hiring, I can discuss targets of the appraisal program with the employer. They should include 4 basic elements: the level of monthly profit, operating margin, number of optimization projects, and result from optimization. I have included these 4 indicators in the assessment of my dream job since they show efficiency of the enterprise as a whole. Their discussed normative will motivate me to create extra interest while developing the enterprise.

The second line includes regular external certification and evaluation of my work. If my position is the only position of its kind in the organization, only external evaluation (hiring an outside expert for one day on a quarterly basis for certification and evaluation) will give the employer an opportunity to evaluate my work.


Dream job for me is a job that will give me the opportunity to realize my ability to meet my needs, fulfill my purposes, and meet my rhythm of life. It will create an opportunity in 10 years to achieve four main goals, while providing security and creating a possibility for self-development. At the same time, it should be evaluated regularly as a regular estimation and appraisal program will create motivation for me to develop at the workplace. Thus, the definition of an ideal job for me is a basis for forming and achieving goals in life, which confirms the thesis set forth above.

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