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Donald Trump’s Success


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Today, everyone knows Donald Trump – a billionaire, a construction magnate, and simply a genius. He has turned his name into a brand, into a running product, and the right to enjoy, thus becoming the first among businessmen, bankers, and financiers. The path of Donald Trump from the bottom became the loudest rise in the history of the United States. Today, Donald John Trump is a living embodiment of the American Dream. The latest technology, which collects comprehensive information about every person, from skin color to sexual orientation, has helped Republican Donald Trump win the election of the US President. Through the social network, the head of the White House can “express his views”, including when someone presents a false interpretation of what the President has meant to say. According to Trump, when someone says something about him, he can always use Twitter to deal with this. In addition, with the help of social networks, the President, in his opinion, manages to maintain public interest.

Keywords: social networks, Twitter, Trump.

Donald Trump’s Success

Literature Review

Despite his political program, the better and brighter US President, Donald Trump, will be held prisoner to a few noteworthy errands that he will not have the capacity to avoid. Specifically, he should react to an open request about social advance and an impartial appropriation of advantages. Failure to meet this request will result in the radicalization of society, forcing it lean to the left of the political spectrum. Furthermore, the President should shape another national accord between the declining white dominant part and various minorities. One of the reasons for using social networks, as Trump has said, is that they allow him to express himself much faster than official releases. In addition, he says, American reporters dishonestly cover the work of the new administration, so he wants to deliver his messages to the citizens of the country. The figure of Donald Trump is one of the most influential ones in the world now. That is why many scientists and policy makers have studied his entire life. Ahmadian, Azarshahi, and Paulhus (2017) studied his communication style. Choma and Hanoch (2017) payed attention to the cognitive ability and authoritarianism of Trump and Clinton. The readers should note the work of Houghton (2017) about the isolationism, populism, and uncertainty over international emergency response under the Trump regime. Furthermore, Page and Dittmer (2016) were interested in Donald Trump, his team, and his policy. Trumps lack of any political experience creates a broad field for speculation about how he will function within the American political system. To date, his statements indicate several completely different approaches. Content investigation of their sites and tested tweets uncovers huge contrasts in their accentuation on qualities and issues, the main content of the tweet, the primary source of the retweet, media utilization, and the level of thoughtfulness. Lee and Lim (2016) describe Trumps more weight to manly issues, paying no particular attention to his characteristics. The distinctions were discovered reliably on their sites and on Twitter. Trump uses client produced content as the source of his tweets altogether more often. While 75% of Clinton’s tweets are unique substance, the half of Trump’s tweets are retweets and the answers to subjects.

Research Question

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Based on the methodology of various political scientists and the analysis of the social networks activity, this research may assess the main parameters of Donald Trump’s psychological and professional competence. These are his communication and organizational skills, the presence of political vision, the style of thinking, the ability to make a political maneuver, and his emotional maturity. In the next part of the report, the reader makes assumptions about the future foreign policy platform of Donald Trump, based on the proposals he has voiced, the composition of his advisers and supporters. The present investigation means to add to the plan setting hypothesis and political crusade writing by inspecting Trump’s tweets and their impacts on voter responses concerning the 2016 US Presidential decision. Content investigation of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s tweets had uncovered that half of their tweets were assaults, and those assaults were powerful in drawing in top picks (Lee & Xu, 2017). The current study researches the influence of the social networks like Twitter and Facebook on the rate of the politician among the voters. The paper also analyzes the domestic political context of the new American President’s administration and indicates the new media political intentions that the new resident of the White House will face.

Data Collection and Analysis

The data for this paper was taken from different scholarly sources and electronic media. The motivation behind this examination is to reflect the gaps in existing information and to advise future projects and investigates. The strength of Trump as a communicator is the denial of the framework that is characteristic of any public policy. Trump personally communicates with the press and he does not hide from criticism behind his assistants’ backs. Another reason for his success is that Trump expresses those aspects of the traditional American mentality that are considered publicly discredited in the progressive media: strength, confidence, masculinity, traditional view of the family, and so on. The demand for these qualities has become more acute in American society that has become tired of the feeling of softness and uncertainty. Nevertheless, the smug style of Donald Trump strongly irritates the press that criticizes his new escapades every day. However, during the pre-election race, the media had achieved the opposite. Thus, instead of decreasing, Trump’s popularity among supporters only grew (Ahmadian et al., 2017). Constantly disturbing the public, Trump successfully remains at the center of attention, controls the agenda, and leads the discussion from the content field to the emotional one.

A newcomer in politics, Trump has transferred his principles of business organization

for the election campaign. Having surrounded himself with a narrow circle of faithful, though not always sufficiently competent advisors, he will most likely remain committed to this approach as the head of the state. Page and Dittmer (2016) contend that Trump has driven the emotional governmental issues of encounter and division to the farthest possible point in the USA, conceivably recalibrating discretionary framework elements and empowering new political subjectivities to frame. From the point of view of Trump, competence is more than compensated by an unselfish desire to benefit the common cause. Each member of a small team always has access to Trump and they are free to express their personal opinion, even if it is contrary to the opinion of the President. However, this style does not allow the people from the outside, in particular from the republican political establishment, to enter the inner circle of Trump.

On the other hand, one of the postulates of Trump’s campaign was the fight against the corruption of the ruling circles. In other words, Trump does not speak about the cooperation with Congress but about the need to shake it, which he wants to do to the entire political establishment. According to Bock, Byrd-Craven, and Burkley (2017), individual differences in sexism and negative attitudes toward women may have affected voting behavior in the 2016 presidential election (p. 190). Voters expect Trump’s confrontational style of behavior in Washington and they will be emotionally on the side of the billionaire. Ever since online networking had risen as a stage for news and political talk in the previous decade, political performing artists have effectively utilized the new advanced outlets. Thus, they have been able to connect with wide groups of onlookers, voice their concern about many issues they think about, advance their perspectives, prepare supporters, and get input progressively. A few investigations recommend that online networking exercises are firmly identified with constituent results (Lee & Xu, 2017).

The data for the research were taken from the articles that showed connection between social activity and its influence on the rate of the popularity of the politician. They described different points of view and reflected various issues on the way of achieving a goal. Donald Trump was included in the list of the 25 most influential people on the Internet, according to Time magazine. The US President has already managed to call himself “the world leader of social networks”. The usage of personal accounts on social networks by US President Donald Trump “gives him the opportunity to talk directly with the American people”, so it is an effective tool. Therefore, Trump will continue to use Twitter for his own purposes. Candidates, who are able to effectively use new communication technologies, often win in their races. Some readers willingly believe in the effectiveness of the so-called psychological micro targeting, others doubt it.

Results and Discussion

The unexpected victory of Donald Trump at the presidential election in the USA was a real sensation in social networks, where on the day of announcement of the results almost 90% of the content was devoted to this event. Through incredible information clamor from jokes, memes, and sofa analysts, the thesis that Trump’s victory was not so random had been proved if one analyzed his approach to promoting the campaign and, in particular, how he had used social networks.

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In this research, the information on this topic, based on the materials that are now in the public domain, has been collected and analyzed, while the writers ideas on this topic have been considered. For all people involved in digital marketing and SMM, it is already obvious that the whole story is a very interesting case for the industry. Moreover, even if one considers the situation on behalf of an ordinary user of the network, at least in general terms, it is necessary to understand what has happened, since almost certainly, similar technologies for managing public opinion will be applied in the near future worldwide. Upon becoming the head of the state, Trump has faced the need to obey the requirements of the political tact in relations with foreign leaders and influential opponents in the United States. This will force him to adjust his communicative style to facilitate his tenure. However, for the whole history of observations, Trump did not appear in a different role. Faced with an insurmountable obstacle, he often blamed the obstacle, not himself. In the worst case, he will be burdened by the formal framework of the actions of the first person, periodically allowing emotional disruptions and destroying constructive relations with partners (Choma & Hanoch, 2017).

Trump’s promises to fill his incompetence in political affairs by delegating authority to experts are only half believed. After his official assumption of office, the government apparatus was cleaned of political appointees and a simplified access to the management of the country by people from business. Trump himself explains this approach by the need to listen to people who know about the problems of the country firsthand (G?kar?ksel & Smith, 2016). His critics, in turn, point to the inevitability of a conflict of interest as well as the spread of nepotism. The United States will continue to upgrade its armed forces energetically, especially its nuclear, cyber, and space components, to Trump’s board (Haines, 2017). The key goal will be to prevent a narrowing of the gap in opportunities with other countries and political opponents.


The poorly effective Obama presidency has become an illustration of the accumulated problems, both in the domestic and foreign policy spheres, and the need for fundamental changes. Politically, the next ten years for the United States will be a period of instability and political reform. The generation of the Cold War will be gone soon. The election campaign of 2016 has launched a process of reassessing the place, role, and capabilities of the United States. Americans will have to decide whether to defend the entire global system that they have created, for which the idealist-bureaucrat Clinton has spoken, or only a part of it, directly integrated with the USA. The latter is, roughly speaking, the Anglo-Saxon world, to which the winning realist entrepreneur Trump leans. The life has long been divided into two components: the real world and the digital one. This concerns the US President who also has his own accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Social online services are a more powerful tool than the money people spend on traditional and digital advertising.

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