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Dominance of Harry Potter in the war against Voldemort

Dominance of Harry Potter in the war against Voldemort Free Essay Sample


Harry Potter is one of the most successful fantasy novels that has been turned into films. Full of many scenes of friendship, Harry Potter explores the friendship amongst Harry, Ron, Hermione and the people of Hogwarts. Dating back to June 1997 when the first book was published, Harry Potter and philosopher’s stone by Rowling (1997), Harry Potter has experienced a record high level of commercial success (De Vise). Consequently, the novels have been published in over 70 languages thus increasing its popularity with the non-English speaking audience.

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Harry Potter is a unique piece of children literature that explores some of the common themes in the society such as death as depicted in the demise of Harry’s parents and fellow students (Mckenna 360). Also, the films highlight issues of corruption, prejudice of the wizard world by Voldemort and the madness associated with wizarding practice in Hogwarts. The subsequent films delve deeper into the underlying secrets surrounding Harry’ family and his unique power “the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (Ahlin, “the chamber of secrets”). This paper examines Harry’s friendships and how they prevailed over his powers to win the war against the evil magic of Voldemort.

From a young orphan to a popular boy with special magic powers, Harry joins Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he meets Ron and Hermione who will later become his best friends. The two who are from wizarding and witch families respectively become allies to Harry in the fight against the wizard of darkness Lord Voldemort.

While the audience is drawn by the interesting aspect of the novels, they don’t realize they are growing into Harry’s social circle character. Also, the young adults are developing friendships based on the strong bonds and sometimes doubt that surrounds Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The audience is lured into the idea that strong friendships are key in fighting battles and enemies such as Lord Voldemort. Though there are criticisms on the dark tone increasingly used in subsequent novels, most young adults relate more to the firm friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione that superseded their magical powers in fights against Lord Voldemort.

In film philosopher’s stone (Ratcliffe), the Lord Voldemort was one prominent enemy that was not going away anytime soon. Lord Voldemort was considered a spirit from the evil magic that fought with non-evil wizards because they had in them magical powers to protect the people of Hogwarts. Consequently Voldemort felt threatened by Harry’s magical powers because they would fight his evil wizards from the physical bodies they lived in. It was the very first time Harry had an encounter with Voldemort, and naturally, he would face difficulties fighting the wizard of darkness by himself. No doubt Harry had super magic power, however, the strength to overcome every obstacle and defeat enemies lied on his friendship with Ron and Hermione. Not only did they give him moral support but also the confidence to continue fighting till the very end. In addition to Harry’s flashback of when he was young, and the time the wizard of darkness killed both of his parents, Voldemort was determined to kill Harry too. However, Harry survived Voldemort’s wrath with a “lightning bolt scar” (Ratcliffe). Such is an example of when Harry faced Voldemort alone. Consequently, he was almost killed. Despite Harry’s popularity in the magical world and undoubtedly super magic powers he inherited from his parents, Harry was treated poorly by his relatives. Petunia Dursley, Harry’s aunt, hid the truth about his parents in an attempt to stop Harry from following in the footsteps of his parents’ magic power. The family treated him poorly and often made him do the household chores for them. Moments with friends like Ron are treasured events that make Harry jubilant. Harry’s encounter with Ron who was a jubilant person and Hermione who was quite hardworking gave hive strength and hope to overcome obstacles presented to him. For instance, Harry was delighted to share a snack with Ron “never had anything to share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with (Ahlin, “Socerer’s stone”). Harry’s family from whom he inherited the magical powers offered him no support, consequently, he was weak when he faced Voldemort. On the Contrary, his friends Ron and Hermione not only had a background in magical powers but also fought Voldemort alongside Harry.

“It takes lots of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends” (Ahlin, “Sorcerer’s stone”). No matter the arguments or childhood feasts between Harry and his two friends, they always came together to fight an enemy, particularly Voldemort. Even in moments when they were not speaking to each other, at a time of danger, the three friends worked as a unit to fight against their enemies. Somehow Harry was constantly under attack because Voldemort was determine to kill him.

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“There are some things that you share and end up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them”(Ahlin, “Sorcerer’s stone”) such is an affirmation that Harry worked a lot in teams to fight his enemies. Also, the close friends made jokes about their magic powers and experimented a lot to see just how far their wizardry could go (Lebrecht, Par. 11) .“So light a fire!” is an example of an incident when Ron teased Harry over his magical powers. “Yes…of course…but there’s no wood!” “Have you gone mad?” “Are you a witch or not!”(Ahlin, “Sorcerer’s stone”). Ron made fun of his friend Harry’s inability to light fire in absence of wood yet he has magical powers to perform any difficult task including fighting Voldemort. Ron and Hermione subconsciously encouraged Harry on his magical abilities that challenged him to do more with his powers. Consequently, he became a stronger fighter with the help of his friends as opposed to relying on his powers alone to defeat Voldemort.

In the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Ahlin), again Harry team up with his friends to follow up on an old suspicious history of Hogwarts so as to discover its mystery. Without the suggestion by his friends to unmask the mystery that led them to another one of Voldemort’s evil wizards, Voldemort would have prevailed again making it difficult to defeat him. Unfortunately, the victim of this mystery becomes Ron’s younger sister who had just joined Hogwarts. Voldemort had attempted to let his evil magic live in Ron’s younger sister. The series of events that follows lead Harry to the discovery of a prejudice carried out by Voldemort against the people from the lineage of magic just like Harry himself. He also learns that he can speak the snake language which is a rare and special magical gift. As an obligation to his friendship with Ron, Harry destroys the book that initiated attacks by Voldemort in Hogwarts and saves Ginny Weasley Ron’s sister. Once more, Harry was able to defeat Voldemort destruction efforts through his acquaintance, Ron’s sister. Ginny Weasely’s encounter with the diary of the memory of Tom Riddle facilitates the unmasking of Voldemort’s effort to possess students at Hogwarts.

In the film The Goblet of Fire (Ahlin), there is another intense encounter between Voldemort Harry. Hogwarts School auditions Harry in Triwizard contest that entails intensive wizard and witch activities (Ahlin, “the Goblet of Fire”). Given that Harry shall compete against neighboring schools and not fellow students of Hogwarts, Ron and Hermione distance themselves from Harry. Once again the new professor in charge of Defense against the dark art turns out to be a messenger of Voldemort. Voldemort succeeds in getting close to Harry. However, he escapes leaving a student of his school killed. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided” (Ahlin, “the Goblet of Fire”) such were the ways Albus Dumbledore reassured Harry of the need to always work as a team. Consequently, in the absence of Harry’s close friends or their support, the fight against Voldemort during the School contest turned tragic. Harry may have escaped but still there was death; this is proof that alone, Harry lacks the strength to defeat Voldemort but together, they often discover Voldemort’s disguises and warns Harry on time to avoid tragedies.

Voldemort has continually been resurging thus declaring an open war against Harry (Ahlin, “the half-blood prince”). With the help of Dumbledore, Harry, and his friends took precautionary measure to protect themselves against Voldemort’s outrages. Harry not only strengthened their unity to fight evil wizards but also invited Dumbledore to give them more knowledge on how to defeat Voldemort. “We’re with you whatever happens,” (Ahlin, “the half-blood prince”) is an assurance from Hermione to his friend Harry that they will unite throughout their prevention measures against Voldemort. Consequently, during their class lessons, Harry misses a book of his own, and he is instead given a relatively old textbook that has mysterious a comments and signatures. Out of concern from the potency of spells written in the old book, Harry opts to take lessons with Dumbledore, a well-respected wizard. It is during those private lessons that Dumbledore informs Harry of the spirits of Voldemort that are distributed around various locations to facilitate Voldemort’s survival. Also, Harry learns that the book he destroyed to save Ron’ sister, is one of those evil spirits from Voldemort roaming around. Unfortunately, Dumbledore is killed when Draco attempts to attack the tutor thus triggering the evil forces in the old textbook.

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As growing young adults, it is inevitable that Harry and his friends get to the adolescent stage. It is the sixth year since Harry and his friends joined Hogwarts. Harry had eyes on Ginny Weasley, Ron’s sister. Harry’s continued acquaintance with Ron through his sister strengthened even more the ties of their friendship and subsequent fights against Voldemort. On the hand, Hermione had interest on Ron that goes to show that Hermione not only is friends with Ron but also trusts Ron beyond the teamwork in fighting against Voldemort to the extent that she would love to date him. “I enjoyed the meetings, too” “It was like having friends,” (Ahlin, “the half-blood prince”) is an affirmation of the strong friendship and unity with which Harry, Ron, and Hermione organized their attacks to Voldemort that Luna admired so much. Over the years, Harry’s friendship and unity with Ron and Hermione became even stronger as they grew older and they became more intelligent on their moves to eliminate evils wizards of Voldemort.

In the film the deathly hallows (Ahlin), Harry and his friends unite in the final battle against Voldemort to the extent of dropping out of school. When all of them drop out of school at the same time, it shows the similarity in their thinking about the battle for Hogwarts. “He must have known I’d want to leave you.” “No, he must have known you would always want to come back,” (Ahlin, “the deathly hallows”) such conversations between Harry Potter and Ron Wesley are a confirmation of full unity and friendship between the two that later manifests in the fight of Horcrux. Voldemort has gained power and control of the ministry of magic. Consequently, the trio separated to stay alive amidst attacks by Voldemort’s Horcrux. After several individual efforts to bring to an end the reign of Voldemort but no success, the trio unites together with the professors and fellow students of Hogwarts to drive Voldemort away for good. The subsequent unity after individual defeats against Voldemort’s Horcrux is prove that alone Harry could not fight Voldemort despite his superior magic powers. However, when the people of Hogwarts united to fight together, they were able to completely defeat Voldemort. Amongst those who joined Harry was Remus Lupin, “You think I’m a fool?” Harry questioned Lupin to reassure him of good intents to eliminate Voldemort. “No, I think you’re like James,” “who would have regarded it as the height of dishonor to mistrust his friends” (Ahlin, “the deathly hallows”).Lupin trusted the course of Harry to fight Voldemort but above all, he knew Harry would do everything to protect the interests of his friends. Tragically, a score of people is killed including Ron’s brother. The battle takes several twisted turns and discoveries are unveiled which included Harry finding out that he is a Horcrux. However, the entire Hogwarts continues to fight against Voldemort even after they are informed that Harry is allegedly killed by Voldemort.


Evidently the friendship Harry had with Ron and Hermione helped him win Voldemort’s Horcruxes. While his magical powers played a big role in the fight, his friendship provided him with the necessary support. Ron and Hermione were always by his side in all the fights against evil magic Of Voldemort. Dumbledore was key in guiding Harry by teaching him the History of magical powers and how to fight Voldemort best. In the end the fight proved too hard for his magical powers. Consequently, with the help of his friends, he formed a stronger opponent to defeat Voldemort.

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