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Coffeehouse Business Plan

CoffeeHouse Business Plan

Potential Staff Member

There are several job positions that can be offered to a potential staff member at Dark Roast Java Coffeehouse depending on the qualifications of the individual. The job positions that may be of interest to a person with a college degree include a manager or a barista.

A manager in a coffee shop would be tasked with running its daily operations. The tasks include training and staff development, ensuring a high standard of customer service, procurement and distribution of foods and beverages, and handling the financial responsibilities. The manager is usually answerable to the owner of the business or the regional manager. If offered the manager or assistant manager position, I would gladly accept the offer because of two reasons. First, the salary package of $34,000 is attractive and sufficient to cover my expenditures. Second, a manager gets the opportunity to do different tasks; hence increasing one’s knowledge on various aspects of the job. Some of the main questions that I would like to ask the entrepreneur include how long they intend to operate in the industry and the qualities that they are looking for in a potential employee. The information allows knowing whether they are interested in the industry for posterity and if I am the right employee for their offer. Some of the additional information that I will inquire from the business owner is if there are training opportunities to ensure that professional growth is guaranteed.

The other job offer includes the position of a barista. The name barista refers to a bartender working in a coffee shop. They are the specialists who are trained in tailor-making different kinds of coffee cocktails to suit the needs of individual clients. The job is interesting, but I would decline the offer because I do not have enough experience in making the different kinds of coffee. Additionally, the pay is insufficient for me. The main question that I will ask the employer is whether he would allow me try out new things while working as the chief barista. Some of the additional information that would inquire from the management includes the availability of the additional benefits other than salary for hardworking employees.

Potential Investor

The primary role of an investor is to identify opportunities to invest their money and get sufficient returns. Therefore, most investors are concerned with the viability of the business idea or opportunity and the financials of a prospective venture. The aforementioned factors are the two key areas that I would be concerned with as a prospective investor. Most investors are approached by different entities asking them to support various projects. An in-depth study of the business plan would be time-consuming, and hence, I would only look at the financial plan in chapter 8 as well the strategy and implementation summary in Chapter 5. The two sections clearly outline the viability of the business idea and the projected financials.

The most impressive factor about the given business plan is the financial calculations. It is concise, coherent, and futuristic and its projections are realistic. For instance, all the components of the financial plan are broken down to reflect the monthly as well as yearly projections. The assumptions are also valid and reflect the true status of the coffee industry. Additionally, the venture is very profitable as exhibited by the profitability ratios, which include the net profit margin and return on equity. The aspect of the business plan that is likely to turn an investor off is excessive focus on the affluent end of the market. The market constitutes very few people and in the case of unexpected events the business may incur huge losses. The business needs to diversify its market so as to create a cushion from changes in the market.

The main question that I would ask relates to marketing. How will the business market itself to ensure that it becomes the leading coffeehouse given that there are several established coffee houses including Starbucks, The Coffee Bean among others available? The question will be aimed to learn how the entrepreneur intends to expand this business. The information that I would reasonably like to inquire from the entrepreneurs is how sustainable the competitive advantages are, given that new businesses are likely to appear and copy the model of business.

Potential Supplier

A supplier primarily concerns with the manufacturer’s ability to meet their financial obligations. Therefore, they will agree to cooperate after being assured of receiving payment for their deliveries. Since Dark Roast Java offers a wide range of beverages to its clients, it will need different supplies from various companies. Two of the most important items that are needed include coffee roasting equipment and tea. Coffee roasting entails the processing of the raw coffee beans to bring out the flavor and aroma locked inside the beans. The process brings out the various flavors of different brands of coffee as well as the attractive color. It is a technical process that requires a supplier who has sufficient knowledge and experience. The brewing of tea requires the supply of tea leaves already packed into tea bags. The teabags should be probably branded with the entity’s name.

Evaluating the potential of business cooperation, the suppliers should establish the viability of the venture and consequently its ability to pay for the supplies. The factor of the business that would be attractive to a supplier is that it presents an opportunity to expand their operations. The aspect of the plan that turns off a potential supplier is the existence of several well-established businesses as potential competitors. The fact is a danger because the supplier imagines how difficult it will be for the venture to penetrate the market and raise the anticipated revenues to pay their dues. Some of the additional information that I would like to know includes delivery times, mode of payment and the regularity of payment, why they want to buy from me as well as their expectations.

Potential Customer

As a potential customer with an already established supplier, I will consider the proposal made by Dark Roast Java. A customer will always be pleased with a competitor for two reasons. The first is that the prices are likely to be reduced. The second is the general quality of the products is likely to be improved. The two aforementioned factors are likely to make me consider this proposal. Since the business is a start-up, the products offered are likely to be cheaper as reflected by their proposed price list. The services offered by the coffeehouse are likely to be of high quality due to their targeted niche as well as the desire to maintain steady customer base. The main question that I would ask the supplier is how frequently they make their supplies. I would also ask for the duration of notice that they will give in the event that they intend to alter any aspect of our relationship, such as price increases, termination, etc. The additional information that I would request from the coffeehouse is the safety measures that they will put to secure the health of the employees.

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