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Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis Free Sample


Research and development in the big data analytics technology is increasingly gaining ground in the world. Every day many businesses and governments receive big data that need to be analyzed and reported for decision making. In this paper, the pro`s and con`s of big data in the cybercrime world will be examined. Additionally, we shall discuss how this data can be helpful while at the same time dangerous in protecting individuals’ rights; information assurance and information security will be taken into consideration as well. A sample pilot implementation study will be employed in answering queries that may encourage or discourage investors in adopting big data analysis technology in their enterprises. It also gives recommendations that need to be implemented in case another study needs to be done.


Big data analysis is a process in which big amounts of data are examined and analyzed, to enable companies, businesses and individuals make sensible and sound decisions. Big data is analyzed by data scientists and other analytics professionals to find any hidden information and patterns that are used in decision making (Cherdantseva & Hilton, 2013). The need to explore and determine the manner in which data is collected by different companies is one of the primary drivers in developing tools of big data analysis. However, it should be noted that the use of big data analytics is just a piece of a puzzle in making these decisions (Spain, Phipps, Rogers & Chaparro, 2011). The reliability of data and analysis expertise are essential as well. Possible failures that can challenge organizations in analyzing big volumes of data include lack of professional internal analysis skills and large costs of hiring qualified personnel.

Most common analyses performed on large data during big data analysis include correlation, standard deviation, mean, and average (Flowerday & Tuyikeze, 2016). Big data analysis is a technology that is spreading very fast due to increase in digitalization of the world today. Governments use this technology to analyze data concerning the public in allocation of resources such as education, medical services and infrastructure.

Research Questions

What measures are in place to ensure that personal information remains confidential? For instance, in the case of a personal email with confidential data, what will ensure that this data remains confidential?

How will the system ensure full availability of the information to prevent malicious denial of accessibility? For example, when clients’ accounts have been hacked, and they are unable to log into their accounts, how will the information be retrieved?

What measures are in place to ensure that previous attacks do not happen again? When a client’s credit card information is released accidentally, but there are no serious consequences, what will be done to ensure that it does not happen again?

How sensitive is the system in aiding in early detection of a cyber-attack? In case where clients’ confidential data is under attack, how fast can the attack be detected and countered?


Pilot Implementation

A company wants to adopt a new database system that will allow the customers to make purchases online as well as make payment for the goods. The company has not adopted the new technology, and due to the evolving market trends, the company wants to keep up. Achieving this, the company needs to perform a pilot study to ensure that all aspects of consumer privacy and integrity are upheld. For the test, the company sampled the data gathered from 200 clients and entered all their relevant information into the system, which was required for a successful study. The study was conducted in a period of two weeks.

The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the system in terms of customer information confidentiality, the sensitivity of the system to detect cyber-attacks before they take place, and mitigation measures that can ensure high level of security. Even if an attack happens, the system will ensure that it does not happen again.

Evaluation Using the Pilot Study

After conducting the pilot study and gathering all necessary information, the company management found that the database system was more cost effective and time saving.

In terms of customer confidentiality, the personal information of the customers was protected since only the customer was able to log into the database through a portal, using an encrypted password. However, this is still not the safest method since the information could be accessed remotely if the customer does not change the password regularly. Additionally, the security system had not to be updated regularly.

The study revealed that the system was unable to detect real-time attacks and, therefore, the clients’ information was highly at a risk since it could be retrieved maliciously without the company and customer noticing the threat. These facts were discovered after the system had been accessed remotely to see if a red flag would be raised as a result. The benefits of protection against real-time attacks and more efficient means of data collection and analysis can help to reduce the time a malicious attack can manage to go unseen (McHenry, 2013). Making such a measure would bring about the benefit of saving time, money as well as enhancing the chances of protecting sensitive information for both client and company.

Owing to the encryption of the customer’s login information, the security of the system against hacking was sufficiently good. As a result, it was quite easy to deny unauthorized access. Even after being subjected to a controlled cyber-attack, the customers were still able to log into their respective online portals and make purchases without experiencing any issues. After careful evaluation, it was discovered that the information provided by the customers was not distorted. All the purchases, payments, deduction amounts as well as general personal information were still intact for the entire period of the study.

In addition, the company realized that, due to the availability of all the information, proper analysis of consumer behavioral tendencies could be carried out by retrieving their information. Analyzing the behavioral tendencies of customers would, in turn, enable an ease in decision making while doing inventory purchases. In this study, the sample of pilot program comprised of customers that make purchases from the company very often. This would enable as much information as possible to be collected for correct analysis and evaluation.

Security consideration for the study

During this study, despite it was a pilot implementation case, the personal information about the clients must always remain confidential. That is the reason why the system prototype was tested using cyber experts in order to control the amount of accessible data that is personal to the customer. As a result, any information that clients provided was not used for any other purposes apart from the research processes. Additionally, the information was not viewed by any other people besides the individuals involved in the research process.


In this pilot study, just like many other studies, there were limitations that did not allow the research process to continue as smoothly as expected. These limitations had the ability to impact differently and affect the final decision, concerning the adoption of the new technology. Among the several limitations faced in the research process, some of them included the fact that the time period of the study was quite short, hence there was no in-depth study of long-term consequences of the technology. The technology might be effective in the short term, but become costly in the long term. Having limited time to make a decision about the new technology posed the danger of not allowing thorough investigation and clarification of some aspects regarding the technology like the possible challenges the company could face if it adopted it.

Additionally, the research was done using a small sample of customers. Due to the presence of companies that offer the same products and services, it was difficult to find a customer who made more than four purchases from the online shop during the period of the study. With this challenge, it was quite hard to make adequately informed decisions on the technology. Having a small sample of customers, the company did not have the chance to identify and do a research on the existing customer behaviors. Moreover, during the submission of personal information into the database, most customers did not provide their full details, especially in the category of age, third name and credit card information. This was a great hindrance towards the successful implementation of the case study. Some of the customers did not make any purchases from the company, though they had already provided their personal information.

Table 1

Sample Details

Gender Week 1 Week 2
Men 80 67
Women 87 80

During the setup of the pilot study, there were 95 men and 105 women. After the first week, 80 men and 87 women were able to make a purchase using the database system online.

During the second week, 67 men and 80 women made a purchase. For the customers who went through with the study, the majority of them gave back positive feedback about the system, stating that the company should adopt the system since it was more consumer friendly and time saving. However, despite most of them making purchases, the rest bought less than four items using the platform. This indicates the presence of a competitor providers of the same products.


The biggest threat against the voluminous amount of data in the world is cyber insecurity (Ward & Peppard, 2016). If there is a way to counter security breach before it happens, then the five pillars of information assurance and five of information security would be upheld. The rate at which technology is advancing is very high. Brilliant minds are working day and night to ensure that individual privacy is upheld when accessing, retrieving or analyzing the available data. The same way, cyber threats are evolving (Cheng & Lai, 2012). New forms of software threats like viruses, malware and spyware are coming up every day. There is a need to use monitoring systems in place to ensure that these threats are detected early enough before they can get, or lead to the occurrence of even more serious damage, penetration or leakage to the information meant to be protected.

Therefore, it is recommended that continuous research and development (R&D) of more efficient systems that will aim to provide in-time protection against the threats that can arise as a result of cyber-attacks should be carried out (Ward & Peppard, 2016). In a nutshell, the final step of the research is to ensure an early-adoption method to give long-term solution to the never-ending battles, allowing to always stay ahead of cybercriminals. With these adaptations, the system users are able to feel secure, knowing that their personal information remains protected, and only what they intend to be seen, by prying cyber users, will be available (McHenry, 2013). It is therefore highly necessary to engage in continuous processes of protection technology advancement in order to be able to deal with the modern technology that is being used by cyber criminals to acquire access to protected information.


Having to come across a large volume of data can be really exciting. Data storage has triggered the development of newer ways to retain it, for example, cloud services. The amount of information generated daily is enormous. Therefore, there is the need to find the way that can be used to store this information safely despite its volume. Big data analysis technology has enabled storage and analysis of this mammoth data converting it into useful information in a very short period of time and at a very low cost. This emerging technology will be really useful in the future. Though, this data is not protected from malicious cyber threats, a lot of secured information will be accessed maliciously and exposed, while important information will disappear into thin air, and never restore. Hence, it is necessary to be on the lookout and ensure sufficient data protection to avoid cases of information being exposed or losing important information.

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