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Advertising Project: Bulgari

Advertising Project - Bulgari Free Essay Sample


For this advertising project, a well-known Italian jewelry and luxury products’ company with more than 130 years’ history has been chosen. It is a multinational company, a member of a huge conglomerate. From a wide variety of products made by Bulgari, the choice for the analysis was concentrated on the perfumes, jewelry, and watches. Three advertisements of each product category were analyzed based on their structure, message and effectiveness. Moreover, their purpose and for whom they were created is being one of the points of a given analysis.

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In the changing world, marketing strategies are developing, as well. While in some marketing schools students are learning about the marketing mix based on the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), successful companies are implementing 4 Cs (Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication). Bulgari is one of such successful companies, and it is placing the customer in the center of its strategy not only to create a new product but to provide something that the customer needs. Since communication is the most important part of the 4 Cs marketing mix, the company invests a huge amount of money into public relations to get the feedback from the client and apply changes for better.

Literature Review

This research is built on the analysis of the company and its three advertisements. Thus, the main sources for it were the company’s official website, and its commercials found at

Data Analysis

Bulgari (also known as BVLGARI) was founded by the Greek jeweler, Sotirios Voulgaris (Sotir Bulgari in Italian) back in 1884. The company operates in a luxury goods industry. It has several product lines such as jewelry, watches, accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics. In addition, Bulgari owns seven hotels and resorts in different countries. The company is a part of a luxury goods multinational conglomerate, LVMH (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE).

Bulgari follows its values, one of which is a power of the brand. Positioning of the company is perceived through its products as distinctive, creative, bold and performed in a contemporary style. It characterizes the brand of the company that is highly recognizable by its customers. The main communicational channels of the company are its website, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), YouTube Channel with its main videos including commercials and public relations events.

For the analysis, three advertisements of Bulgari’s company were taken:
  • The perfume “Bvlgari pour Femme” (Kate Moss commercial Bvlgari pour Femme);
  • The marble ring collection Bvlgari “The B.zero1” (The B.zero1 Marble Ring Collection);
  • The watches “LVCEA” (BVLGARI LVCEA).

The whole research is built around these three commercials in the correspondent order. For each of the video advertisement, important components will be analyzed. Such components are client, product, headline, core message, call to action, brand awareness or direct response and the general analysis of the results. In the general overview, IMC type and competitors will also be discovered.

The perfume “Bvlgari pour Femme”

The client is an elegant, beautiful, rich woman who has a good taste in everything and knows how to choose perfumes. The product is a feminine perfume with the unique fragrance. The company’s description of the product is as follows:

This contemporary fragrance interprets the intensity of the precious fine jewelry world and translates it into a delicate harmony of floral and feminine scents. The pure and architectural “décolleté” shaped bottle ideally interprets the sensual character of the fragrance (

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The headline is simply the name of the brand and its product; no slogans and no product description. It shows that the company does not overloads the consumers with slogans and additional information. Usually, the customer of Bulgari already knows about the quality and uniqueness of the product and is looking for something unique to create and fulfill her needs. The core message of this commercial is if you are a woman who has a good taste, who knows what she wants and values every element of her outfit (from the jewelry, make-up, hair and dress to the fragrance that will be associated with her), it is the right choice from the luxury collection. The advertisement is simple, without any unimportant words. The advertisement appeals to rich, beautiful, independent women, who are represented by a well-known English model, Kate Moss. Pleasant Italian music and beautiful imagery are transmitting the quality of the brand, calling for action to respond and buy the product.

Marble Ring Collection Bvlgari “The B.zero1”

The client for this product is a person who likes high quality, exclusive jewelry, in this case, a ring that will tell others about the uniqueness of the personality of its owner. The product is a brand gold marble ring, presented in three colors. In this commercial, there is no headline either. Instead, one can see the brand carved on the ring, as well as the sole brand name emphasized with big letters at the end of the video. It lives the customer with thoughts about the product. The core message tells about the exemplarity and true purity of this product, showing the ideal shapes and true gold that is changing its state from the liquid into the solid one. The person whose personality is strong, self-confident and original will be called for action seeing this supplement for own jewelry collection.

Watches “LVCEA”

The client for this product is a rich, elegant business woman, for whom time is important. The product itself is a golden watch decorated with diamonds. A better description can be found on the company’s website:

Mechanical movement with automatic winding. 33mm steel case with 18-ct pink gold bezel. 18-ct pink gold crown set with a pink cabochon-cut stone and diamond. White mother of pearl dial set with diamond indexes. Steel and 18-ct pink gold bracelet (

Again, the headline is as simple as in the first commercial, only the name of the brand and the product are stated. The core message is shown in a small scene. In this commercial, the audience sees beautiful famous views of romantic Rome. During the late silent evening, the woman in a pure white, long dress, wearing high heels, glammed up in the high-quality jewelry is probably waiting for an important person. While waiting, she is looking at the golden watch, which is the advertised product of the company. The call for action is pictured when one sees the detailed image of the product and its name.

The main type of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) used by Bulgari in all the commercials above is external marketing integration through offline marketing channels, advertising on the television, the Internet, and other media; however, for the promotion, other channels were used, as well.

Results and Discussion of the Analysis

All three commercials listed above have much in common, which shows the brand’s integrity and its identity. The messages are simple but deep at the same time. Each video shows only the most important information and nothing superfluous. Having watched any of Bulgari’s advertisement, the customer gets a feeling of confidence in the brand.

It should be also noted that Bulgari’s production is created not for the massive market but the exclusive clients and is well-known and appreciated inside this circle of people. The brand character is bold and innovative. Its architectural designs are combined with large and weighty gold links. It can be easily recognized when compared to similar jewelry products made by other companies.

Bulgari’s customers are usually already aware of the brand before making a purchase. The brand is very successful, and brand equity is high. Therefore, Bulgari became a part of the well-known multinational conglomerate, LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton. The company’s slogan is “Bulagari, the magnificent Italian jeweler since 1884” (

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Branding is very important for this company. Thus, huge investments are made in raising its prestige. The brand became so recognizable that it does not need any excessive mentioning. Every commercial of the Bulgari is simple but has a strong visual impact. The feeling left after its watching tells about the professionalism in creating the advertisement.

Bulgari has different competitors for each niche it represents. For jewelry goods, the main competitors are Tiffani, Cartier, and Piaget. For watches, those are Rolex, Swarovski, Mikimoto, and De Beers. For the fragrance market, there is a fierce competition with Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Louboutin. However, being a part of the conglomerate, most of its competition is visible only for clients, but, in reality, the most companies make agreements and cooperate. In competitive benchmarking Bulgari got the 60th position in the rank by Fashinobi (

Public Relations and Social Responsibility are important parts of the Bulgari’s marketing strategy. The company organizes many receptions, celebrations, and charity events. The company often holds other important events that can be seen on its website ( The communication purpose of PR of the company is to reach different segments of the public and increase general awareness about the brand, its main products and novelties, activities and events. Another purpose is to get the feedback and learn the public opinion to see if the company develops in the right direction.


In the overview of the company’s, brand, products. and promotional activities, it is possible to conclude that the company is successful in branding. The brand is consistent, applicable to its target market and recognizable by others. It has integrity and identity, which makes it easy to distinguish it from any counterfeit or similar products. The company understands that such an approach is beneficial and actively invests in the brand maintenance and development activities.

The public relations activities of the company are also effective since they draw additional attention from the public and get feedback. As the customer lies in the center of the company’s strategy, Bulgari collects this feedback, analyzes it and responds in a correspondent way. Thus, it is important to state that the brand equity is high, and investors are interested in becoming part of this company through buying its shares.

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